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10 Manga Like Horimiya

Updated on June 10, 2017
Horimiya | Source

Horimiya is actually the combined name of Hori Kyouko and Miyamura Izumi, the two main characters of this lovely tale.

This is the story of how these two individuals with contrasting personalities and secret after-school lives slowly fell into an unusual friendship, and ultimately, love. At first, both of them were minding their own lives, then they crossed paths. After a while, reluctance in getting to know one another turned into friendship. And from that friendship, masks were unveiled and secrets were exposed. Everything has begun falling into place. Love broke out from its cage and started filling the air with the scents of romance.

Hori and Miyamura are polar opposites. But, despite all that, everything is fair in love and war.

This is a pretty good romance/slice-of-life manga, I must say! It's amusing to no end and the lovey-dovey moments are certainly refreshing and pleasing. That is why I can't help but want to recommend more titles that are so similar to it. As such, here they are—the manga like Horimiya!

Manga Similar to Horimiya

1. Haru x Kiyo
2. Kare Kano: His and Her Circumstances
3. Toradora!
4. Bonnouji
5. 14-Sai no Koi (Love at Fourteen)
6. Mairunovich
7. Kimi ni Todoke (From Me to You)
8. Hibi Chouchou
9. 3D Kanojo (Real Girl)
10. Taiyou no Ie (House of the Sun)

1. Haru x Kiyo

Haru x Kiyo
Haru x Kiyo | Source

The Story: Miyamoto Koharu is a high school girl who’s taller than many others. However, her height doesn’t really get in her way of living a simple life. She never had any romantic encounters, and is purely innocent about love. That is, until she meets the short boy Kiyoshirou Mineta. He’s the boy who will change her life for better or for worst.

The Similarity: Just as Horimiya is an excellent romantic manga, so is Haru x Kiyo! It also speaks of tremendous challenges in love and romantic exploits. And the good thing is, it’s done in such way that every challenge clearly makes the relationship stronger while also making you think if the relationship will actually persevere in handling all the stress and complications. Oh well, that’s what makes it good and sophisticated so just give it a go.

2. Kare Kano: His and Her Circumstances

Kare Kano: His and Her Circumstances
Kare Kano: His and Her Circumstances | Source

The Story: “Kare Kano: His and Her Circumstances” follows the lives of high school students Yukino Miyazawa and Souichiro Arima. It all began with Yukino’s quest of gaining everyone’s admiration in school. But then, Arima came along and took the #1 spot. To make things more complicated, he confessed his love for Yukino. Yukino’s at a standstill. She doesn’t know what’s happening anymore. Is this love? Or is this something else?

The Similarity: This is about love and discovery. Also, life! The romantic hijinks are there. The comical moments will also make you grin and smile. But, this is also a love and life story so, all sorts of other complicated feelings and emotions are to be expected as well.

3. Toradora!

Toradora! | Source

The Story: This is the story of how two students with unexpected personalities ended up together in the end. Their appearances and personalities are flipped. So as their crushes and the way they want to express their feelings towards them. What in the world?! Well, this is their love story, and how it all started began with both their weird situations.

The Similarity: Revered as one of the greatest shoujo stories out there, “Toradora!” is one that can make your heart flutter irresistibly. And that is actually one of correspondence. Then, it’s lively and simply precious, which makes the plot even more memorable and heartwarming.

4. Bonnouji

Bonnouji | Source

The Story: Bonnouji follows the story of two condominium dwellers, Ozawa and Oyamada, as fate set them up to meet under a seemingly normal circumstance. As it turns out, Ozawa just broke up with her boyfriend and Oyamada is a loner who has a room full of clutter. Their first encounter has lead from one thing to another. From interest comes friendship, and from friendship comes love.

The Similarity: Fate surely plays a big role in both manga. Let characters meet, play with their scenarios, and make them slowly fall in love. Add a dash of lighthearted and heartwarming moments and you’ve got a comical slice-of-life love story like no other.

