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Making Money at Hirewriters

Updated on March 15, 2021
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Writer, blogger, greenskeeper, musician, golfer, history buff, truth seeker and lover, Christian married man from Oregon.

Hirewriters is a place where you can get paid to write content articles for clients. Hirewriters like Textbroker act as brokers between the clients and the writers. All the writers need to do is pick the articles jobs they want to write, write them, and get paid.

I currently write for three different content writing sites: Textbroker, Hirewriters, and Article Document. Textbroker and Hirewriters I've had the most experience with and have been paid by. I've only written one article for Article Document, so I can't say much about it. Textbroker and Hirewriters are similar, yet they do have some key differences. This article will be a review on Hirewriters, but I will compare it to Textbroker at times.

I found Hirewriters 8 months ago and have thus written 50 articles for them; only one of them was rejected. I've made a total of $175 for this effort. All in all, this is going to be a positive review of this site.


Hirewriters in the Content World

Now I want to generally share here that I know content writing is a wide and varied subject online. There are many different sites and ways to go about writing articles for people who need content. The pay and the method of going about doing this can vary drastically. I'm not an expert at the content writing scene online, so this review is geared towards people like me who just want somewhere to start and make a little money.

Hirewriters is unique because it's very easy to get started there. You don't even have to apply to start writing there. The only catch is you will have to write as a beginner at first no matter how good of a writer you are, and the pay for the beginner is around half a penny per word or less.

Content Mill


What Do They Pay?

This is how Hirewriters works, they have four levels of articles you can write. They have beginner, general, skilled, and expert articles. Each of these levels pays differently. As you start getting articles accepted you will move up in your status as a writer with these levels, and the jobs in these levels will be open for you to write. This is the basic standard with all content broker sites. Textbroker does a star system.

The articles on Hirewriters are flexible when it comes to word count. There are five categories of word counts that will be available, the first is 150+, the second is 300+, the third is 500+, the fourth is 700+, and the fifth is 1000+. So, for instance, if there is a beginner article that is 150+, then the client may ask you to write an article with at least 250 words. Usually, they want you to write an article that is at the higher end of the +.

Let me give you just an example of the pay you'll find at Hirewriters.

Beginner article 500+ $3.08.

General Article 500+ $5.00.

Skilled Article 700+ $8.08.

Expert Article 500+ $15

There usually aren't many if any expert articles to choose from; the skilled articles are where the most work is available for experienced copywriters. The amounts vary for each unique article depending on the client (and they can and do give tips), but these prices are generally what you'll see. It's hard to say what the per word amount is as the format with Hirewriters is more flexible.


How Hirewriters Works

Another thing I want to explain is how you move up the levels and become an expert writer. This is explained on their site clearly in the FAQ section.

Beginner: everyone starts out here.

General: Complete 3 jobs with an average rating of 4.0 stars (five-star rating system), on-time 65% of the time

Skilled: Complete 7 jobs with an average of 4.1 stars, on-time 75% of the time.

Expert: Complete 12 jobs with an average of 4.6 stars, on-time 85% of the time.

When you pick the article you want to write you get to see which client is offering it and how many accepts and rejections they have. If you avoid clients with high rejection rates then you'll have a good chance of getting nearly everything accepted if it's written decently and according to the instructions. I only had one article rejected and this was because the client was shady and ripped me off. She may have even used the article without paying for it.

Most jobs are in the beginner section, but there are usually a good number of articles to write in the general and skilled sections too. Usually, I can find something to write here more easily than I can on Textbrokers as a 3-star writer.

Hirewriters pays every Friday through PayPal if you have earned $10 or more. It's that simple, when you have earned $10 by Friday you will get paid every time. Only once was my payment late and Hirewriters was very good to tell us they were having a glitch in the system. The administration at Hirewriters have always been responsive and kind in my experience.

When you accept a job you will have anywhere from 12 hours to two days to write it. Each job gives you the specific details needed. When you turn it in, clients have up to 72 hours to reject it, otherwise, it will automatically be accepted and the money goes straight to your Hirewriters $ tab. From my experience, clients pay within a day, but I've had a couple that were accepted after 72 hours.

The clients then rate you and have the option of leaving a comment. These ratings and comments are saved in a section for you to look at. Also, clients can leave you a tip as well. If a client likes you, they can favorite you and then can request you later on. From what I've seen, they put in an order then alert their favorite authors and whoever gets to it first can write it.

Are You Going to Try Hirewriters?

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Overview Conclusion

Although the pay at Hirewriters is usually slightly less than a penny a word, I like it better than Textbroker. The whole process is easier for me and I've found the clients are more flexible and easy to please. I like that the word count is usually flexible as long as you write the min. amount. With Textbroker it will say 500 words and I usually try to make it exactly 500, which can be a pain.

I've found there are more jobs available at Hirewriters than Textbroker, as I'm only a 3-star writer at Textbroker. I find it difficult to get to a four-star rating at Textbroker, which is where most of the jobs are at.

After I was writing for Hirewriters for a while I noticed I was getting more tips and compliments from clients. These tips made a difference from making under a penny per word to making over a penny per word. I write there mostly seasonally because of my day job in the nice seasons, but I get the impression the more I write for them the more tips I would start to receive.

Overall Hirewriters is a good egg to put in your basket. I've had no problems getting paid from them and there is always something there to write if you are willing to write a beginning-level article. Most of the time though there are general and skilled articles to choose from too. I would recommend checking this site out. In the future, I want to add a couple more options to my content writing choices, but I'm glad I have this site in my content writing basket.

The Hirewriters site link is in the link section at the end of this article, also there is my Textbroker review for you to check out.

© 2014 Robbie Newport


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