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Magneto - Barnsey's Attempts at Poetry

Updated on July 3, 2012


He was the most frightening villain of his time. With power that could fight entire armies to a standstill he was a one man world power on a righteous mission. Knowing that he was a representative of the next step in the evolution of mankind he instantly likened all men to that of the Nazi and their fuhrer.

Having a personal vendetta against the Nazi's for killing his family he allowed that hatred to consume him. That Hatred was then turned against all of mankind as they began to recognize the rise of mutants in their midst. In typical human fashion bigotry and racism reared its ugly head and Magneto was proven correct. His kind could never live peacefully alongside that of the lesser race of Homo Sapiens.

Eventually though his outlook softened and his extremism became a source of embarrassment rather than pride. Humbled and regretful Magneto threw himself at the mercy of his longtime foe, the X-men. Against their better judgement they took him in and accepted his claim of rehabilitation.

You were there.

You were there Magneto when the Reich rolled into town

they took your parents and restrained you, burned them all to the ground

It took such sadness to awaken your blessed strength

and the world holds its breath as you go to any length

Though your purpose seems so true your vision is obscured

that power you hold so high and close, you've barely even endured

The years they close in as your enemies grow by packs

some day you'll be at your weakest and as one they will attack

Heed me now great Magnus lest too soon you meet thine end

gather all your friends as one before your enemies descend

You are a righteous leader, having learned from the past

you will make a saintly martyr when they kill Magneto at last

Whatever time you have left do what good you can

so in the end they remember not the madman or mutant, they'll speak of Magneto...the Man.


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