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Man of Color

Updated on April 30, 2017

A man of color

The drastic actions taken by world leaders has influenced global citizens to take a stand in their own way. Many have had enough of the losses and the pain suffered. segregation has become the new unity, therefore, I wrote a poem regarding such a sensitive topic.

The world has come to an understanding

We are all bleeding

A color that we all share

But it seems like the leaders of today simply do not care

For one’s physical appearance

Has become a factor that determines one's life

They guarantee equality but it’s all lies

He speaks of unity through segregation

So powerful it leads the nation

The air in the country has become colder

The discrimination is getting bolder

That black guy is the one to blame

We should take him out of society to deteriorate in shame

I look to the sky to seek the beholder

And i ask him why is the world this way

As i ponder in the silence i fade away

Into a world where i am accepted

In place where i could not be discriminated

Hate, violence and war terminated

The frigid breeze of the wind awakes me

Back to a familiar world

However, there is a difference in me

i feel the need to commit the ultimate crime

The very same crime that has taken the lives of those who fought

Those of which constantly believed

That one day equality will be achieved

For the moment they have me oppressed

Hoping that i just give up and feel depressed

But i stand as a man of color

A man on a mission

A mission against segregation

Equality that will understand the nation

Equality that will bring those who are inhuman to dishonor

We the people needs a leader that does not look to hold on to the past

For it will only make the mistakes last

I am a man of color

I speak but i will not be heard

The people of power should hear me but they do not want to be bothered

I am a man of color

I have come an understanding that our differences as people is the reason for our survival

Standing together as one is surely crucial

I am a man of color

I am honor

-the world has become a place of fear, children yell and mothers cry but no one wants to hear

the pain being felt by foreigners is being kept silent by the promises made by the people of power. The actions we take will be felt by generations to come, too many lives have been taken and it really does make me feel broken. I speak for all people colored and uncolored we are all the same so let us stop the pain.

Jeedo Jeansipen


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