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Mamushi Book of Life: 2. Eating to Live Well

Updated on May 29, 2011

Eating well to live well

How you eat, where you eat, and what you eat are three factors that influence the quality of your life and the longevity you can expect to enjoy, as you go. For example, consider the Garden Brunch Cafe, an up scaled restaurant in a historical district of Nashville, Tennessee whose prices are still within the reach of everyday, working people. The Garden Brunch Cafe has created an atmosphere where people can come to eat high quality organic foods, while enjoying a glass of wine, or a beer, or a Southern iced tea or lemonade, or whatever else may suite your taste. They prepare the foods very well, while creating an experience that enhances one's sense of well being and health. Eating well and living well is designed into The Garden Brunch Cafe's eating experience in such a way that value of the overall experience is greater than "the dollar value" that one pays for the products and services.

Another example of a situation where one eats well to live well is the Mamushi Nature Farm's "Kamayan Community Meals" experience. The Kamayan Community Meals are special meals that are hosted at the farm or at other locations equivalent to the environment of Mamushi Nature Farm. These special meals are enjoyed in a spiritual community setting where physical, mental, and spiritual healing takes place because of the joy and peacefulness of the community experience. The food and drink is important, equally important is the community fellowship and communion that takes place in a natural, spiritual setting. The sharing of thoughts, time, food and drink heals absolutely and unexpected ways.

One again, there may be those of you who want more information on how all of this works. And, as always, I am willing to write more on the subject.


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