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Make Certain Quality Articles are Created for a Writing Challenge

Updated on October 28, 2014
Writing challenges are a great way to double or even triple pageviews for a writer. More page views means making more money online.
Writing challenges are a great way to double or even triple pageviews for a writer. More page views means making more money online. | Source
Ideas for writing articles dont always come easy. A writing challenge with a plan of action always helps in this regard.
Ideas for writing articles dont always come easy. A writing challenge with a plan of action always helps in this regard. | Source

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How to make 30 hubs in 30 days work out for you

I belong to a number of various writing platforms outside of several blogs I own. Some of these platforms, like Hubpages, have put forth challenges for writing articles. These are referred to as a writing challenge because the expectation is to create a specific amount of articles in a defined time period. One of the biggest hurdles faced is making certain quality articles are created while attempting to meet the numbers set forth in the contest. There is a way to get quality and quantity in for the competition.

Nearly all of these writing sites crafting these contests earn a writer passive income with published articles. Several have the same type of outline for the process. For an example, they have particulars like asking for 30 articles in 30 days or 60 articles in 60 days and so forth.

Some even propose tying articles to a specified category like movies or book reviews instead of a general article about any variety of content. However the challenge is put forth; make certain quality articles are created. Remember your name is tied to everything published on the web.

How Easy Is It?

Writing all of these articles in this period of time sounds fairly easy for a good writer. For Hubbers, the challenge is referred to as 30 Hubs in 30 Days. On the surface it appears as if the it averages to about one article each day. However, drilling down to the basics of the task at hand reveals in actuality a writer needs to compose more than one article each day.

Time is an issue

Remove the weekends from the equation along with time dedicated to taking care of other responsibilities or duties and writing one or more articles of excellent quality each day does not appear so easy. Remember, keywords, phrases, seo, wonderful titles and other obligations including research are connected to crafting material at a high level of quality.

Numerous writers don’t fashion their content or subject matter based on a time table when producing articles for passive income. When not producing content for a client and freelance writing for passive writing income there are days when the idea store is closed. Having to keep it open and continually building brilliant words continually is difficult.

Writing is not something stored away in a drawer to take out when needed. Writing is a craft with enormous dedication, effort and a lot of brain cells. There are stretches when it appears the brain is turned off and the level of quality readers are accustomed too won’t come or cannot be forced. Generally if the writing has taken the day off, so does the writer. This action must be bypassed when participating in a this type of contest to assure quality articles are created in the time period indicated.

What to do when the ideas will not come

Do the research

One of the biggest hurdles is finding the right direction in the form of ideas for the work at hand. This means extensive research for article marketing, keywords and keyword phrases, search engine optimization and terrific titles is extremely important. Having these things handled before the journey begins makes for a much smoother ride. Make a plan of action so the concepts and thoughts will come.

Make a plan of action

Having a plan of action before starting a writing challenge is vital and key to a successful outcome. Imagine that half of the work is already done when a plan of action is in hand. A number of writers have used a spread sheet method to make all of their concepts and articles work for them.

Graphing keywords and titles makes it easy to generate back links and construct multiple articles around the same idea or subject matter. Additionally, it prevents duplicate content from being created and eases the time spent on research for freelance articles.

This is an example of a great go to plan of action to ensure quality subject matter and content happen for a writer. This is certainly not the only plan of action, but works for countless challenges.

Save ideas when they do come

Where to keep them

A great habit is to locate a place to jot down ideas for freelance writing projects. This should be a resource a writer uses for any article at any time. This space can be on a hardcopy old fashioned piece of paper or even a bar graph on the pc. Where this data is set aside depends on what info is stored for freelance article ideas. When the ideas are flowing endlessly, keep them in a place to go to later.

How to find them

A few writers simply keep great titles while others go as far as retaining titles and keywords. Finding out which ones to keep is done after an examination of keywords and keyword phrases to see how they perform. Maintaining this info preserves remarkable concepts and ideas for later examination to use for nearly anything. These can be used for client requests as well as future passive writing income articles and is wonderful for article challenges.

Go to old articles for a last resort

Don’t forget about the last great article produced. Quality content is not done only once in a lifetime. Exceptional writers manufacture it over and over again. This doesn’t necessarily mean every one touched goes viral, but there are a number of them a writer is capable of actually sitting back and able to admire as a job well done. These same articles elicit a number of ideas for new ones as well in several ways.

Choose a different point of view

Writing content or subject matter from a different point of view than the original article is one concept that works well. Taking one paragraph or subheading and making an article from it is another notion to explore. Using the same keywords and fashioning a different piece of work always works like magic. Old articles are chocked full of quality everywhere if a writer simply knows where to look.

Advantages of accepting a writing challenge

For the most part freelance writers accepting these types of contests are amazed at the unforeseen advantages received. Their passive writing income is as a rule substantially increased. Making more money is always a plus.

Increasing back links and page views

Writing 30 pieces of quality articles in 30 days full of SEO and keywords that optimize traffic is a wonderful way to increase passive writing income. Page views in most cases are doubled or even tripled which is always good for freelance writing business.

Making terrific use of works includes adding great backlinks to new and old articles to gain focused readers. Even for writers that may not finish the entire challenge having an additional 20 quality articles instead of 30 quality articles at the end of the 30 days will still help a writer make more profit for their effort.

Create quality articles for a challenge

Numerous writers will not accept low quality work from themselves no matter what. This means not compromising the integrity of work simply for the sake of meeting a writing challenge or even at a client’s request. This means the level of work of articles under a writers byline will not be hurt. Though, there are still writers that allow work to suffer and will post online lesser quality articles to meet a writing challenge in a specified time period.

It doesn’t matter if the amount of articles online are doubled what is needed to meet a challenge if the articles suck. A writer will not see the benefits or advantages of crafting more work in a short amount of time if they are all rubbish.

If poor keywords, seo and article marketing occur for the entire challenge time, effort and energy will go to waste as well as compromising an author’s reliability and work ethic. This will not only cost a writer the benefits for participating in a writing challenge, but could possibly cost a freelancer future clients. Make certain quality articles are actually created when accepting a writing challenge.

In conclusion

Participating in a writing challenge is fun for some writers while others engage in the challenge to increase passive writing income. No matter what the reason for involvement, make certain quality articles are created for any writing challenge. This article will help in outlining a plan of action and overcoming hurdles in the way of making excellent articles of content earning a great income at the end of the day.

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    • Millionaire Tips profile image

      Shasta Matova 5 years ago from USA

      These are useful tips for participating in a 30/30 hub challenge. I especially like the idea of taking an existing hub and using it as a springboard to find related ideas. Voted up.