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SEO Tips for Making Money Writing Articles Online

Updated on May 7, 2018
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L.M. Reid is an Irish writer who has published many articles in magazines and online.

Get Paid To Write Articles Online

If you learn and improve your Search Engine Optimization then you have found the secret to getting your articles, websites and blogs read by more people.

You can then make money writing online from Google Adsense Ads

It takes time and a lot of hard work to know how to get organic traffic to your websites and blogs.

Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization | Source

The more traffic and readers you get then the more money you will make writing online.

Once you are a good writer you really only need to learn how to optimize your chances of getting to the Google first page.and other search engines

How often do you go beyond the first page of a search engine when looking for information on blogs and websites. I very rarely do.

Rules and Tips of Google and SEO

With the internet writers have now been given the chance to showcase their writing to millions of people all over the world.

If the writer is prepared to learn and follow a few basic internet rules then it is possible for them to join the growing number of writers who earn money writing articles online.

Create SEO Friendly Titles

How to Get Ranked Higher in the Search Engines

The top three websites on Google’s first page are the most clicked on and read so this is where you want your article to be.

How to Improve the Ranking of your Articles on Google Search Engine

  • The first paragraph in your article is important to get right
  • Whatever your keywords are they should be in your url and title.
  • These same keywords, but not exactly in the same sentence should also be in your first paragraph.

The first fifty words of this paragraph are all that Google and other search engines will see when evaluating your words for SEO.

Keyword Search Tool

Write with Search Engine Optimization SEO in mind

It can be hard sometimes to include all the keywords without your article looking like it is repeating itself.

With practice this can be achieved.

Pick two or three main keywords and use your keyword tool to see how good they are. This will be in the form of Monthly Global Searches and how much is paid.

Sometimes it is better to use a Keyword Phrase that has less searches. This is because that also means less competition.

Let's say you want to write an article about making money writing online

Go to your Keyword Tool and Type in Writing Online

Writing Online - 704 monthly searches - CPC - $4.65

Writing Jobs Online - 1560 monthly searches - CPC - $1.37

Online Writing Jobs - 4320 monthly searches - CPC - $1.35

Online Writing Classes - 560 monthly searches - CPC - $12.18

Writing Classes Online - 468 monthly searches - CPC - $17.52

So now you can see what keywords to use. Do you go for the most searched keywords with more competition and less CPC or the less searches but higher CPC.

It is up to you but because you did your research before you wrote your article you now have a much better chance of getting higher onto the search engines and read more.

How To Use Keywords in Your Articles

Then to let Google know what keywords you are targeting always give them a boost and make them stand out.

This is achieved by putting the Main Keyword or Phrase in a sentence in your Title and in your URL. This is a must if you are to improve Search Engine Optimization for your article.

The first paragraph of your article is next. Put the same keywords in the Heading of the first paragraph. In the next 50 words put in the lesser keywords too. But this must be done in a clever way. You should not copy the exact phrase. Write it within your sentences so that it naturally flows. You do not want to alienate your reader or Google for that matter

Google changes the rules all the time so you have to be aware that some SEO Tips can be out of date.

Putting your keyword phrase in the heading of the very last paragraph was also always a must. Some SEO experts now say this is not necessary. But I would recommend you do it anyway.

Writing the Best Article

If you satisfy the reader that your article is interesting, easy and clear to read then you have captured your audience.

So that they can see if this article is indeed what they want to read you must pique their interest immediately. They arrived at your article because they did a search for that particular subject. It is your job to keep them there.

If this is a How to article like How to change a plug, How to write the perfect CV etc then explain in the first paragraph exactly how you are going to do this.

Writing style is also extremely important.

The typical reader who searches for information on a particular subject is not an expert in this field.

Satisfy both the reader and Google and you optimize your chances of earning money from writing articles online

A Successful Career as an Online Writer

It will take a few years of online presence before you can earn enough money writing articles and blogging. And there are shortcuts along the way you can take advantage of. I read a lot of books and articles when I first started to explore how everything worked.

Writing Style is Important

Who are your targeted readers?

Each subject you write about requires a different style of approach.

