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Macbeth:A story of treacherous murder of Trust

Updated on October 8, 2015

The story revolves around a very bold kinsman, Macbeth. His bravery and boldness has been his identity. But there revealed a time when his inner dark greed gave birth listening to the prophecy of three witches. His greed for power started ruling him and he ended up in murdering The King of Scotland, with whom his relationship was a bond of trust, in the trail he killed Banquo with whom he shared the pious bond of friendship. His deeds were motivated by his wife Lady Macbeth who is portrayed as an ambitious woman hungry for power but in return the guilt engulfs her and takes her back to earth. As he was nearing his doom he also suffered from over confidence and lost his life to Macduff.

Spotlight on the characters:

Macbeth: His bravery was commendable and he shone with his power of victory in the battle field. He was the most trusted kinsman of Cawdor. But, this brave heart bore a secret dark patch and that was “ambition and greed” which resulted into his downfall. His greed and his lame hearty wishes to believe in prophecies took him to ruins. He deceived his noble king’s trust and murdered him. His ambitions were flying so high that he did not want to keep any chance of losing his ruling Scotland. His fear of being caught and losing his golden position forced him to murder his best friend Banquo mercilessly. Even though he executed the murder he could not cope up with the guilt and he started hallucinating the dagger which he used to kill his king. He became so merciless that his heart did not pain to order the slain of Macduff’s little children and wife. He blindly believed in the prophecy which said “no man born of woman could kill him” and started considering himself immortal. His over confidence shadowed the fact that Macduff was torn out from his mother’s womb and he did not have a normal delivery. Even till his last breathe, his valor of being a great soldier lasted and he fought bravely till he surrendered his life to Macduff’s sword.

Lady Macbeth: She being the better half of Macbeth was the biggest motivation of his to execute the murder. She has been portrayed as the woman of immense greed and wickedness. Her womanly excitement and wishes of her being on the Queen’s throne of Scotland made her so blind that she was the person who had plotted the murder and had motivated her husband to execute so. She tries to hold her balance for a long period of time but after a certain period she loses it completely. The guilt of a cold murder was engulfing her womanly heart to such an extent that she unconsciously did the action of washing her hands gory with Duncan’s blood and her mental illness could not be cured by the doctor. Her character shows the power of a woman channelized in a wrong moral.

Banquo: He is portrayed as a noble country man and can even sacrifice his personal relations to protect his country’s throne. His loyalty is something on which the shining light has been thrown. His life is lost as his trust on his friend is betrayed and his friend murders him to play his wicked game of thrones. His personality was challenging so Macbeth feared Banquo. In return he took his life taking help of betrayal.

Macduff: He is portrayed as an intelligent person with a blend of emotion, loyalty, bravery, meticulous strategic planner and man of honesty. He is shown as a very balanced person who exactly knows how to react and when. Thus at the end he is the one who gifts Scotland freedom from Macbeth’s tyranny. Though the play title goes to Macbeth, as Shakespeare describes the story of his rise and downfall but the heroic glamour is stolen by Macduff at the end of the show. His stage presence is not much but his character is so strong and important that it creates the heaviest impact.


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    • profile image

      Anuroop 2 years ago

      Nice and articulate.

      'Being Balanced' is the key to a successful life!

      History repeats itself!

      Today, when we look around us, in this world of subtle tyranny, evasive greed for power, we do find a 'Macbeth', a 'Banquo' and a 'Macduff'! Individually, it goes down to the 'choice', who we want to be!

      The beauty about Shakespearean plays is the characters seem so commonplace in this world that we live in!

      In brevity, your synopsis has been apt! Great Work!