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Man Is A Victim Of Change

Updated on June 23, 2019
Asad Dillz profile image

This article is written by "AS Qais". He is an expert analyst and famous writer. he wrote his thoughts and analysis in this article.

"I am the master of my fate"

"I am the captain of my soul"

These are the words of W.E.Henley who merely stated a fact.

Man is a part of a greater universe. A universe which is the home of heavenly bodies, stars and our earth. The inhabitants of this earth deem themselves wide because they are master of their fate..... the rulers of their world. Then why is it so hard for us to acknowledge the truth about the carefully planned conclusive scheme of nature. Nature whose very important part is man. Man guides his own destiny and and leaves nothing to chance. He fights and struggles to mold his life to his heart's desire. Still, as the world is a big place there are men in every field of the life who do not act because they have the excuse of letting chance rule their destiny and the choice is entirely theirs.

Shakespeare's Hamlet Questioned:

It is these very people who live in doubt throughout lives and in their heart of hearts question, as Shakespeare's famous character Hamlet Questioned;

"Whether this nobler in the mind so suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune or to take up arms against a sea of troubles and by imposing end them"?

Man has always, and will always struggle, whether it be for his dreams or his rights. At times he struggles for the bare necessities of life and at time for security and at times when he has both, because it is in man's very nature to struggle. Tolstoy during his literary career once remarked "chance does not denote any real existing thing but only a certain stage of understanding of phenomena".

Thus if people understand the meaning of these words they would never rely on chance completely.

The Lotus Esters:

God has exalted man over animals by giving him intelligence and by using this gift of God, man can accomplish even the most unimaginable and impossible deeds. If man was aware of the fact that chance ruled his destiny he would never strive for anything. Such men would be no better than the Marrineus described by Lord Tennyson in his poem " The Lotus Esters".

Look the world over and you will find that no statue was ever erected in the memory of man who let destiny rule his life. Henry Ford wasn't content to ride a horse all his life. Thomas Edison refuses to read by candle light all his years and Winston Churchill was prepared to watch England's defeat. They all struggled hard, each one with a different purpose out victorious. These men were not dreamers but believed in their ability and intellect to achieve what they most desired.

In this world men who rely on chance are those who fear failure and are superstitious in their beliefs, because even God gave man a chance to for mulate his own destiny, when he showed him two paths, the path of evil and the path of goodness. Just as Adam was quite free to sin, or not to sin and when he did, the fault was entirely his own.

"Paradise Lost" by Milton:

Milton the great English poet writes about account in this poem "Paradise Lost" which was the result of a lifetime's hard work written with the sole aim of asserting eternal providence, like in this stanza:-

"The trespass, authors to themselves in all

Both what they judge, and what they choose

For so I formed them free, and free they must remain

Till they enthrall themselves

I else must change this nature

And revoke the high decree, unchangeable, eternal

Which ordained this freedom, they themselves

Ordained their fall".

© 2019 Asad Dillz Khan


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