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Making Dreams Reality

Updated on November 11, 2011

Practice practice practice

Where do we begin you might wonder

Don't worry we have already started and there is no turning back

I am really excited and we have just begun

Lets just take a moment and be thankful for what we have and ask for our blessing on what we may do

I believe we have so many gifts that stay hidden

Until we notice them with a watchful eye

I feel the sencere honesty that we have combined with the ingenuity to see it through

What has happened in the past has put us on this glorious path

So no use in complaining about spilled milk

Wipe it up and move on

We are filled with many fears and desires

The more knowledge we learn the less fear we feel

This is only one way of many to accomplish your goals

I feel it neccesary to tell you what works for me and together we can give it a try and see if it works for you

I am a firm believer if it makes you happy and you are moving closer to your goals

Then continue to do it

If a problem arises try to solve it

There is nothing in this world that gives me a reason to put someone else out

I would never want to inconvience them for my own personal gain

I am a strong believer of doing what is right all the time

Keeping aa open mind as we proceed forward

Learnig as we go

Miracles are all around us we just have to reaquaint us with our heroes past

I do believe there is a feeling that is rich as the darkest soil

When the intention seeds are planted

With care and proper guidiance

Do not be at all surprised

When the proper time has passed

Flowers wiill blossom later in the spring

It is up to us to see those flowers multiply and grow

As far as we want to go


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    • DREAM ON profile imageAUTHOR

      DREAM ON 

      7 years ago

      Dim Flaxenwick Don't put it on straight the I found out the world is crooked.Whew I hope I told you in a nick of time.I am creative because I think I swollowed some creative juice when I thought it was apple juice.Another mistake turned out for the best.Have a super day.

    • Dim Flaxenwick profile image

      Dim Flaxenwick 

      7 years ago from Great Britain

      You are amazing. Simply the best at putting my head straight, so many times, when it´s been screwed on a bit wobbly.

      Your mind is full of so much wonderful creativeness,

      it´no wonder you have to write every day to avoid óverload´and the risk of some of your wonderful ideas spilling out, tumbling onto the floor.

    • DREAM ON profile imageAUTHOR

      DREAM ON 

      7 years ago

      Keith Matyi I am all ears.At least that is what friends have reminded me all my life.A family trait I can't seem to shake.I am happy you enjoyed my writings.I make mistakes but I will go back and recorrect my errors many times.If I still followed my old ways I would never of published one story because everything I wrote had to be perfect.One of my many faults.Then one day it hit me.Like a falling rock on my head.More like an avalache I didn't see coming.Life is not perfect.We try our best and we do and will make many mistakes in our lifetimes.If someone can read my story and say oops they messed up here or have to fix this here.I hope they can write one better where all the t's are crossed and the i's are dotted.I will always marvel at someone with that great skill.I am a hacker and a hacker at will.I hope other people read my story and say I can write something and it is o.k. to make a few mistakes along the way.As long as I did try my best and the rest will work itself out in the end.Some how,some way, some day, we can both joke as we watch and wait.Thank you from a place in my heart where I seldom go.Mary615 You are as beautiful as a kiss on my cheek.I am all smiles.heart4theword You have to be a professor with an answer like that.Wow I need all your thoughts in my head.I keep trying but I go out of bounds and think everything can be attainable and set unrealistic goals.Then I come crashing down like the ocean waves on the beach.Thanx everyone for your wonderful helpfulness and spirit.You have caught me at a weak moment and I am energized again.

    • heart4theword profile image


      7 years ago from hub

      Yes, we can move forward in achieving...whatever are mind and heart sets out to do:) We just have to hang in there, not to loose faith...and persist onward to our dreams and goals. Setting attainable goals, can help fuel us to the one's just outside our comfort zone:)

    • mary615 profile image

      Mary Hyatt 

      7 years ago from Florida

      You are SO right: it's up to us. Only we control our destiny and make life worth living, I think. This is beautiful. Simple, but profound!

    • Keith Matyi profile image

      Keith Matyi 

      7 years ago from Denton, TX

      Great prose! I would love to read more!


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