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Magic of the letter M

Updated on July 10, 2012
all rights reserved, Morning
all rights reserved, Morning
all rights reserved, Marigolds
all rights reserved, Marigolds
all rights reserved, Marvelous
all rights reserved, Marvelous
all rights reserved, Magnificent
all rights reserved, Magnificent
all rights reserved, Magical
all rights reserved, Magical

Here's to the letter M, its magic, no mystery, dim

and in its absence, it, missed, and would be then so grim..

Magnificent, meaningful, and often much maligned,

is this character of ours, in adjectives, so well inclined..

A magnitude of merit by the mental mechanism,

and often used without a single criticism,

Missing this script would certainly mean the miseries,

Such a mundane listing then, of the X,Y, and Zs.

Muddying the waters of a master's colorful palette,

without the M, and in misuse, to be such a habit,

Mighty men of mortal minds, owe much to the M,

and with what it makes in rhymes, is this scripted gem.

Perhaps communication to take a turn for the worst,

while spoken language to all, then, methodically would burst,

Then maddening malice of maniacally made mindsets,

would manage the world, to make more meaningless misfits.

Marketing mush and mud to mire, in missing the letter M,

there's no better letter, in the list, or we could ever hire.

While middle of the road letters joined, of the abc's,

malign meter, cadences fine, of a poems soulful needs,

A Melodious merit added to mankind's mortal meaning,

thus giving much to mindful display,of a needed supervening.

In the main, the M is marvelous, and always most impressive,

leaning more on words well chosen, not so modest, or obsessive,

Many magical moments made in first letter M, of the M word,

Merry mileage meaningfully made, in writing and speaking, heard..

Magnificent, marvelous, miraculous, and is such a major means,

The letter M, and to us all, is so much more than it seems.

all rights reserved, Miraculous
all rights reserved, Miraculous


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