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Updated on August 9, 2017

To mature.
Mature, stop being a child. I think big about success and business.
Not at parties and colleges, but I'm more child than all.

How do you explain this?
To my way of seeing is very simple, I began to look higher, to discover my being and to study day after day, the most diverse subjects, from biology, to formation of galaxies, rocks, biographies, conspiracies, history, question everything I started to write, in small, but I started, I learned computer science, the basics but what serves me for my purposes, I get ahead of my age, I started thinking about what I would do with Money, even without possessing it. It creates companies without a weight, but I made them, just like when we played little soldiers, or cars, I grew up between chess, lottery, monopoly, lay, etc. Planning my future, I learned about how our brain works (day to day I do it, neuroventas, neurolinguistics, neuromarketing, neurocodification, etc.). And so I do not like cars, I do not like soldiers, or violence. I love money, but I love helping others to get it or develop their virtues.
I say I love money, but I'm not blinded by it, mind you. I know many who tell me I do not like money, but week by week, every Monday they get up and go to work in jobs where they are unhappy, enduring bosses who hate, stuck in traffic, sleeping with a woman who no longer I am delighted, full of debts, working for the banks and the system and feeling free to tell me that they do not like money ... Do not fuck with me.
I love money, but for the same reason I do not believe in pension fund managers (AFP) for example, I only imposed 3 months of my life and it was because I work in the field and it was an obligation that we will be discounted, But I decided to set myself the goal of learning to do the same thing that AFPs do and I have achieved it, so I have control over my savings, if a stock goes down, if there is a crisis, or if a company goes bankrupt, I will only lose by my decision And bad choice, not for Lobby or because the same afp inject capital from you to companies of friends of the managers of the same, make more and more money with your money. With which you give them with the effort of their sweat and they without more from a computer with access to Internet duplicate, triple their investments, promising profitability for when you retire. And day by day these guys are lining up with the intra-day, but the men in my country reach the age of 65, they retire and their pension is not promised. "Because stocks fell, or the euro is more expensive than the dollar , Which increased the GDP, which under, they hacked the system and an endless number of etc. "and give them a misery that has nothing of retirement (word that comes from Jubilo ... that irony, No (?). Suffered these types of bad decisions or failed investments, you pay for it ... thanks to a law that modified the article of pensions, that before they were forced to recover that loss, not now, it is the same contributors who replenish it. I believe in banking institutions ...
But I do not want to get into politics, laws, companies, etc. I deduce that everyone in his free time occupy it to learn and to know what happens with his own money.
And I focus on it, understand how money works, who controls it, how to accumulate wealth, etc. Maybe even my accounts are almost empty, but my mind is a whirlwind of ideas, that only with the right contact, the concrete motivation and a small capital, I will do much, too much.
And the biggest question they ask me is what will you do if you do not get anything, without stable work, studies, etc.? The answer is, at least I try, I do not stay in the idea of ​​what happened, I focus on fulfilling everything I want, now that I have health, vitality and time, that money is not my cap to make it concrete, that it is My motivation life itself, every second I wake up at any time, living without schedules, but being happy and helping others to be, that is the invaluable over the same money, which as I have decreed it will come in addition, not Believe that I have no ambitions beyond, of course, Millionaire or death is my motto, and do not think that I do little to achieve it, I doubt that many would sacrifice weekends of parties, tomatoes, drugs, weeks of working for a Salary, etc. For being at least 5 years nurturing his mind and reprogramming everything he was taught, questioning every word or paradigm imposed previously, breaking indoctrination for more than 16 years in educational establishments, change that is hard, those who have not tried do not know What it is, it is easier to begin to see a movie of another person, than to live the own film in its reality, a soccer game, or to have a few drinks. To even think about changing your world, what It's worth it. I do not deny that I have my moments of leisure, but my moments of personal success are always greater. It is harder to be when you lived 18 years without electric light in an alley where the sun is hiding early and the darkness predominates in your life, Never a cell phone, not a computer, or anything, just books, games, loneliness, an absent father, a mother with depression, no drinking water, suffering bullyng for not knowing how to shave me, denying me the opportunity a teacher to graduate from 8 basic because no I was shaving .... Receiving criticism always, but never a helping hand supporting me to get ahead, I had to make the decision myself, when the same psychologist literally said "I would kill" ... in allusion to my father and what I He told of the humiliations he had experienced. I discovered that the only one who could help and get ahead is myself. Even though they think that it is easy, I have been 4 years and fraction in the light it could be said, 4 years that I have matured too much and learned more than what I acquired without electricity.For this and more I love my freedom of not complicate myself for almost nothing, that If I have to eat a fried egg, I do it, that if you have to make juice of whatever, until you take frozen toast or ice tea, no drinks, I rarely buy, a refrigerator that goes out for lack of supplies, Drinking water and eating bread, and they will tell me that it is easy to be me ... I could be engulfed in drugs, begging in the street, being a parasite of my family, etc. But no, I do not do it because it's not the fucking life I want, I want to take my mother from here, I want to give more joy than I have given, my way, I always help, even if I have almost nothing, if I'm missing Money to me but another urges him, I deliver it without consideration. Because more than giving to receive, it is the act that makes me happy, I imagine with more money and helping more and more people, of course one also falls into the rational sometimes and says: why give away those who only deign to Pull shit, instead of putting yourself in the other's shoes and support him. But I do not want to hate anymore, I just want Love. That's why I do not worry, it's enough for me to live the life I want to take until I fulfill my personal goals, increasingly ambitious, I must admit, but always low profile, not Complicating my life and living as relaxed as possible, that if there is a problem whether or not it has a solution Why worry? And because of that, I matured, because I began to live as if I were going to die tomorrow, every day I contribute with a little granite (like these texts) to a better and thinking society. Where Love prevails as I have said in previous writings, Not thinking about living day by day in excesses, in making myself feel better than others, showing my luxuries, cars, brand clothes, etc. Everything in its right measure is acceptable, the rest is to demonstrate deficiencies of the own inner being, insecurities and fears. The ugly one that the beautiful woman chooses to marry, the instinctively, primitively chooses her for FEAR, fear that her children will be ugly just like him and the pretty woman who chooses the ugly, Perhaps the predominant equal is FEAR, fear that her Ugly father no longer live, and this ugly reminiscent of his father and can continue to feel protected by the Ugly. It's all for fear friends, decisions forget that they take them rationally, we do it instinctively to survive. And I still enjoy as a child , I continue climbing hills, when I want to, swimming in rivers, in canals, running through my city, arriving on my bicycle every time further, knowing new places, playing with my nephew, tennis, soccer, endless games. Without worrying about whether or not to work tomorrow, that the account of the store, etc. I do not say that I do not have problems, of course I have them, but I choose big problems, that make me every time I try harder and harder, Now I can say that I have cable TV, Internet, cellular plan, etc. And so on. And they are small luxuries that I give myself to continue enjoying as a child, but thinking like an adult already, without much money perhaps, but giving the best to achieve what I want. Who knows me know that more than an exit to the hill to climb , To have a good physique, to lose weight, etc. Going out with me involves a class, whether on rock formation, soil types, rocks, native fauna, flora, etc. Landscapes, stories, stories, myths, endless experiences for the memory, And that not everything is in my mind because yes, it is because I have tried hard to learn and know more, to travel and to know, total in that is based my life ... to follow the path of an Apprentice.

© 2017 Eduardo Armando Urbina Arredondo


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