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Man Without A Face (poem)

Updated on May 13, 2014

I chose not to choose, that is my choice
Chosen to be a man without a voice
For if I never voiced who I would chose
It is not possible to ever lose

Therefore if my choice were to be failure
If my candidate were found to be impure
And the government ground to a halt
It surely couldn't ever be my fault

I've chosen to live my life in anonymity
Struggling along with no care or pity
Grinding out day to day and pay to pay
Living an abysmal life one miniscule step from the fray

The ongoing burden of being low low middle class
Every luxury and splurge seems very crass
Never had a dime in a savings account
Pinching every penny as the bills surmount

Watching as politicians waste all our money
If it wasn’t so sad it might just be funny
Corruption and greed have become standard
No one seems to care if their good names are slandered

They lie to our faces
Yet expect our embraces
Come fall in line with the other pathetic sheep
Smiling away as if they had no promises to keep

No word left to stand by
Go and eat your rotten apple pie
I remain filled with disgust
For our “leading” upper crust

As you follow in turn wasting your time
Herded through that voting line
And when your votes are all cast
When all the counting has come to pass

Everyone knew that they had lied
Knowing that every four years democracy dies
Collecting their checks as they spit in our faces
Never concerned with what the real human race is

So they will sit back and gloat
Knowing you wasted your vote
Didn’t matter which evil you sided
The winner had already been decided

I will abstain from this liar’s race
Forever remaining the man without a face


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