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Maintaining Flight

Updated on July 15, 2012

Maintaining Flight

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

In youth we are invincible, life busting out and taking flight,

the vastness of the open sky a playground in which to nurture

the promise of possibility, the choices of accomplishment.

As we age within the limits of accepted life,

we direct ourselves to more sedentary devotions,

flight often forsaken for the conventions and expectations of conformity.

How often I have let go of dreams and limited my path to conform

to these mundane paths of probability.

How often have I abandoned my creative path to pander to habituation,

and to waste my soul to superficiality.

No longer will I ground myself, reject the freedom of expression,

to be someone I am not, regardless of anyone’s view.

No longer will I be driven to take someone else’s responsibility,

to disregard my own nurturing as a sacrifice.

Flight is not just for the young, it is for all minds of freedom,

all those who choose to free themselves from the shackles of convention

and attain internal harmony and self-expression.

No longer will I deny myself for someone else’s belief.

I shall remain who I am, express what I believe

and refuse the limits of negativity.

I will be true to myself and what I love.


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