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Mahi's Hub

Updated on August 6, 2016


In life what is momentous? Well this is a question haunting me from many days. But I am finding no answer for this.

I think we will never have a perfect answer for this instead we just keep on consoling and fitting ourselves into the ongoing situations all the time.

Let me try to sort this question out, when I opened my eyes for the very first time, I saw my mom and dad, they were the only important elements in my life, but as days passed on, school friends were important than any of the things and little of parents too. Now comes the colorful phase of college life, where I could consider none other than friends to be important, nothing else was important other than them. Later comes the life’s phase of attraction like Bf/Gf, then marriage, kids, who are most important to us than friends and parents, and so the journey goes on and keeps going the same.

We see many people in our lives and most of the people detach and go far away, and only few back us till the very end, but let us imagine a situation where we have all the people aside whom we met, who are with us and who are at present not with us, are all put together in a single box. So imagine how intense the situation would be, and all of them want you at the same time, isn’t that funny at that time about who will be momentous?

It’s pretty humorous about, the endless thinking, the reason for as to why every time, feelings are the root, the reason as to why feelings are roots is because, these determine all of these factors in life, so isn’t feeling very much invincible, as to stay with or without the momentous situations or people.

Consider this and let me make you understand the intensity of this sentence:

“Feelings are to feel, and the felt essence will make you lavish, your momentous emotions with those felt feelings are only understood by the feelingly feels.”


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