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Manga Review; Hellsing Volume 1 by Kohta Hirano

Updated on November 30, 2017
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Quick Info

Author: Kohta Hirano
Publisher: Darkhorse Manga
Published: December 15, 2009
Page Count: 208 pages
Availability: In print

Story Summary

Hellsing Manga Volume 1 by Kohta Hirano is about a police officer named Seras Victoria, who lives in the village of Cheddar. She is attacked by vampires but is rescued by a powerful vampire named Alucard, who is part of the Hellsing Organization a group that hunts vampires to protect England from them.


The dialogue is definitely interesting and well written. The story is definitely entertaining and it’s a strong point of the manga. A quirky thing about the manga is that they try to give Father Alexander Anderson a Scottish accent, and Hirano does this by spelling words how they are accented, making it difficult to understand what you're reading, and you have to comprehend the dialogue.


The Characters

There’s Integra Hellsing, the no-nonsense leader. The butler Walter Dornez and the zealous Father Alexander Anderson. His antagonistic rivalry with Alucard is a recurring theme throughout Hellsing. I also like the action and the characters.


The action scenes are very well done and exciting to look at. It’s definitely an interesting manga and has very good artwork and character designs.

The art style is unique and memorable, if you read the manga or watch the anime Hellsing Ultimate, you'll be able to recognize these characters anywhere and that makes the manga stand out.

Solid Storytelling:

This manga is very interesting with well-written characters and a solid story. The story is definitely well done and the characters are people we can rally behind, not to mention that the character designs and artwork look really good too.

It has gotten off to a good start with an interesting setup, good characters, and solid artwork to keep you reading and wanting to know what will happen next.

It can be very over the top, but it's a lot of adult fun that an older audience will enjoy.

No Sparkling Vampires Here:

If you want a good manga to read and you like vampires, are sick of silly romances (stupid Twilight), and you want an action packed mature title, pick up Hellsing Volume 1, you won’t be disappointed. Action oriented vampires abound in this book, it's especialy nice since this series is complete now and you can buy the entire thing to own.

This goes back to a lot of the traditional vampire lore, with some modern twists of course, but Hellsing reminds us that vampires are supposed to be scary monsters.

Parental Advisory:

As a note to parents, this manga is a very violent, bloody manga. There is a lot of violence and gore and strong language too. This manga does contain the F-Bomb and is definitely not for readers under the age of 16.tant

Also if you're a religious person, you'll probably be offended at the portrayal of Catholic and Protestant characters as Father Anderson comes off as a crazy zealot, who will happily kill heathens in the name of God, the Protestant Knights don't act very religious at all.

If you're a religious person, you'll probably be offended by Hellsing.

This is an adult manga and should be treated like adult literature. Keep the kids away from this one, this isn't intended for them.


Quick Thoughts;

What Works:
What Doesn't Work
Great story, characters and setting
Alexander Anderson's character may offend religous people
Excellent artwork
Alexader Anderson's dialogue is hard to understand

Overall Grade: A (With Warnings to the Religious):

I highly recommend this manga to anyone who likes vampires and if you want something that has action, is well written and very well done with excellent characters and artwork.

It does have the potential to offend Christians, mainly with the portrayals of characters affiliated with the Catholic and Protestant Church.

I haven't bought the series yet because I can get it from my local library for free, but I feel it was worth my time to read it. It was a very exciting manga and I enjoyed it even though I don't read a lot of vampire books or novels.

If you’re old enough to read it, you should definitely see if your local library has it to read it. Still, I do recommend buying it because it’s well worth your time to read it and it’s an action-packed manga that I enjoyed reading.

My Rating:

5 stars for Manga Hellsing by Kohta Hirano

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    • LivioRazlo profile image

      Aaron 6 years ago

      Yeah I have all of them I love this series it is really good and doesn't last forever too which is a big plus. If you ever get the chance you should read Blame! and Biomega both great reads but they have less dialog so you have to pay attention to what's being shown too