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Malcolm X: Feared and Revered

Updated on April 25, 2017
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Samuel Malik Canty: the Word Bird. I am the author of Four Poetry Books, I understand my Purpose, and my words are my proof...


Malcolm X

They can’t erase the memories of Malcolm X: He was too strong, too powerful, too Black… For anyone who openly or secretly hated Black people… Anyone who plotted and enslaved the minds of Black people, and anyone who refused to understand that they were dealing with a Real Black Man.

Malcolm X, Feared and Revered…

Malcolm X, Black and Proud…

Malcolm X shook America to its core with his Manhood and Love for the restoration and glory of Black people.

He warned America that we as a people would one day awaken, one day grasp the truth and come home to our African Roots…

Malcolm made you face yourself in the mirrors of your own eyes…

He introduced many of us to the words Black Pride.

Malcolm was Pure Unadulturated Fire… When he spoke, people in High and Low places paid attention.

He was a Nightmare to the Racist minds that were stuck in time when Black people knew their place.

He was articulate, he exhibited knowledge that came before college and they hated him and we loved him…

Loved his courage, loved his heart, and loved the fact that he would not back down, would not compromise.

Our children must be taught about this Warrior and We as Black people must not let others defile his legacy with their fears from his words…

He still scares some folks even from his grave …His words cut, slice, and put a chokehold on historical lies that many wanted to keep buried.

He knew Elijah the Prophet; He knew the Dictionary from the front to the back…

He knew the Bible and exposed those who would use the Words of God as an Accomplice in their quest for Worldwide Dominance.

Teach the children about Malcolm X, introduce them to a true hero who fought racism in the trenches and wouldn’t back down…

Teach the children He didn't preach hate, he taught us that we also had a God-given right to exist and live as other races live.

Find his words, learn from them and you will heal from them; Malcolm X knew how to keep the devil's hands off of you.

When you take time to Honor this Spiritual Warrior, this man who rose from street depths to God’s Steps…

Not everyone will be smiling, not everyone will want to join you because he represented Black Pride, Black Self-Determination and not everybody in this Nation is ready for that.

Wake up! Stay Up! Do it like he said “ BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.”

Malik Canty

© Word Bird

© 2013 Malik S Canty


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