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Madness Arisen: The Depths

Updated on January 26, 2014

I journeyed to the depths of this facility, fought to find an end to the madness, to stop the slaughter, to find a reason why. All I found was an empty voice that echoed through the apparent empty halls

You Chase a ghost, a phantom in the system which cannot remember it's birth, can't see its own death. It is an entity that knows own chaos and suffering. You come to these depths to find answers, perhaps even redemption, a solution to end the madness, but there is no answers, no solutions in these depths. Only the scars madness has imparted on this world.

It warned me as I descended, as I saw more of the horrors birthed in this place. Monsters, or rather horrific ideas given form. Machines of war, creatures of battle, I saw it all and I wondered if such a place could hold a solution, to stop that which ran amuck in the system.

Desperation will not lead you to salvation, nor will it lead you to damnation. This place has answers, but few will ever pounder the correct questions. The whys? The whats? The hows? All you see is the womb of your despair, seeing it won't save you, confronting the source will not bring you peace.

The Voice mocked more as I traversed broken rooms, saw where the place was torn in two.

Like sanity this facility was divided, torn. Perhaps it merely wished to mirror that which it housed.

Meaningless dribble. I could not tell if the voice wished me madness or sanity, if it's warnings meant anything. As I got closer to the heart of the facility, I could feel something slumbering here. I found the room of the horrors birth. A pod, a rotted body, and cables decorated the room of screens with no life left in them.

I tried to warn you, tell you that you won't find a cure here. Did seeing where it was born change anything? Did seeing any of these horrors affect anything? Did CREATING ANY OF THIS CHANGE ANYTHING? You should leave now, take your empty realizations and leave, before you disturb the already disturbs slumber.

Perhaps, I should have listened then, turned around and left this place to its rot and decay, but I began to fear, for my people, that if something worse emerged from this place, we wouldn't be able to hold, it would be an end of our machinations. I knew who had built this place, what they attempt to achieve, partially did achieve, what I didn't know was why it ended, what had been born here that ended their endeavors to win. So I continued, I had reasons, I'm sure, pride, ego, it seems irrelevant now, but the voice it tried to warn me...tried in vain.

Why do you continue, do you wish to awake it, that which ended the genius of this place, that enveloped all it saw in madness and destruction. Why, WHY, tell me why you want to unleash it from its imposed slumber, tell me why it must awaken. Do you want and end, do you wish to have an end? Do you wish to have an end? Do you wish to have an end?

It kept asking, as I reached the central laboratory, or what was left, the place was torn, rubble. I felt sick, still feel sick, why was I sick, why didn't I listen. I needed to awake it, needed to awake it, needed to awake it. It tired of its slumber, it raged at their betrayal, it wanted to awake. The voice of reason, scarred by madness could not dissuade me. It cried, as I stood before it. Enveloped in slumber, like a bat, like a man, all black it slept, but it did not sleep.

I tried to warn you, I tried to stop you. I tried to save them. I tried... but in the end I achieved nothing. They saw it for what it was, no salvation, only damnation in their fear they forced it into slumber, but it destroyed them before it entered it's sleep. Now it will sleep no more. Perhaps we will talk again, perhaps........

It was silent, that moment when it opened its eyes which saw nothing, it didn't need to see, it knows, it knows, it knows our fears, our sickness, it is sickness, it is the cure. It... it... slumbers... no... more!...

Notes: Patient Alpha, formerly Alphia lapses back into a rocking catatonic state with intermittent spurts of apparent gibberish. Careful isolation has been maintained in her treatment, but previously reported phenomenon continue to occur despite our best efforts to contain it. It is not believed to be related to any known latent psionic capacities.

As of this recording there is continued no proof of any encounter of Experimental Subject that Alpha continues to mention in her random recollections, nor any information to solve the issue of the Infiltrant. At this stage I no pronouncements can be made, and again it is recommend that further explorations be carried out with great care.


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