How to Articles

Visitors to your site want to able to read the information in your article without having to go to a dictionary to look up the terms you use.

Clear, precise and non technical language is what they want to read if it is a How To article.

History and Political

Articles on history and politics can die a death very quickly unless you make it touch a nerve with the reader.

Make them curious, sympathetic or outraged about the subject, it does not matter as long as you stir their emotions


Health and living style articles need the facts to be correct, informative and easy to understand.

If the reader is looking up articles about cancer, different types of mental illness, healthy living, diets etc then they do not want to read the facts as they are written in a medical dictionary.

The facts are extremely important with this type of article but you need to make the reader feel they are talking to a knowledgeable friend and not their doctor.

Always where possible include links for support groups on the subject. There a numerous websites both Government and community for these health issues.

Writing for a Global Market

And remember that you are writing for the world market when you write online so include the websites of as many of the major countries as possible.

The reader will know they have landed on the correct article and therefore stay with you.

Increase your Ranking on the Search Engines

The last paragraph in your article is also important to get right

There are rules for the last paragraph in your article that should be followed too in order to increase your chances of a high ranking on the search engines.

This last paragraph should include all the keywords you have used in your first paragraph.

Any good information article will have a summary of the points that were discussed in the body of the article. So you will be able to use the keywords there.

Make it read as natural as possible in this summing up paragraph.

Search Engine Optimization SEO

Once you know the rules of SEO and follow them you will optimize your chances of readers finding your articles.

The more readers you have gives you a better chance that they will click on the Google Adsense Ads on your web page.

One of the best ways of making money online is by writing articles that get to the first page of the search engines

Improve Your Search Engine Optimization

Then by making your articles, short stories, poetry and blog posts interesting and informative you will keep the reader with you. They will know they have landed on the correct article and therefore stay with you.

More readers who see your articles means you have a better chance of more clicks on your Google Adsense ads.

It is when they decide to click on the adverts on your page from Google adverts that you earn money writing online.


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    • viking305 profile imageAUTHOR

      L M Reid 

      3 years ago from Ireland

      Learning how SEO works is the key to getting your articles read online. Thank you Butch for taking the time to leave a comment

    • Butch Tool profile image

      Butch Tool 

      3 years ago from Southern California

      Excellent information. Just the sort of thing I was looking to learn. Those are some great related videos too.

    • viking305 profile imageAUTHOR

      L M Reid 

      3 years ago from Ireland

      SEO is very important to learn about to get your articles on the first page of the search engines.

      Thank you Nick for taking the time to leave such kind comments

    • Nick DeGeorge profile image


      3 years ago from Gilbert Arizona

      Thank you, finally an extremely helpful article and not some rewrite from Wikipedia .

    • viking305 profile imageAUTHOR

      L M Reid 

      3 years ago from Ireland

      Yes getting the keywords right for your article can get your writing out there to many more readers.

      Abideareacode, there is no quick way to find good paying and popular keywords. A lot of research should be done on the Google Keyword Tool before you publish your articles.

      CaseyMel thank you for taking the time to leave a comment and I am glad that you were able to take some new ideas from the article

    • abidareacode profile image


      3 years ago from Areacode , Kerala, India

      Read the article. Regarding keywords I have doubts. It is that we created. But sometimes there will be popular keywords. Can we know about it from somewhere? That is today's keyword etc...

    • caseymel profile image


      4 years ago from Indiana

      Great SEO tips. I learned a few things from you! (-:

    • viking305 profile imageAUTHOR

      L M Reid 

      5 years ago from Ireland

      Writing online articles is different than writing for magazines but once you know the rules of SEO then it gets easier. Thank you ajayshah2005 for taking the time to leave a comment and the votes and shares.

      Boulism welcome to HubPages. I always find it best to leave the article for 24 hours once I have completed it. Then when I go back to revise and edit it I have more energy and enthusium to get that last paragraph correct.

    • Boulism profile image


      5 years ago from Short Beach, CT

      An excellent article, thanks for the tips. I am new to hubpages, but feel like I am getting the hang of it. I usually run out of steam and short change my last paragraph, I guess I have to revise my writing! Thanks again!

