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Mad Magazine - my love since 50 years

Updated on September 1, 2010

Alfred E Neuman

Alfred inhuman: "Me worry?"
Alfred inhuman: "Me worry?"

I was 15 years old

When I purchased the first issue of MAD Magazine in Swedish. It was so long ago but I still remember that special giggeling feeling of open a new magazine

Since I was a giggleing teenager, I guess I drove my teachers crazy in school. I never could leave the funny feeling outside the class room. I was a disturber of high rank.

Mad Magazine is not available in Sweden any more. I am really sorry that I did not keep the worn out ones I had. May be my Mum throw them out. She never liked, understood or even tried to understand why I was so giggely..

MAD Magazines from years back

Absolutely MAD Magazine - 50+ Years
Absolutely MAD Magazine - 50+ Years

Read every single page as they were originally published - all the stories, letters pages, articles, and advertisements


All the old magazines and the cartoons

I am so happy that I found this on Amazon. It is a DVD with all the old so funny pages from MAD Magazine!

The price is right and the wish is strong, so I will buy this and enjoy a stroll along memory lane.

Don Martins cartoons

There were many funny jokes, drawings and articles in Mad Magazine but nobody was so popular as Don Martin and his special caracters with these hanging toes on the feet.

I had a couple of favourites. One was called The Stilt and was a serie about a guy who ended up with the stilt inside himself. All you could see was two big eyes and the stilt handles where the ears should be. I and many other youngsters just loved that cartoon.

Then we had the man in the doctors waiting room. He came with a "beautiful" woman stuck in one of his ears. That was hilerious in itself but the most fun was to see the women in the waiting room staring in chock at them!

Don Martin

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Don Martin and Robin HoodFalling bricksAnother day in Egypt
Don Martin and Robin Hood
Don Martin and Robin Hood
Falling bricks
Falling bricks
Another day in Egypt
Another day in Egypt

Spy vs. Spy

Spy vs. Spy are two figures with pointed hats that has as a life mission to kill eachother.

Antonio Prohias's wordless, Cold War-inspired spoof of the agents of international intrigue portrays the twin enemies outdoing each other in elaborately stupid plots to achieve the other's demise. Assembled after Prohias's death, the volume commemorates the cartoon's 40th birthday as well as Prohias's compelling personal story (in 1960 he fled Castro's new regime in Cuba after being unofficially blacklisted for his political cartoons). Comic book fans, especially of the MAD variety, will love this intelligent tribute to an artist.

Subscription for me and you


BUT the office in US needs sellers. Get in contact with them if you live in the area!

MAD Magazine,
Internship Program
c/o Dave Croatto,
1700 Broadway
New York, NY 10019

Comments from MAD lovers

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    • Sandyspider profile image

      Sandy Mertens 6 years ago from Wisconsin, USA

      I loved Mad Magazine too. The cartoons were funny and sometimes gross. I loved when I folded the back cover for a hidden picture. Thanks for the memories.