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"Majestic" (circa 188o)

Updated on August 28, 2012
Tombstone before fire of 1881
Tombstone before fire of 1881 | Source


“Majestic”, they called that town

The one that caught him and brought him down

Squirrels, birds, and residents of the day

Came out to watch him hanged they say

He couldn’t shut shut-up about “superfluities”

And they branded him outlaw for the his talking disease

Little did they know they were missing

The way a bee kisses a flowers to glisten

Attorneys, and hags, and all the unknown

Were showing all that was unshone

Cause they lacked the guts to break the current, see

One duck, two duck, three ducks agree

Children aren’t meant to be handled with fingers—

They slip through the cracks brandishing their stingers

No one can dance around

They grow up from the ground

Careful to get in their drunken way

Because the laws of nature have hit the hay

They want to see him swing from that rope

Like a man who didn’t get the joke

You’re a person with some self-esteem

Do you know what it means?

To lose all you’ve got from a trap door

Built by the imaginatively poor

His last words were something like this:

“I woke the snakes without a hiss,”

And his feet twitched like the a bug in the eye

And so he went into the sky

But now and then, now and then

Our progeny remember the life we send

More so as time kicks its heels

We’re all subject to God’s wheels.

-Mike Head (8/28/12)


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    • whonunuwho profile image

      whonunuwho 5 years ago from United States

      Strong words about a wrongful hanging. In a way, scriptures say.."let he who is without sin , let the stoning begin"...It seems to have happened all over again...Nice work and very expressive in displaying your thoughts.