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Make The Journey

Updated on April 29, 2013

You had your make-up on
Then I made you cry
And you showed me who you were
You tried to fool me with beauty
But it wasn’t until the mask came off that I saw you
For the first time
And it is exactly what I want
I want you
I want everything about you
Don’t give me something else
Turn the light on my love
I love everything about you
The real you
Don’t pretend you are not afraid
Show me what you are afraid of
Don’t be afraid of what I might see
For what is hidden
Is where the truth lives
And where truth lives
Is where love begins

Do you want to make the journey?
It’s really your choice
Isn’t it?
You don’t have to laugh
Or let me reach you
Unless you are ready
You’re not the only one I know
I’ve said things that fell flat
And years later I realized it was them and not me
They weren’t ready for me
And maybe they never will be
But you have to be ready
Because if it happens
And you are stuck in justifying yourself
Then you will always be alone
Even when he is sitting next to you
There is a song you hear
If only for a moment
But because you didn’t recognize it
You decided not to drive that way again
And yet how many things do you understand?
How long does it take to understand?
A moment?
Or longer?
And if you won’t give it a chance
Then maybe who you are will never emerge
And you will search for only the things you know
Instead of the things that are ready for you


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