    • ajayshah2005 profile image


      5 years ago from Mid Asia

      Very very good hub. Great tips on SEO.Helpful too. Voted up and shared.

    • viking305 profile imageAUTHOR

      L M Reid 

      6 years ago from Ireland

      Hello doubletfan, yes I have studied SEO tactics online and having your keywords in the very last paragraph is one of the things that comes up frequently. I know with the new changes from Google, the Panda last year and the recent Penguin change that their rules are changing all the time.

      I still write my keywords as I have outlined above and I continue to do well in the search engines and earn money writing online.

    • doubletfan profile image


      6 years ago from Dallas, TX

      Interesting. I haven't heard of any evidence that Google gives keywords in the last paragraph any special significance. Do you have a source for that information? Or is it something you've just found to be true in your own experience?

    • viking305 profile imageAUTHOR

      L M Reid 

      6 years ago from Ireland

      Thank you everyone for reading and taking the time to leave a comment and share. It is appreciated.

      When I first started writing online I had never heard of the term Search Engine Optimization. It took a while to learn and I did make a few mistakes on the way.

      This article is a combination of all I have learned about SEO and now put into practice.

    • wheelinallover profile image

      Dennis Thorgesen 

      6 years ago from Beatrice, Nebraska U.S.

      Useful information. The very basics and nothing more. Voting up, useful and SHARING with my twitter followers.

    • BlissfulWriter profile image


      6 years ago

      Great videos. I like the the tip on adding "Google Custom Search". I should do that.

    • sgbrown profile image

      Sheila Brown 

      6 years ago from Southern Oklahoma

      Exellent hub, very informative. I have been trying to put all this information to use, but not sure how I'm doing. I guess it is a little early to tell. I voted this up, useful and following you back. You have a lot of good information here, I will definitely be reading more of your hubs. :)

    • erniesliter profile image


      6 years ago

      This is an interesting Hub, and some of the information here is definitively useful.

    • dinkan53 profile image


      6 years ago from India

      Your hub is the first one that I spent so much time. read every thing and watch all the videos except the last one, highly informative and useful one. thanks , rated it ^^^ and useful.

    • truebluewriter profile image

      Malds Menzon 

      6 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      Very informative. Thanks for the article. It gets the information out there without becoming too technical. I'll definitely be trying some these.

    • viking305 profile imageAUTHOR

      L M Reid 

      7 years ago from Ireland

      Thank you everyone for reading voting and your comments, much appreciated.

      Writing online can become profitable if we know how to follow the rules of SEO. Writing Blogs can be fun and if the writer becomes a Google AdSense affiliate then they can make money from their blog posts too.

      So it is all good! Getting paid for doing something we love is a great bonus.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Very very helpful, thank you. Voted up and useful!

    • profile image

      Aka Professor M 

      7 years ago

      @Viking305: Thank you for an insightful and very helpful hub for all those who are fond of writing and in need of a wee bit of residual income for their efforts, L.M.Reid.

      I will be sure to pass this on to some of my followers as well, Sir! Voted up and Useful!

      Regards Mike (Aka Professor M!) ;D

    • Wendy Krick profile image

      Wendy Krick 

      7 years ago from Maryland

      Awesome SEO tips. Thank you!

    • lisabeaman profile image


      7 years ago from Phoenix, AZ

      Very helpful. I hadn't thought about the importance of the last paragraph! I need to go back now and see where I can make some tweaks. I also didn't know that about bold and italics for keywords. Thanks!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Really interesting and informative. I'll be making notes from this one! Thanks

    • Smart Rookie profile image

      Smart Rookie 

      7 years ago

      Great tips on SEO writing! Lots of good resources here.

    • Jane@CM profile image


      7 years ago

      Great tips and a super hub.

    • LeanMan profile image


      7 years ago from At the Gemba

      I hope that one day someone will hand me that wedge of cash in your picture above for my online writing.

    • ross670daw profile image


      7 years ago

      Hey thanks, some very good tips and advice. I sometimes forget the all important basics, tend to rush in and forget about why I'm writing, and how I should be writing, and who I'm writing for. Cheers.


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