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Man-U-Fracturing Structure.

Updated on June 13, 2017

The process of falling to ruin.

Manufracturing Structure.


It rises in

industrial splendor

reduced to waste,

just a blur on

the horizons it blots

Ramshackle, man's labor,

mars nature.

Here the sweat

of mens brows

mixed with soil and toil

brought markets

a product once needed.

Now derelict it sits

in grey squalor spoiled

haunted by some long dead

common workers.

Its cranium a nest

for the birds,

its belly a warm spot

for field mice,

amidst empty cartons discarded.

Weeds slowly choking

its foundations as

nature reclaims its

stilled carcass

and renders it mulch

for the field.

Are we not all derelict

structures of flesh

when we reach that

point of no return

condemened to sit idle

an eyesore amidst

the beauty we once knew

the windows of our eyes

cracked by cataracts

or bloodshot by glaucoma

the clock of a coma-tose state.

our exteriors sagging

like old barns

our interiors

brittle and fracturing

the drywalls of our souls

shedding fragments

of memories forgotten

Savor the real estate

of who you are

before you become

un-real estates

left to rot in a six foot plot.

Do not rush to ruin

the temples God granted you

with drugs and alcohol

Soon enough you will

wobble when you walk

become incoherent

staggering through the

Jurassic age of your life.

Look to the abandoned

factories and homes

restaraunts and stores

and see them as a mirror

of what's to come.

And when you are finally

ramshackled flesh

sit in your designated

chair on wheels

like mobile homeless

and relive your youthful days

with whimsical smiles

on the facade of your faces

that once held

architectural renderings

others loved to behold

far too soon

reduced to

crumbling parchment

stretched tightly across

bone white skeletal remains.

"Such is Life."

Matthew F. Blowers III

Art~Whimsically Yours Studio-(c)-2017


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