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Magnolia Mountain

Updated on January 2, 2017


Here I am in the middle of the mountain

Hurrying Up Myself to find the fountain

Listening close to the nature plantation

Leaves me with a sound motivation

Oh look how fast mistakes stop the clock

Once my feet slip off of the rocks

Down and down and down I descend

Deepening my troubles without end

How is it that man can fall so low?

Holding on tightly to that lost rainbow

Who is that chopping down the willow?

With a grace so bold that I desire to know

Aphrodite has come to spare me from Eris

Accompanying me by way of Polaris

Progress and hold dear my soul my luminary

Pulling me up through the wood and wild cherries

Finally I can dip my hands in the fountains waters

Fearing not to swim with the wild otters

Magnolia Mountain you are a wonder to me

My oh my how long it took me to part the red sea


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