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Making Money with Content through Revenue Sharing Sites-Which Ones Are the Best?

Updated on April 16, 2012

Deciding on the Best Sites

I have been doing some research over the last couple days trying to find a way to make money consistently writing and posting things every day for only me and not any other clients. I would really like to forget everyone else and only build up my own name and income. I am getting tired of the service industry, trading too much of my time for one time income and not much else.

One of the main concentrations for me is building up a residual income stream. This is when I post articles that I have written to sites that pay per view or a 50-80% of the ad share revenue. I have checked into and even tried several sites. While some I am keeping in the back of my mind for later use, I have decided that I will concentrate my efforts on three main sites. I thought I would share these choices with you and the reasons why they would be good for you if you are just starting out and would like to make money yourself this way.



I signed up for this site 2 years ago in order to try it out and write a report on the benefits of it. After the report was done, I left the site because it was not really doing much and I had other things to do. After recent research I have decided to go back and get into it some more.

Here is a quick update of my recent findings. I have learned more about keyword placement and bookmarking over the last 2 years so in the last month I have added 4 new hubs for a total of 11 hubs(not enough really for much of anything). Anyways, due to my new strategies, I have noticed that those articles are climbing the ranks at a much faster rate than my other ones did. I have not really done extra research to find out if the things I am writing about are being searched for because I have decided the only way I will enjoy doing this is by sticking to my own interests. I do know some of my interests are popular so I will do more of those topics.

Anyways, I like Hubpages because you can earn by 4 different methods. You can earn by adsense revenue, a share of Konetra ads, by clicks and purchases from ebay and Amazon. So, it is worth it to keep this up. I have not seen any income yet and don't expect to until I have posted more. The way I hear it is that most people do not start seeing any real money until they have been at it consistently for 6-10 months.

This site took a little more for me to get interested in simply because I kept hearing so many mixed reviews.  I decided to try it out and to my surprise it is not bad at all. I have only posted 7 poems and one photo and have already received .02 for my efforts, something which on Bukisa and wikinut which are 2 other places I've been posting took me like 5 weeks to do and many more articles posted. Now I am not saying that will keep up, but if it does, that would be awesome. I have 33 poems in total to add here, I have numerous photos I could add, and if it continues to build, I have plenty of plr articles on topics I like I could re-write to throw on here.

So here is why I like this site. You can be paid in 2 ways. Once you have published 5 articles, you can add you own adsense ID to earn 50% off of ads on your content. You also get paid per view. You only need .50 in order to get paid to your Paypal account and that should not take long at all.You can also add articles, videos, and photos and get paid for them.

Ahh, what can I say about Bukisa? I love it. You get paid $3.66 for every 1000 unique views. I have not made that much money on it yet but it adds up slowly every day penny by penny. I have 67 articles on here now in a little over 6 weeks since you can post articles already posted on other sites. So, I have been posting on Hubpages, Wikinut, and Triond and then once they are published there and I have done my social bookmarking steps for traffic, I then take the article and put it here. Payout is through Paypal when you hit $10.

The only thing so far I do not like about this site is that it is hard to add a photo to the articles. It is really easy on the other sites. I love the comments I recieve on this site and my friends and followers  are quickly adding up. I can see this site being a nice money maker for me by this time next year if I keep going the way I have been posting with an article or 2 a day.

I was debating adding this site but I feel I have to. I do really like it. It is from the U.K. and records your earnings in euros which took a bit to learn to convert but now it is ok. I have 18 articles on there so far but over the last week, every time I have tried to post, they are having site issues it seems. So, I have decided to give it a rest for awhile and let my articles make some money.

I love the community here. Everyone is friendly and they take the time to really read your stuff and comment.  I have had 2225 views in 7 weeks for my 18 articles but have only made like .25, so that is not very good I don't think. You cash out at $10 or 5 pounds. I have made one referral there and I get 10% of whatever they make so if you get a few referrals that post a lot, that could become some good income too for no extra effort of your own.

I am just going to continue on with my strategies that I have picked up along the way by reading what has been working for others.  I will stick with these sites and in a years time, I will see where I am at and try some new ones or just keep on doing what I am now to build it up to where I am getting $1000-$3000 a month in residual income. That is the plan. I do not know if that is possible, but it surely is a good challenge, don't you agree?


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    • profile image

      Jacqui Julyan 6 years ago

      Thankyou for that! It is true it can be overwhelming I'm aiming to make a small step each day wise advice! :)

    • ebookshack profile image

      Melanie Bremner 6 years ago from Canada

      Just take your time and work at a slow pace Jacqui or you may find yourself overwhelmed. The worst thing new people can do in any online venture is try to take in too much and do too much. Stay positive and just make it a goal to do one task at a time, it will all come together as you move forward. Good luck to you!

    • profile image

      Jacqui Julyan 6 years ago

      Thank you for sharing this, I'm new here and really want to learn but I'm having to learn to be patient. I've put a bookmark down for those sites you recommended. Good Luck!

    • WestOcean profile image

      WestOcean 7 years ago from Great Britain

      An interesting hub on some sites I hadn't heard of. Great hub.