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Updated on November 20, 2010


A Mini Mystery


Two in the morning and Dora had woken up in a cold sweat from a nightmare.  Not only did her nightmare seem so vivid but she actually thought she heard someone in her house as she awoke!


Dora lived in PlumValley where it was quite and crime free.  Just outside of town sat her small but accommodating two bed room home.  She lived alone most of her whole adult life, as of yet never marrying. 


Tying the knot was not something Dora was apposed to, it was just the fact that the right man had not come around.  Yes Dora Kipdale was picky; and she deserved to be.  Miss.Kipdale who most people called her as well as her students had worked hard to become the principle of PlumValley’s most prestigious private school Miss Plums’. 


Miss Plums was named after the biggest founder and contributor to the town of Plum Valley.  Not only did the very rich attend Miss Plums but the county used taxpayer’s money to send the children from surrounding towns to also attend.


The trustees at Miss Plums could not have been more pleased the way Miss Kipdale managed the school.  As a matter fact unannounced to Dora she was in the running to win PlumValley’s highest award this year called Ambassador of Plum Valley; where the Mayor would award Miss. Dora Kipdale the key to the town.


Besides being intelligent and well loved, Dora was a natural beauty.  She wore her glistening long blonde hair generally tied back or on top of her head in a bun.  She gave the presence of a ballerina type of posture.  Everything Dora did seemed perfect and precise right down to her well pressed always in style clothes and makeup she wore.


Dora looked at the clock and it was two o five.  Five minutes had passed since she was awoke by the nightmare or “was someone really in her home?”  She felt paralyzed with fear!  However she achieved a grip on herself and decided to check out her house in the dark with only her small night lights on.


After finding all was well she returned back to bed, but never did fall back into a sound sleep, and before she knew it her alarm clock was going off.


Even though Dora went through the day in an overtired mode, the day went on without a hitch.  She would of cancelled her third date with Bob Pinner, but she really did like him, and tomorrow was Saturday she should be able to wait and catch up on sleep by sleeping in late on Saturday morning.


Bob Pinner was new to the area, and really he didn’t seem to know a lot of people yet that Dora could get an inquiring on from them.   But Bob was very personable and out going enough to approach Dora out for their first date in the small dinner where they met. 


Right from the start Bob Pinner was charming and very debonair.  He had a good job telling her he was a free lancing commercial engineer; As well he rented out a very nice home across town from Dora, and drove a very fancy car.  Dora had no indication or reason not to believe he was exactly whom he said he was.


Dora felt she was lucky to meet such a nice man so soon after breaking up with Chris Rich whom had asked to marry her and Dora being so unsure had declined.  Dora was in love with Chris, but she had cold feet with the thought of actually marring him.  If Chris was scorned he never showed it, but Dora knew she had hurt him very badly.


Because Chris Rich owned the only drugstore for miles, there was no way Dora was able to avoid seeing him at least once a week. 


There actually were two more men in town that constantly were relentless in asking Dora out whom quite frankly both gave Dora the creeps, yet she always declined politely in one manner or another.  Dora thought to herself “what pest these two men were”. “Always showing up some where in town and flirting with her.”  


The first of the creepy men was Eric Easton whom owned the home right next door to her. It was almost impossible to avoid seeing him daily, and Dora always had the feeling his piercing blues eyes were looking at her when she was in the yard.  Dora almost had the feeling he constantly was watching her house.


The second man that was a creepy pest was Officer Jason Pagan.  What a high pressured situation to be hit on constantly by this officer.  Dora had a hard time avoiding Jason too.  She almost thought he would stop her for any excuse, and it was very hard not to oblige him in some polite way.  Dora was not attracted to Officer Pagan at all, and often cringed when she thought of his green tooth smile.


Dora waited patiently for Bob to arrive.  He had called and said he was running a little bit late, and if it was alright that they skipped going to a show and just went out to dinner instead? This suited Dora just fine as she was struggling to stay alert from being overtired from the lack of sleep.


Finally Bob did arrive, and both Dora and he had a very romantic evening dinning in the La-Trotoria a very expensive and exquisite Italian restaurant.

The night ended with Bob walking Dora to her door givening her one of his sensual French kisses that gave Dora goose bumps and almost curled her toes.


Dora entered her home and made sure all the doors were locked tight before she readied herself for bed.


It was about two in the morning again when Dora heard a loud crash which she thought was in her house!  She bolted up straight in her bed and just sat there a few minutes to listen with her heart pounding! 


