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Make Money Online Writing – FREE Starting Kit

Updated on February 25, 2012

There are thousands of people making money online by writing and many more joining daily as they are finding out that money can be made. If you are one of those who has just started out – well, you’ve come to the right place. In this Hub, you will find out about the basics to give you a good Kickstart. They are articles written by me for Hubpages /Triond and include:


  • How long it takes before you earn a reasonable amount of money.
  • The important Websites you need to register with for receipt of payment for your Writing etc.
  • Getting Ideas about what to write about.
  • Useful and reliable Writing Websites.
  • Getting Traffic (people) to reading your articles/blogs.
  • The Importance of Back links.
  • The Use of Google Analytics and Google Adwords.
  • FREE websites to use for your own Blogs or Business.
  • Getting and keeping a good Fanbase.
  • Getting comments on your Articles.
  • How your Writing impacts others and more....

Click on the Blue Links for more details.

4) A – Z Journal of a Writer  An A – Z weekly Journal of what I do to help me write effectively online. It sure keeps me busy.

5) Writing Online - 20 practical Tips Learnt – Tips put together from my experience of writing online, over the past year.

1) Writing Online – Who wants to make money online now?

This is a short introduction about writing online and the earnings aspect of it. What to expect.

2) Using FREE Websites to make money Online

You can buy your own domain, however if you don’t want to or just wish to test the waters, this gives you guidance. You can also choose to have a Business website and put Google Adsense on it for revenue or Paypal buttons to receive payments.

3) Getting Fans and Comments

A good Fan base is important. This gives tips on how to get a good fanbase and also how to get people commenting on your Articles. Otherwise, it would be like opening a shop and no customers visiting.

6) Kickstart to Success on Hubpages

There are lots of websites out there. I write for Hubpages, Triond and Squidoo. Hubpages rates best out of those three because you can publish what you want, when you want. On Triond, you have to wait for your article to be approved. On Squidoo your articles have to rank b/w #1 to #80,000 monthly, for you to receive a payment (unless you have Google/Amazon Royalties). So, I recommend that you consider starting with Hubpages. If you choose to, this article will help you find your feet quickly on Hubpages.

7) Power of Writing

There is a lot more to Writing than earning money. You also make a positive impact and raise awareness about important issues. This article covers more about this.

I hope you found this useful and good luck with Writing Online.


My Articles are at:


Ps. If you have any questions, please write them in the comments Box of the related article and I will leave a response. Thanks for Reading.


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