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Is Man a Born Leader?

Updated on September 24, 2015
Transformation of a civilized bunch
Transformation of a civilized bunch
Who is the real leader?
Who is the real leader?

What is Man's Real Nature?

William Golding’s most celebrated novel, ‘Lord of the Flies’ brings before its readers the greatest question. Is man a born leader? What proves it? The novel can raise a number of questions before the mankind. The novel is a great success in proving that man has the common tendency of leadership, if he is given a chance with the power and circumstance to rule others.

The novel which begins with a bunch of most civilized students, Then takes its readers to a situation in which these kids are transformed into none other than most barbaric cannibals. The main cause for this terrible result is that they have the ultimate will to rule. When they are let loose they are picturing each of themselves as the one who should rule. When the novel is a great success in depicting this human nature, the question which arises is how a novel can be considered real.

A novel is after all a creation of mind. How can those incidents be compared with real life? One simple answer which could be given to this intelligent question is that, when a piece of art is created, it is always from real is a copy of the reality. Let it be the most imaginary, it will have something real in its root.

We can justify our answer to the given question, about man’s leadership, buy concluding that man has the tendency to rule only when the circumstance are fair and favorable. Circumstances contribute a lot in shaping human character. The mentioned association of human character with circumstances can answer many questions.

When this greatest art piece by William Golding is kept before us and the question is asked whether man is a born leader, the answer is definitely a ‘yes’, we can find really no reasons which can lead to a different answer. It can also be said that when a human being is properly tamed he is called civilized or else he a barbaric cannibal and his actions may be the result of his urge to rule on others. Powers in human beings vary but, the urge to rule remains the same in all human beings. This masterpiece novel by Golding brings before us almost all possible human characteristics, through the various characters of the novel. This helps in understanding a number of unique human behaviors and which takes us to the basic human nature which is his urge to rule.


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