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Magic Mudpie Witch (short story for children to eat better)

Updated on February 27, 2013

Magic Mudpie Witch


Magic Mudpie Witch chidren's lesson to eat well

Magic Mud-Pie Witch

Toty and Froty just turned six for their birthday, and were given a sandbox with a red canvas roof. Jumping up and down excited they opened a large box inside the sandbox which had a shovel, pail, and many molds in different forms. The molds were like what her mother used for jello, and Toty loved playing kitchen with her brother Froty,

The sun was hot outside and they climbed into the sandbox with the covered roof. Cool sand wiggled in between their toes. Froty carried his bright red pail of water into the sandbox.

They both played in the wet sand filling forms in the shapes of carrots, squash, and spinach.

The wet sand was pressed in the molds tightly and flipped over leaving the completed shapes all around their sandbox.

Toty rubbed her eyes missing her noontime nap, and got comfortable in the sandbox leaning against the roof’s pole.

“I am sleepy, and these vegetables gotta dry.”

Froty agreed, and leaned against the opposite pole with his little arms over his chest.

“Well then let’s take a nap and let the vegetables dry.”

Dreams were wonderful things, and a huge Mud-Pie-Witch appeared before them in their dream.

Toty and Froty looked in awe at the large sand witch, and she told them how pleased she was with their work and was going to reward them with a prize.

Suddenly the mud-pie broccoli that was drying in the sandbox turned green, and the mud-pie carrots turned bright orange.

The Mud-Pie Witch’s hand raised and she pointed her wand in the sandbox and magically frosty cold glasses of red cherry juice sat next to the thick slices of whole wheat bread that just minutes ago was molded sand.

She proclaimed in a loud voice, “No soggy white bread shall enter my kingdom…only the best for the King and Queen of Mud-Pies.”

Toty and Froty stirred in their sleep, as the huge Mud-Pie-Witch continued to bestow upon them healthy blessings.

“There will be yummy cereal covered in bee’s honey. The bees will become your working army to sweeten everything in your kingdom.

Both children blinked their eyes open in surprise and their little hands reached up feeling something on their heads.

“What’s this, a crown?”

“Yeah I got one on my head too.”

“We ARE the King and Queen!”

Toty and Froty knew from that day forward they were not only King and Queen of the sandbox they would rule their kingdom, not allowing any of their enemies such as soggy white bread and sugary treats to conquer them.

(c) B. A. Williams


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    • B. A. Williams profile image

      B. A. Williams 6 years ago from USA

      Glad you like it I'd be interested in their reactions.

      Thanks for reading!

    • April Reynolds profile image

      April Reynolds 6 years ago from Arizona

      This is cute, very tricky. I will have to try it on my kids.

    • mljdgulley354 profile image

      mljdgulley354 6 years ago

      Good Story

    • prasonline profile image

      Prasanna Marlin 6 years ago from Sri lanka

      Interesting!Good twist.