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Make Money Writing Articles: How to Make Money Writing Articles on Seekyt

Updated on September 7, 2014



Seekyt Facts

You can create revenue by monetizing your content on Seekyt; this is done via advertisement networks such as Viglink, Google Adsense and Chitika. High quality informative articles attract more readers who might click displayed adverts.

To benefit from Adsense you add your publisher Adsense ID to your settings or subscribe to the alternative advertisement network. In order to benefit from the website regular contribution and promotion is important.

Active members are known to pull reasonable earnings from the monetized Web Pages, quality articles equals better returns. Seekyt earns income through the rotation of advertisement usually 50% for new writers. This margin significantly increases as you achieve milestones like referrals, comments, number of articles and followers.

You can get 99% increases in revenue when you reach the highest milestone according to the websites moderator. You can also setup a free Viglink account through the website and after approval the advertisement automatically placed on your web pages.

Promote your articles on social media and you should consider having a separate url to track your Adsense earnings.

Make money writing articles

Some of the top ways of making money online is to use revenue sharing websites; freelance writers have found such website a valuable resource for steady payouts. It takes lots of patience, hard work, time and dedication to earn income but something that might have started small might earn you huge returns.

There are many revenue sharing article directories with different rules, regulations and terms of service. Earning on some platforms involves Google Adsense advertisement which could be hosted by the article directory or supported by it.

Other ways of earning passive income on these websites are through affiliate programs, product placement and referrals. Each one as its own, marketplace and revenue generating formats that they use, like number of views, impressions and so forth.

Success comes from research, quality articles devoid of spelling and punctuation errors, good titles and SEO content. Some article directories provide sub-domain URL per article while others host the articles on their domain name.

Another article directory posts article published by writers on websites owned by the directory based on topic and category. One of the smaller article directories that host articles on its website is Seekyt.

Seekyt is a small article directory that formally was a social bookmark website; it is easy to start publishing your articles on Seekyt after certain conditions are met. You make money by writing articles and publishing them on Seekyt web pages.

Seekyt has easy to use features a responsive administrator, attractive layout and an aggressive in your face advertisements on your web page. Because of the aggressive placement of advertisement on Seekyt the conversion ratio is high.

Writing articles

Writing articles
Writing articles | Source


Seekyt is a content revenues sharing website that is privately owned by a single individual, it can generate revenue for a writer or used for links to your major websites. The website accepts contributors content such as recipes, articles, tutorials, news items and local news.

It is unique and has a social community where you can earn points through discussion and forum contributions while earning via advertisement and products sales. The former social bookmark website is now a full fledged article directory with high ranking articles and friendly environment.

Subcategories you can find on Seekyt include featured tags like giveaways, free money, health, business, Christmas and so on. The website also has the featured articles, latest comments, Popular this month and all-Time Most popular articles. They also have a points system that increases your payout the more you contribute to the community and website.

Revenue split

Revenue split
Revenue split

Start by writing articles

Write quality articles on seekyt
Write quality articles on seekyt | Source

Get started on SeekyT

Getting started involves signing up with the website following the link in your email and publishing your first articles. The administrator must approve your first three articles before you are allowed to automatically publish subsequent ones.

The reason behind this is to make sure you follow the rules, quality of your articles and so you get used to the features and templates. The template is very easy to use and you can upload images easily which can be limited to one or a few depending on the writer.

The website requires that articles submitted should be at least 400 words or should have 2000 characters which are easily attained by a seasoned writer. For better results on search engine it would be better to write at least 600 to 700 word counts and back link relevant articles to your major websites.

Social media interface

Seekyt has a good social media interface through which you can promote your articles like facebook, Google+, Stumbleupon, twitter and Pinterest. The administrator pins every new article to his Pinterest and twitter pages for better exposure of your articles.

To get excellent results on Seekyt you need to aggressively promote your articles through blog posts, forums, social media and other legitimate ways.

How to write An Article

Social media

Social media is vital when promoting web pages
Social media is vital when promoting web pages | Source

Seekyt uses advertizement networks

How does Seekyt make money?

Article writers make money through advertisements, referrals and product sales like Google Adsense, Amazon products, Viglink and Chitika. To use Adsense on Seekyt you need to add your Adsense ID to a section in your profile page.

The good news about Seekyt is that if you don’t have an Adsense ID you can use Chitika advertisement, to do this you sign up through the website. To check your earning you would have to log into your Adsense account or Chitika account. You can interchange which advertisement format you need but cannot use the two one the same web page.

Viglink on its part is a super gateway to about 30,000 merchants that you can sell their products on your web page.

Revenue split

Revenue split
1 month
10 articles
3 months
6 months
1 year
3 referrals

Profile page

On your profile page you have write an article, manage account which is the Viglink, Chitika settings while Adsense\setting is changed in your settings. You can also participate in forum make and view comments following/followers, saved articles and inbox/outbox messages.

The Seekyt points system

Seekyt has gadgets that track your participation on the website and allocates points to the writer, for each article written you earn 100 points. 50 points for comments and 5 points for likes all tracked within a month’s period. The more articles like and comments the more points you accumulate, being an active member can equate to more money earned.

There used to be a 70/30 ratio in favor of contributors but the new system starts at 50/50 the increases up wards according to the number of articles, comments, forums and like. A contributor can increase the ratio to 90/10 with time.


Seekyt is a small article directory with lots of potential, if you are good at back linking and promoting your articles you will earn substantial money on Seekyt. The website is easy to use without that many restrictions and rates nicely in search engines.

Like most article directories you stand to gain as much effort as you put into the site, so if you are searching for other places to publish articles then Seekyt might be the place.

Favorite article directory

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    • BarbRad profile image

      Barbara Radisavljevic 2 years ago from Templeton, CA

      I've just started publishing on Seekyt. Publishing is easy, but figuring out if you are earning isn't. I'm still not seeing my Seekyt URL channels I added on my Adsense pages, even though I know I'm set up right on Seekyt and tried to add the URLs on Adsense. Viglink is also hard to set up, since I'm still not sure how to make the links. Need to spend more time at Viglink to figure this out.

    • profile image

      RajaSiwale 2 years ago

      I am also on Seekyt and about to publish my second article. I think it is a good earning platform but I haven't written there much.

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