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Don't be mad at Love

Updated on January 13, 2011

and don't be mad at me either...

Hey, pretty girl, don't be mad at love

Your daddy's so proud looking down from above

Don't hold onto the pain and all you suffer from your loss

Don't blame the one's who blew it or the mistakes of your boss

All your hard work and sacrifice is a means to an end

But you're meant to go through life with a love not a friend

You know what you're worth and won't settle for less

You're looking for perfect cause you deserve the best

He'll bring out the best in you that's how'll you know

Don't let your anger get in the way...Girl, let it go!

You're beautiful, bright and caring and generous too

And once your mind's set, there's nothing you can't do

Don't look for faults out of fear, when you fall he'll have none

What matters is his priorities and he puts you number one

Don't base all your decisions on things from your past

Don't be so quick to dismiss and move on so fast

Hey, pretty girl, don't be mad at love

Is there someone out there you've been thinking of?

Don't push love away like it can wait till next year

A lifetime of love is worth every tear

Time to let your guard down, try not to sweat the small stuff

Lose the mentality that you're fed up and that you've had enough

You have a lifetime to study and further your career

But love is all you need and you're lovely, my dear

You'll have many suitors, it's a matter of choice

And If you choose wisely, he'll have his own voice

Don't be mad at love, pretty girl

Let love into your life

You'll become his whole world

And he'll make you his wife

And I'll be there for you, I'll see you through

Cause that's what big brothers of little sisters do...


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    • elvit profile image

      elvit 7 years ago

      This is so beautiful, I love every line.

      I'm going to bookmark it so I can read it again and again.