Until finally Dora gathered the courage to look around her house again using the guiding lights of her night lights.   This time Dora found that her small desk in her spare room was knocked over and all the draws contents were strewed all over the floor as well the window was open and the wind was blowing frantically her sheer curtains around!


Dora felt immediately violated and a cold chill froze her before she could reach for the phone to call the police!


Unfortunately the first one on the seen was Officer Jason Pagan, than “thank God” Dora thought Sergeant Pendleton arrived also.


Sergeant Ray Pendleton had at least a kind way about him.  Dora felt comforted when he talked to her, and asked her even to address him as Ray.

Shortly there were two more officers on the seen as they checked out the total premises deeming it safe and sound.  


Officer Pendleton explained to Dora that there had been a few break-ins in PlumValley and that most likely the culprits did not find anything of value and would not return again.   He advised her to lock up tight and try to get some sleep.


Well Dora didn’t fall asleep immediately but did finally get into some deep REM time to wake up fairly refreshed the next morning for her Saturday walk, which went well except for Eric Easton eyes she could feel on her.


Dora had mixed thoughts as she took her walk, and decided when she arrived home again she would get right to work picking up the mess the burglars left. 

Dora thought “Thank God Sergeant Pendleton felt the intruders would not return”.  Dora convinced herself she was not going to be victimized and would carry on with her life no matter how much last nights happening frightened her.


That Saturday night Dora rented herself a movie, a light comedy and retired to bed and fell into a sound sleep easily from pure stress exhaustion.  It wasn’t till the next morning she found the note pinned outside her bedroom door!

The note simply said “I was here again, and soon you will be mine!”


Now Dora was really frightened and rushed outside the house with the wireless phone to call Sergeant Ray Pendleton who had given her his personal card to call him anytime.  Dora dared not enter her home alone incase the perpetrator was still there in her house.   She thought to herself in a panic “Who could this be doing this to me?” “What do they want?”



Amazingly Ray Pendleton was there in minutes to console Dora.  She was relieved that Ray had an idea and a plan to get to the bottom of this, because it was clear that Dora could not stay alone in this home until the solution to who was tormenting her was found out.


That evening all the lights were out except the usual night lights Dora left on while she slept. All was well again until two fifteen in the morning when a darkly dressed body approached Dora’s bed in the peaceful silence.


Two hands started to unravel Dora’s covers as only heavy breathing could be heard.

Gloved hands that were ready to grab for Dora were in position in the eerie darkness.

A masked face of blackness hovered over.

Until all of a sudden there were two hands from the covers that grasped the intruder’s wrist!

A surprise to the masked perpetrator for sure because this was not the clutch of any weak female but the seizing of a mans hands!


There was a bit of a struggle but finally after a grappling the masked man was apprehended and bright lights were on!


After the intruder was cuffed it was time now for Ray to unmask this culprit!

Yes it was Sergeant Pendleton that was sleeping in that bed, as he had Dora safely hidden away in his home with his wife and children.


When the mask was unveiled it was not only a shock to the intruder what he saw but a shock to Ray also!


Yes it was one of his own that the mask revealed! Officer Jason Pagan was ready to abduct the towns precious Dora Kipdale!


You see after Dora explained to Ray all the men in her life that she either left, or was dating as well the ones that were constantly hitting on her. Ray got the idea to take Dora’s place in bed to finally catch the sick-o, and keep Dora safe at the same time. 


Ray and Dora were the only ones privy to the plan in case it was Jason or some other officer.


The plan worked out perfect.

Officer Jason Pagan was striped of his duties and sent to prison for attempted assault, breaking and entering, as well as a long list of other crimes.


Miss. Dora Kipdale was awarded the Ambassador of Plum Valley Award and received the key to PlumValley; but that was a small prize compared to Dora wedding what she determined to be the love of her life; and are you ready for this? 

Dora ended up going back to Chris Rich and now they live happily and safely together with twin daughters, Sunshine and Moonbeam.




Lisa J. Warner


Lisa Luv

CopyRight11/19 /2010@LisaLuvLLC




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    • Lisa Luv profile image

      Lisa J Warner AKA Lisa Luv 7 years ago from Conneticut, USA

      MartieCoetser Thank You so much for your comments and visiting --Bless You!

    • MartieCoetser profile image

      Martie Coetser 7 years ago from South Africa

      Perfectly plotted. Enjoyable read. Voted UP!