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10 Manga Like Koe no Katachi (A Silent Voice)

Updated on June 21, 2017
Cheeky Kid profile image

Cheeky Kid has been watching anime and reading manga for as long as he can remember. Doing so takes him to different worlds.

Koe no Katachi (A Silent Voice)
Koe no Katachi (A Silent Voice) | Source

Young Shouya Ishida enjoyed bullying his deaf classmate Shouko Nishimiya. Every day, he explored new ways to tease and make fun of her. But when the bullying intensified leading to Shouko's transfer to another school, life for Shouya began to drastically change. Since everyone knew about the bullying that he did, he suddenly became the new target of ostracism and bullying. Oh how the tides have turned!

Now in high school, Shouya is a loner who has no friends nor anyone he can open up to. He basically lives his days reaping what he sowed back in his childhood days. But then, as he walks the halls of his new school, he sees a familiar face. It's Shouko—the girl he bullied back then.

Shouya has turned a new leaf. But will Shouko accept his efforts? Will Shouya be able to successfully walk the path of redemption?

Koe no Katachi (translating as A Silent Voice) is a dramatic manga that explores the subjects of bullying and redemption. With those in its core, it is able to deliver the intended message meaningfully, as well as captivate everyone and touch their hearts. As such, it garnered the success and popularity that it truly deserves.

That said, listed here are the manga like Koe no Katachi that you can jump right into with no regret. I mean, it's a sure thing that you're looking for similar stories that could actually appeal to your feelings and emotions. So, here they are! Start reading and get yourself caught in the whirlwind of drama.

Manga Similar to Koe no Katachi

1. Kami-sama ga Uso wo Tsuku. (God Tells Lies)
2. Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Your Lie in April)
3. Orange
4. Chikan Otoko
5. Oyasumi Punpun (Goodnight Punpun)
6. Kingyo Sou
7. Horimiya
8. Real
9. Onani Master Kurosawa
10. Can’t See Can’t Hear But Love

1. Kami-sama ga Uso wo Tsuku. (God Tells Lies)

Kami-sama ga Uso wo Tsuku. (God Tells Lies)
Kami-sama ga Uso wo Tsuku. (God Tells Lies) | Source

The Story: Natsuru Nanao is a young boy with big dreams and hopes. His passion is playing soccer, and he wants to become a professional player one day. But before everything else, he has to do deal with his peculiar circumstances. Especially the moment he got to know a girl named Rio Suzumura, his life has begun to take an unexpected twist.

The Similarity: If you think that this is just another short and sweet romantic story, then you’re horribly mistaken! I assure you, it is not. It is likened to Koe no Katachi because it is quite similar in some viewpoint. "Kami-sama ga Uso wo Tsuku." potrays life not in such a giggly-washy manner, but in a cynical yet more realistic kind of manner. It’s pretty dramatic. And with such ephemeral existence, you’ll be surprised that it can actually leave a long-lasting impression in you.

2. Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Your Lie in April)

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Your Lie in April)
Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Your Lie in April) | Source

The Story: Young Kousei Arima is known popularly as the human metronome. Why? It’s because he is a prodigy as a pianist. But after experiencing the greatest tragedy of his life, he lost the ability to hear his own music. Years later, Kousei is already in high school. He no longer plays the piano but he tries to spend his days as normal as he can. Then suddenly, a mysterious girl appears in his life. It’s Kaori Miyazono—a whimsical girl with a lot of secrets, and the one who will make Kousei hear the beautiful sound of his own music once again.

The Similarity: Struggles, tragedies, and difficulties—these are all part of life. But even so, life must go on. Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso presents a world where you either give up, or you overcome the hitches. It does so magically like the sound of a piano, getting you to swim through the notes or drown in the horrible chords. But then again, it’s all up to you. No matter where the music goes, a stream of heartfelt emotional moments awaits.

3. Orange

Orange | Source

The Story: A mysterious letter from the future has come and it’s now in the hands of high school student Naho Takamiya. Surprisingly, the letter is from herself! It was sent to give her a chance to make everything right and avert grave regrets from ever happening. And the core of the letter—it concerns the new transfer student, Kakeru Naruse.

The Similarity: If you’re looking for a manga that revolves around the elements of depression, loss, and regrets, then Orange is the manga to read. Besides, it’s really dramatic and developed that it just hits right straight to the heart. Orange has a story that is very meaningful as it is heart-rending.

4. Chikan Otoko

Chikan Otoko
Chikan Otoko | Source

The Story: Chikan Otoko (translating as Molester Man) follows a guy called Molester Man (yes, that’s really what he’s called here) as he tries to escape the predicament of being mistaken as a stalker and the complexities that come thereafter. In reality, Molester Man is just a student and a part-time worker. But then, the incident happened. As blameless as he actually is, he tries his best not only to affirm his innocence, but also to help the victim get through the ordeal.

