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"Magic Cereal Garage" by Eric Wayne Flynn

Updated on May 2, 2016

"Magic Cereal Garage"

Saturday morning

Waking to the sun

A bike ride around the block is scheduled

First in the line of business though is breakfast

Climbing out of his dungeon

The cold conditions of the introvert

Mind warm with thoughts

Tip toeing up stairs to have the run of the house

A lil creep, causing chaos yet quiet as a mouse

A mad scientist into chemistry, he can't explain himself

Experimenting with life

Coming up with conclusions

Developing ideas, developing delusions

There's a rumble in his tummy

In need of fuel

He opens the pantry door

Finding fifty boxes of cereal or more

Now he just needs a bowl and a spoon

Give the boy a trough, give the boy a broom

So he can sweep up all the sweet grain

Manufactured goodness from God's green earth, products of the rain

Packaged to be consumed

A sweet taste of a first drug

An addict shoveling sugar

Seated at the family table

Guilty for feeling like a king

A gateway leads from the table to the pantry

Driving reckless on his bike after breakfast

High off his ass

Heading for his favorite hill

To coast and feel the wind

Blowing cool

Watching the wheels go round and round

Golden yellow joy hits the boy

Five seconds of freedom

A blink for this blip batting his eyes

This is it

This is what we chase

This is all we want


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