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Make Money By Answering Questions

Updated on February 22, 2012

Many people nowadays have their own favorite question-and-answer website they are used to and like to use, as an asker or sometimes also as an answerer. However, why should You as an person, who invests their time in to the site, be left empty-handed and let the site take all the money, for your knowledge or for your hunger-of-answers. Why not make money by answering and asking questions. But let me stop for a second.I do not recommend that You set your expectations very high. Yes, there is profit to be made by only asking questions and posting quality answers. However, to make a decent amount, You will need patience and some time, as well some knowledge or some good questions.

I remember, when Google Answers was still active, it was a easy way to make few bucks by giving someone an informational answer, and then they would pay you, usually it ranged from 2$ to 10$, it was rare to answer a question, which had a price over 20 dollars.However, that did happen.Sadly though the site was shut down 5 years ago, so that is not an option anymore.There is another way though, Webanswers. vs Google Answers , I would say that Webanswers offers a passive income and is more profitable in the long-term, as Google Answers was the opposite.But since Google Answers isn´t an option anymore, I will leave it be.

Make money by answering questions.
Make money by answering questions.

Unlike other question-and-answer websites, webanswers has decided to share it´s ad revenue with it´s authors or, with the people who contribute to the site, may that be by asking questions or delivering helpful answers.If you are so eager to check the site out, you can to it by clicking on the hyperlink -, I recommend that you keep reading, before you choose to sign up.

Before you see any money, you will need an Adsense account.If you don´t already have one, you can get one, after you have answered at least 10 questions at webanswers.Posting 10 helpful answer won´t take long.If you click on the site, and look one question, you´ll get a very good idea how the site works.As you can see it has advertising along its pages.The purpose of this is of course to make money.And through advertising you and other member of the site, as well the site owners themselves earn money.

So, what´s the catch?As you may have noticed by now, most questions have several answers, many of which are good.So will they all make equal amount of money?It depends, if the asker hasn't chosen the best answer, they will all could potentially make some money, but the chance that they all make equal amount is close to zero.So long as the best answer is not chosen, the site will rotate the ads of those, who have answered the question.But not everyone ads will be shown equally frequently.How long someone´s ads are shown, depends on that persons quality score.Webanswers has developed a quality score algorithm, which gives each user a score, based on what has not been shared by the Webanswers staff, but those who post high-quality, helpful, useful and unique answers, seem to be making (a lot) more than those who don´t contribute to the site as much.So in order to make money there post, helpful answers, written by you, not copied from another site - doing that will decrease your quality score for sure.

And what about the one, who asked the question?That person still drives away his pockets somewhat full.It isn't clear how much that person´s ads are shown, compared to the answerer(s).However, the one asking the question doesn't go home empty-handed.But that doesn't mean that you should go there and start asking a lot of questions.Since that would not be very profitable.As one thing is clear, the one who answers takes a lot more ad time, than the one asking the question.

So in the end, how to you make money from the site?The way I make money there, and many others, is by answering questions and hoping that my answer will be chosen as the best one.Since only then can I be sure that I will make a decent amount from the site.I can hear you asking, so you get you answer chosen as the best, but who clicks on your ads?First of all, that´s an excellent question :P.Other people click on ads, because I as an user of the site should not click on the ads, since that might get my Adsense account banned, as well as Webanswers account.However, that is not my answer.My answer is this : If you do get your answer chosen as the best answer, it only means that you now have a potential to make money from that answer.To fully use that potential you need visitors, people who would click on the ads, and those people most often come from search engines.So pick the questions first, before you use your time to answer them, think of what people might be looking.If you are looking for a site, where you wish to make money by answering to questions this is the best site around the internet.Also if you wish to make money by asking question this is your site too.

If you still haven´t signed up, you should at least give it a shot - sign up here.


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    • Michael Durden profile image

      Michael Durden 6 years ago

      Very interesting. I will check this out. Doubt there is much money to be made from it but it might be fun and not bad for some extra pocket change.

    • Cardisa profile image

      Carolee Samuda 6 years ago from Jamaica

      I visited their site once, I wasn't so sure about it but I will visit again and read their TOS before making any moves. Thanks for the info.

    • Jo_Goldsmith11 profile image

      Jo_Goldsmith11 6 years ago

      I think this is a cool idea..I will think on it first before I go and sign up for it. I am not to happy these days with google. voted up..useful/interesting