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Mall Horror Story Be Careful Who You Talk To

Updated on November 30, 2010


Erica was a sixteen year old teenage girl who lived the normal life of a teenager. She was very much into guys, still a virgin she loved to shop and hang out with friends and had just made captain of the dale cheerleading squad. Erica was an attractive girl, very outspoken, very stylish, everyone loved her. Her parents kind of let her get away with things like if she forgot to do chores, they were proud of her and felt that she would accomplish great things in her life. Erica’s friends envied her, she had a large group of followers but she knew the difference between the people she could trust and those who were there just to get attention. She had a best friend name Amber and every Saturday she and Amber would hit the mall for the latest in fashions and flirt with a couple of boys whom they knew they weren’t really interested in, it was all fun and games.


This particular Saturday she and Amber decided to hit the mall before five because she had to be home at exactly seven pm which was earlier than the norm. The first store that they went into upon arrival was an unknown called Xscape that she had heard many of the girls in school raving about. It was a happening store, the music was just right for the teen shoppers, the fashions were unbelievable and the guys that worked the cash registers were hot. They were in the store for a while trying on clothes and conversating with staff and other shoppers. Erica noticed that the hot guy at the register had been staring at her since arrival but didn’t take much into it because he was so good looking. Amber suggested Erica buy something so she could go over and make conversation so Erica grabbed this dress she had previously tried on and took it to the register.


At the register the hot guy rung up the dress and made small talk with Erica while Amber was still checking out more clothes not too far away. The checkout guy must have said something to make Erica feel really uncomfortable because she grabbed her bag and ran out of the store. Amber noticed Erica’s reaction and rushed out the store after her to find out what had happened but when she asked Erica what did happen, Erica smiled and said it was nothing that she’d just gotten a little shy and felt embarrassed. Amber tried to talk Erica into going back in the store but Erica didn’t want to and they continued their shopping.

Around the fifth store they visited Erica noticed that the guy from the store had been following them, she didn’t say anything to Amber but suggested that they leave the mall. Amber was okay with leaving but had to stop by the bathroom first. Erica sat on a bench and waited for Amber to come out of the bathroom. Amber came out and they left the mall but when they got to the parking lot the guy was there again. Erica told Amber that the guy was really starting to creep her out but Amber shrugged it off saying he’s just trying to talk to you and get your attention. Amber went over to the guy’s car even though Erica pleaded with her not to. When Amber reached the car a van pulled in front of Erica’s view so Erica could not see what was going on with Amber and the guy. The van parked but even though Erica could see the spot that the guy had been parked in she couldn’t see Amber or the guy anymore, they had left. Erica figured that she had gotten dumped again by Amber and was used to this happening so she thought nothing of it and got in her car headed home. That was the last time Erica heard from Amber before her body turned up about ten miles from their town. Erica told the police what had occurred and they checked out the store and the employees, what was strange was that none of the employees or bosses could remember the guy whom Erica described. Everyone at Xscape had never seen this guy or heard of him and there were no records of him. Amber seemed to have been kidnapped and killed by a ghost.


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      8 years ago

      Im the one who killed amber :[


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