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Man Eaters Will Plan... Pt.2

Updated on June 18, 2013

Inspired by:

Man eaters will plan to sneak up....
on man,
but these days the truth is
that really how can
a species
that we might just lose
want to try and kill us for their food?

When all we've done is executed
a cat that is ginger and black
because we're cruel.

We like to think that them lot would of knew,
but the truth is
that we're just human fools.

Taking it, instead of giving it back.
A habitat we destroyed - of one great big cat.

And one that we might not always have,
but if you ask me well that's too bad.

Not just cos of it's color,
or the love shared between myself
and attenborough.
but more because of -
what we discovered -
Ain't just India for us-
because without them
this country is nothing.

So for the big cat at the front.

Lets do what we can to stop poachers,
and seperating pockets of land
to let the great majestic tiger ride again!..

My Idea & Inspiration.

I decided to write this poem, initially to draw more new readers towards my original poem (Man Eaters Pt.1). Actually though my motivaotin was a documentary on BBC4 -
It's name I can't quite remember, but anyway - after watching it I was shocked to learn that in our own modern age the animal I talk about now is in grave danger. A danger that due to the populus of India is at a greater risk than ever before. Around 3500 left in the wild, a number that due to people in India - killing them for killing their cattle, and their terrortories only getting smaller will only decrease. A crazy thought if you ever read the book which inspired my last poem "maneaters of the kumoan". A story which tells about the countless deaths of innocent tigers - because of the tigers that did kill people. Which normally did so because we injured them. They couldn't kill their normal prey - which led them to realise how vunerable some of us could be. Is pretty sickening. Put that with tiger furs and other reasons they was killed. A 100+ years later, and only now do we realize. One of greatest treasures in reality could be gone forever.


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