5. 14-Sai no Koi (Love at Fourteen)

14-Sai no Koi (Love at Fourteen)
14-Sai no Koi (Love at Fourteen) | Source

The Story: Two 14-year-old students, Kazuki and Kanata, are the most mature individuals among their peers. Both of them are so mature it’s actually an unusual sight for everyone. And that’s not all! Both of them are actually in love with one another. They’re mature, yes, but they’re also 14! This is the story of their tender and blooming romantic relationship.

The Similarity: Mind you, 14-Sai no Koi is not like the others. Although it has some clichés, it’s a fresh breath of air. But you’re here for the similarity—yeah, I know! The resemblance comes at the fact that this is a really light manga. This love story is like a feather that is so lightweight it feels really good being tickled by it.

6. Mairunovich

Mairunovich | Source

The Story: As cute as her name can be, Kinoshita Mairu thinks she’s ugly. And it’s not just her, everyone thinks so too. As such, her confidence is always at a low. There’s still hope for her though. The “school prince” Kumada Tenyuu and the “transsexual neighbor” Fuwari-chan are coming to her rescue!

The Similarity: The focus of Mairunovich is also on relationships. And mind you, relationships are never simplistic. They’re all complicated to the tiniest detail. But that’s what makes them worthwhile. Especially for romantic relationships, this is as real as it can get.

7. Kimi ni Todoke (From Me to You)

Kimi ni Todoke (From Me to You)
Kimi ni Todoke (From Me to You) | Source

The Story: The girl in this story—Kuronuma Sawako—is a very misunderstood girl. She actually looks and acts like Sadako—the horrific character from “The Ring.” As a result, she has become very awkward leading to her being almost friendless. But one day, a boy named Kazehaya Shouta came to interact with her. This momentous interaction caused a spark—a spark that will drag Sawako from dark shell and change her life for the better.

The Similarity: Simple yet heart-tickling, this is what Kimi ni Todoke is in essence. Just like Horimiya, it tugs at your heart make you feel the love in the air. You can relate much with the characters, and that is where it all begins for your romantic trip.

8. Hibi Chouchou

Hibi Chouchou
Hibi Chouchou | Source

The Story: This is a shy boy meets shy girl kind of story. And it all started at the beginning of high school. From the very moment Suiren made her appearance, every boy’s gaze was on her. Only one boy didn’t look her way. And that boy is none other than the quiet boy—Kouha.

The Similarity: Hibi Chouchou and Horimiya are both relaxing and chill! The main characters always dilly-dally with their feelings but still inevitably fall into one another’s arms as the plot thickens. And that’s not all! Be sure to check the personalities of the couples. In one way or another, their personalities seem very alike it’s almost uncanny.

9. 3D Kanojo (Real Girl)

3D Kanojo (Real Girl)
3D Kanojo (Real Girl) | Source

The Story: Being an otaku, Tsutsui Hikari is a target of everyday insults, mockery, and jokes at school. He likes 2D girls more than 3D girls. And so, the moment he ended up cleaning the pool with a girl named Igarashi Iroha, his dislike for 3D girls was affirmed even more. But despite Iroha being a girl he dislikes, she is very friendly towards him and even stands up for him. Maybe 3D girls aren’t so bad after all. Will Iroha be able to change Hikari’s views in life?

The Similarity: Take a look! The designs for the main characters are extremely analogous. But well, maybe this is already a cliché in shoujo/romance manga stories. More importantly, both manga actually feel real. It’s like they really do happen in real life with all the humor and romance. And they do! Read and you’ll see.

10. Taiyou no Ie (House of the Sun)

Taiyou no Ie (House of the Sun)
Taiyou no Ie (House of the Sun) | Source

The Story: High school student Mao Motomiya is a girl with unhappy circumstances. She has an unfortunate situation with both her parents. As such, she doesn’t feel like she has a place to return to. Luckily, her childhood friend Hiro Nakamura, who was left with a spacey home after the passing of his parents, offers her a very promising proposal—to settle for a while in the Nakamura home.

The Similarity: In the same way, Taiyo no Ie follows a very relaxing pace. The pace is so relaxing you could actually focus on the delicacies of the interaction of the characters and feel everything to the tiniest detail. Also, the story is a blooming romance full of innocence and elegance that you’ll definitely enjoy with your whole heart.

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