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Main Characters of Beast Quest

Updated on February 9, 2010


Tom is sort of the leader of the four main Beast Quest characters, although he does respect Elenna as an equal and both work together.  He is 12 years old.  It is Tom that was given the Beast Quest, though.  He is the son of a knight who has been missing since Tom was very young.  Tom grew up dreaming of adventure and finally got his wish when fires were destroying his town and he was sent to see King Hugo, which led to the true beginning of his adventures as the king and the wizard Aduro sent Tom on the Beast Quest.


Elenna joins Tom on the Beast Quest when they meet while he is on his way to free his first beast, Ferno the Fire Dragon.  Tom saves Elenna and her wolf from being chased by angry people and she then joins him on the Quest.  Elenna may be a girl, but the series is written so that she is basically his equal and has strengths of her own.  She saves Tom just about as often as Tom saves her while they are on their adventures.


Storm is part of the main group on the Beast Quest.  He is just a horse, but he is central to the success of the Beast Quest.  Tom gets Storm when he begins the Beast Quest.  The two soon get to know each other well and together they keep each other safe.


Spirit is the last of the four in the main group on the Beast Quest.  He is Elenna's wolf.  He scares many of the people the group encounters, but is soon recognized by the new strangers as a well trained wolf that only attacks those that are a threat to the group, especially Elenna.


Aduro is not exactly a main character, as he is not actually on the Beast Quest.  He is, however, the only recurring character that does have parts in every book besides the main four.  He usually just briefly appears after each part of the Beast Quest is accomplished by Tom.


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      marcus 5 years ago

      It is not spirit the wolf it is silver the wolf!!