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Earn Money Now Anywhere Writing Online

Updated on February 17, 2012
Imagine this wad of $20 bills in your hands.
Imagine this wad of $20 bills in your hands.

Did you know: Finding a joint venture partner for writing is easy to find online by simply visiting online forums related to webmaster affiliates and internet marketing?

THEAMERICANWRITER - Nov. 27, 2010 | 12:44 CST

LAS VEGAS, Nevada - It is fairly easy for anyone in the United States to earn money now online. The problem often comes for those living outside of the United States because some sites and programs have country restrictions. For example, if you live outside of the USA, a site called Textbroker in Nevada, won’t even allow you to join as a writer. However, don’t let that stop you from making money with the site.

Let’s say you live in India and you have an interest in becoming a writer but most sites say that you can’t join because your country is not on the list of countries allowed for whatever reason. Please continue reading to see how you can using Textbroker and you can apply the concept for any other site.

Make Money with Textbroker

Textbroker's business is located in Las Vegas, Nevada and is a marketplace that connects clients looking for writers to writers looking for clients to write for. It is like the of the freelancing world working from home, but just specific to writing only jobs. only allows people in the United States to become authors. However, just because you do not reside in the United States doesn’t mean you can’t participate. The solution is simple, legit and consists of three words: joint venture partnership. It is a common practice used where people in other countries are forming partnerships with others who reside in non-restricted countries to make money online; perfectly legit.

Locating a Joint Venture Partner costs absolutely nothing to get started with that site, but if you do not reside in the USA, then you need to find someone who does and partner up with them if they agree. You can go to forums like Warrior Forum or Digital Point and post a thread in the ‘Warrior Joint Ventures’ or ‘Partnerships’ section seeking a trusted person in the USA to partner with on

Get a partner and start making money.
Get a partner and start making money.

Requirements of a JV Partner

Your potential partner must be 18 years of age or older because that is the requirement of Textbroker. In other words, ensure your potential JV partner meets the requirements of Textbroker. JV is short for joint venture. State in that post what credentials you have as a writer and what you bring to the table along with what you expect from your partner. Interview that person by phone or through an instant messenger (not through the private messaging system) and build a rapport. Usually, in the first five minutes you will be able to tell whether or not that person is someone you want to form a partnership with.

Things to Cover in a JV Meeting

Here are some things you will need to discuss when you speak with your potential USA-based partner:

  • Elaborating on what you have to bring to the partnership.
  • How many articles you’d like to write on a daily basis.
  • How you will gain access to the account using software like TeamViewer.
  • How the profit should be split? Be sure to discuss taxes as your partner will need to pay taxes on total earnings made as he/she will be taxed on all of it. So you two will need to discuss a fair amount for your USA-based partner to cover that.
  • How he/she will send your percentage to you (bank wire transfer is ideal if you intend to do this full-time).
  • Type an agreement to be signed and notarized by a notary public (recommended but not required).
  • Go for a test spin with your new partner (helps to start building a solid relationship).

These are just some things that you will need to discuss in your meeting with your potential USA-based partner for

No Experience Required

Keep in mind if, that this site does not require you to be a professional writer to get started. However, you can get paid more by clients the better your articles are written. This is a sure-fire way for writers to make money online in India or any other country where the site limits signups to just those in the USA. The concept of joint venture partnerships makes it easy for anyone to make money online in India and any part of the world when sites restrict sign-ups to specific locations.

Edge If You Live in the USA

This article was written because of a common problem I see online. I have, personally, engaged in joint venture partnerships with people in different countries helping them make money online with sites that only allow people in the USA to join. If you reside in the USA as I do, then you are in a position to partner up with people in other countries who seek a partner for such sites like Textbroker where only people in the USA may join. Ads for partners can be found on the same sites (for starters) as the ones I mentioned above. When you do, please ensure you trust that person to give you content that is not copied or stolen. Make sure you trust the person as well as you being trustworthy yourself. It’s a two-way street. This can be a very profitable way you can go about earning money online while stabilizing an income, but only if both parties involved are completely honest and produce quality work.


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    • TheAmericanWriter profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from USA

      According to their FAQs page about tax information required from US and non-US individuals ( ), HubPages is opened to people in the USA and outside of the USA, as well. And thanks for the compliment.

    • StalkerS profile image


      7 years ago from Baguio City

      does it apply to writers of hubpages? i mean does hubpages require writers who only reside in the U.S.? by the way nice article


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