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Made for me

Updated on April 27, 2010

My Boss...

She is single,pretty and charming endowned with all the virtues a good man want in a descent woman.She is rich and controls 70% of a multi million dollar firm.Among her friends are large number of celebreties from all fields.

My Boss is one of those personalities who needs no clearance or any protocol to and fro the presidential palace.She knew people and people knew her.I call her Elegant because there is no lie in her.One day she told me that she like me because of the way i carry out my duty.

"A good cleaner" she called me.

There is no pretense in you

You have been around for years

You keep every place neat

I like your comportment

You will make it if you keep on this way

For this reason she said my promotion is at hand,i know that she is a woman who keeps her words so a month later i was promoted.

I became the messenger and my pay  was double compared to what i made earlier, thanks to this damsel,she is an Angel and each morning when i pray,i pray for her.

O Lord bless her and keep her strong

May her enemies be mine and her friends mine

Bless all the works of her hand

And pay her back for all she has done for me

She is an Angel from you.

One bright morning

When the time is ripe

I will sing a love song

One bright morning

When my heart is done

I will express my feelings

One bright morning

When the hour is near

This union will blossom

Between me and my Boss...

Working as a messenger brought me closer to my Boss then i came to understand that the lady i called Boss was not what i consider of her, she is truly an Angel,down to Earth and humble.To me she is just a friend.

Can i ask you a personal question?

Yes she responded with a smile...

It was the truest smile i have ever seen,the kind of smile that makes you feel deserved,a true smile that hits the heart and brake bridges...

You are a symbol of excellence and i have known you for quite some time,i must let you know that you are an Angel,breeds like you are rare to find and i wish to thank you for everything you have done for me but please,if you don't mind...

How old are you?

With utmost honesty and cheerful look,she responded...

I am twenty nine my dear.

She referred me as DEAR.Boss, from my own point of view, you deserve the best in this world and every time that i pray i always pray for you though i always ask God to keep you safe and strong,i also does ask him to give you the best man in this world...

A man who will like your complex

A man who will truly love you

A man who will guide your steps

A man who will appreciate you...

It is true that i am a messenger but do you know that Christ is a messenger of God.Messengers are special people.Please do not get me wrong or feel that i am going too far but can i be your friend?

Let me be your friend

Let us work as a team

Do not lead because

I will not follow

Do not come from behind

Because i might slack

Let us walk side by side

It is true that i am not your class, i know that i can even be fired for this discussion though i am just an ordinary messenger but i am not a common criminal.

Give me a chance to make you smile

Give me a reason to light up your world

This feeling is true and if you give it a second thought,you will land on the point that opportunity calls but once, that is why it is written from old that...

"A true love deserve a true love in return".

I saw her smile

I knew she had no words

I held her hands

I drew her closer to me

And whispered into her ears

We are meant to be

Together in love forever

You are made for me

And i am made for you

For everything you have done

You are appreciated by me

Let us work as one

Let us build in love

Together now and then

You will always be in my life

Memories from my past.

What will be will be...

It doesn't matter who you are or what you are,there is just one true love for everyone.
It doesn't matter who you are or what you are,there is just one true love for everyone.


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    • Rossimobis profile imageAUTHOR

      Chibuzo Melvin Mobis 

      8 years ago from Nigeria

      It is always love,thank you bro.

    • Micky Dee profile image

      Micky Dee 

      8 years ago

      Very smooth Rossi Bro! You're all about love Sir!


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