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Machu Picchu. Corruption Scandal.

Updated on December 21, 2013
skgrao profile image

A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Like Bangalore there is no Foot Path here.

Study Tour?

I wanted to buy a Can of Spray Paint and after asking several shops near my home I was asked to go to Avenue Road.If you have not gone there in Bangalore you must make a study tour for which you do not pay but your government pays since it is nobody's money but tax payers.I do not know how long this road is though I was walking on this road 50 years back.Now of course I cannot walk such a long distance not that I am physically unfit but it is not a enjoyable walk.When I walk I must have a clear vision of everything that I can see.If you try to walk and see everything around you it will give you a idea of what I am saying. I had to go 2 times in my vehicle to locate the store.No one knew this shop when I tried to stop my vehicle and ask but on getting down and walking I did locate the shop after asking six or seven persons.The last person I asked was the shop owner whose shop was located just below my shop and he said he had never heard the name of the shop. It was one of the customer who was present in that shop who told me it was above the shop and I could go up after passing few more shops to climb steps to go up.The steps were so narrow and steep that I was breathing heavily when I entered the shop and had difficulty in asking for my Can of Spray Paint.I asked the shop owner why he cannot shift his shop to a bigger and better place he just smiled and said nothing.I could make out from his sad smile that shifting his shop was bad luck as all his customers would think he had closed down his shop which was there for over 50 years and he would never recover his dues from his customers and might have to shift to a place where no one comes to buy his paints of a particular brand for which he had monopoly at the place where he was.This Avenue Road has no trees nor is wide but is just sufficient for one car to go.It is one way street all the way for miles.If what you need is something that is not available to you in your place or if you want to get the item of your need at the correct price you come to the this part of a billion or more shops.Most of the shops have become small since they are divided in to 2 or 3 for various reasons. If this road needs to be a real Avenue Road you got to go to a Study Tour.

Study Tour - 2.

A group of people who represented a state in a Banana Republic Country went on a study tour at the cost of tax payers with their family to study how people lived on a mountain 8,000 feet above sea level,where there were no such things as we have today in Cell phone age.Are they not jokers.These Jokers were also interested to see Tango Dance in a 5 star hotel.They printed their tour initiatory in advance to be distributed to so many of their fellow travelers,friends and relatives and also TV channels so that people will appreciate their work.However their tour initiatory did not show any study in their printed initiatory such as why people do not throw plastic waste at any public place which emitted foui smell and why there were no rag pickers.It was a big mistake. these jokers made in not creating a list as study Tour Programmed and writing several letters to our High Commissioner at Peru to arrange meetings with as many organizations and govt dept's to arrange a meeting to discuss subjects that would include the following but they never did.:-

  1. How are they managing to work with out corruption in govt dept's.
  2. How people co operate with the good road maintenance.
  3. Why they do not use Gutka.
  4. Whether there are Toilets in Villages.
  5. If people piss where ever they feel like.
  6. Why there are no Strikes.
  7. Do they have any Special types of protests like Under Water Strike.
  8. Do they have a Vote Bank.
  9. Do they have a special type of adulteration for children's food so there is no food poising. in school if they have AKSHAYA PATRA TYPE mid day meal programmed.They could have made such a big list for study tour that LIMCA BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS would have bribed them and got a copy of it. These jokers instead of keeping their city clean with good roads and clean foot paths free from vendors controlled by mafia with police and city corporation officials want to go on a STUDY TOUR TO ARGENTINA.

Machu Picchu is a drop of water in the sea of scams.

This Banana Republic was made by the people who voted them to power.Once in 5 years if you vote a person and his party comes to power there is nothing he cannot do and nothing you can do.It's a non reversible condition for 5 years.Since past 9 years the present people in power have have not taken steps to prevent:-

  • Corruption in any place including getting a death certificate or to show the new born baby to it's mother.The Govt hospital lower staff demand money even to this humanitarian aspect.No Doctor will do this job.
  • There are no pre schools in rural areas after 67 years of freedom in this republic.
  • There are no required teachers in the existing school.
  • You need to pay Rs.3,00,000 lacks to get a job as a teacher.
  • There are private schools who take money to get children admitted to schools,however this is not so in Govt Schools.
  • All the Govt officials take money and people give money to get their work done.
  • If you own a land and if you need proof of it by the govt the rural talokh tasildar's office takes 3 to 5 years to give a piece of paper that says you own a land in survey no so and so an area 30 feet by 50 feet.
  • There are touts who can get it for you if you pay them.
  • The officials in charge are afraid to interfere in these matters because they sign hundreds of documents and are worried if any paper they sign might get a illegal sanction to some person who otherwise is legally not entitled to such sanction.
  • There are so many areas and if I write it will be a biggest dictionary in the world on corruption in this country. .

A Rural School that exists worse than this picture.

A New Party with Broom Symbol to sweep the Country with corruption.


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