The Similarity: It is big. It is rare. Just so you know, Chikan Otoko is not your ordinary manga. Why? That’s because it’s based on a true story. Yes, you heard that right! So now, don’t bother searching for elements that will make you say “woah, this is so realistic,” because this is as real as it can get. The drama, the comedy, the romance—prepare to celebrate because these are indeed happening for real.

5. Oyasumi Punpun (Goodnight Punpun)

Oyasumi Punpun (Goodnight Punpun)
Oyasumi Punpun (Goodnight Punpun) | Source

The Story: Oyasumi Punpun follows the life of Punpun Onodera—a young boy who’s about to experience life’s full burst. This is his life. This is his tale. From childhood to adulthood, this is how he walked through all the tones of his life and lived to tell the tale.

The Similarity: This manga is a coming-of-age story like no other! It’s so unique in such a way that it enchants you like some magical enchantress pulling you in and desperately trying to make you experience something surreal. But as I’ve said, it’s a coming-of-age story that speaks about the realities of life. The happiness, the sadness, the pain, the fleeting moments that come by—this is life, and life is the most complex thing in the universe.

6. Kingyo Sou

Kingyo Sou
Kingyo Sou | Source

The Story: High school girl Asuka Hariyama has fallen in love. And the target of her affections—it’s the deaf, Masami Imamura! Despite being deaf, Masami can play the drums beautifully. In fact, it’s the sound of his drum playing that led Asuka to him. But, with Masami being deaf, aloof, and all, will Asuka’s advances work well on him? The nuances of the sound of love are about to hit the air.

The Similarity: If you want more romance on your platter, then Kingyo Sou is the manga for you! Kingyo Sou is a romance/shoujo/drama manga, and it’s about dealing with a disability, and ultimately, hearing one’s heart content. In one way or another, you’ll feel the emotions welling up inside you giving you an experience you’ll never forget.

7. Horimiya

Horimiya | Source

The Story: One guy, one girl, both different, and not who they really are. They have different attitudes for school life and after-school life. But when they bump into one another, light begins to shine on the shadows. From strangers to friends, and from friends to more than just friends. This is the story of a peculiar pair who found solace in their riddle-like situations' unexpected sides.

The Similarity: If we’re just talking about genuine feelings of love and other emotions, then Horimiya is for you. Believe me or not, this manga feels very real. Nothing seems to be forced, and things just go on naturally. While it doesn’t really explore very serious and very mature themes, it does present a romantic story that will surely get you asking for more.

8. Real

Real | Source

The Story: This isn’t your typical basketball story because Real is more than just about hoops and balls! Real is about three young men who are living their lives experiencing the realities of disabilities and handicaps. And the thing that’s bringing them all together? It’s none other than wheelchair basketball. This chronicle tells about passion, dreams, struggles, and most importantly—hope!

The Similarity: Like Koe no Katachi, Real is centered on disabilities and dealing with the problems that come therein. Disabilities are no laughing matter. And these stories pour meaning on their effects and their coping mechanisms. Indeed, these stories teaches about life lessons that can touch anyone’s soul and appeal to the heart.

9. Onani Master Kurosawa

Onani Master Kurosawa
Onani Master Kurosawa | Source

The Story: Through and through, Onanie Master Kurosawa is a story about redemption. It follows middle school student Kakeru Kurosawa as he goes on with the events following his strange daily routine—minding his own carnal business after school in a girls’ toilet stall. He’s friendless, he’s antisocial, he’s a loner, and he doesn’t have any experience in romance. But one thing is for sure, his demeanor, as well as his dark secret, will lead to an unthinkable experience in the future.

The Similarity: One of the central themes of this story is bullying. Another is redemption. Given those elements, you’ll see why this title exists here. Well, despite the peculiar synopsis, this manga is actually heavy with drama and mature themes. It actually has the power to move you and question your values. So, if you are an unshakeable fan of Koe no Katachi, then this is also a must-read for you.

10. Can’t See Can’t Hear But Love

Can’t See Can’t Hear But Love
Can’t See Can’t Hear But Love | Source

The Story: What can a blind man see? What can a deaf woman hear? Is there something that can transcend their disabilities? Well, there is something—and it is love! This is the story of how a blind manhwa artist and a deaf manhwa reader fell in love with one another.

The Similarity: From the title itself, Can’t See Can’t Hear But Love hints on the overwhelming power of love. Love can surpass any kind of disability. Love is a way of communication. And when bridges are built and walls are torn down, people can truly connect with one another.

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    • Edweena profile image


      20 months ago

      My #1 is always Horimiya!!!!

    • nipster profile image


      3 years ago

      That Chikan Otoko review had me dying laughing! The poor guy! LMAO


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