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Malignant to Resplendent

Updated on February 17, 2017

The cancerous habits, those that cause hatred and the most profane,

Insidious in their terrible natures, warrant repulsiveness, of a disdain.

Common so very often in this harsher world today, seems dominant,

But for the fighting spirit, a bravado, held in respect, to be prominent.

The awakening psyche, the strongest of mind and so loving of heart,

Now take hold, remove the smut, the awful ones, of the world, a part.

Bring on all of the enlightenment, revealing an evil intent, then purge,

Preparing a brighter tomorrow, in the end, destroying every scourge.

Now comes the best in all life, with those, the brightest hopes to fulfil,

A rumbling of the heavens as the worst so goes away, all love to instil.

A clearing of the skies, revealing a resplendent paradise, for all to see,

A parting of darkest clouds, angelic figures to display, then clarity to be.

Malignant realms each disappear, a most brilliant of one, all so to replace,

Now shines and grows before our eyes, a reincarnation of precious space.

Most marvellous, this cleansing, now for every child, is a wholesome place,

As sure as a Sun and Moon are in the heavens, better lives all to embrace.


all rights reserved and under copyright laws, 2017



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