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Manga Where A Character Wants To Become A Hairstylist

Updated on August 21, 2014

Beauty Pop


Girls Are Better

Arai Kiyoko wrote Beauty Pop. Both, a girl and a guy want to be a hairstylist.

She likes to cut hair for the unfortunate.

Natumi(hair style), Kei(nail style), and Ochiai(making sure everything balances) are the guys in her class that are worshiped because they can cut hair. they are very good at what they do and are very popular. They have scissor projects where they turn a normal girl into a beautiful girl. Most girls in their school look forward to being picked to look beautiful. The girl is very likely to get a boyfriend with her new looks.

Kiri Koshibadoes not seem to understand the whole project.

When Kei gets a confession by a girl, he thinks it is a bribe so that she can be in the project. He tells her that she is not pretty enough to be in the project. The boys make fun of her then the girl.

Kiri Koshibastarts insulting the guys and their hair.

The guys pick a good looking girl to make over. They get done and she is very pretty. Kei announces that a princess has been born.

The girl that the girl hairstylist changed comes up to Ochiai. The girl that hair style was cut tells him not to judge others in the future.

There is a girl with short hair falling Natumi wanting to get her hair cut. However, he only cuts medium length hair.

It is reviled that he wins lots of hair contests each year. He has missed one year because there apparently was no trophy.

He is still angry about what Kiri said about his hair, earlier. He notices her running and her hair does not get messed up. He finds out that her family runs a beauty salon. He tries to make fun of her but she slaps his hand away from her hair. Then, she inspects his hair and leaves before he can say anything.

Will she found out? Will he lose his mind? Or, will they be the best hairstyles in Tokyo?

Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge


Dansai Bunri No Crime Edge - AMV - One More Night by Syndicate AMV

Be Careful Of The Past

Hikagi Tatsuhiko wrote Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge. He cuts hair and fights crime

Haimura Kiri loves to cut other people’s hair. He gets of the wrong bus, only to see a girl with very long hair inside her green house attached to her home.

She claims that to cut her hair is in someway to kill her. However she has tried a for years to cut her own hair. Never has she been able to cut it.

She claims that the people in the house are descends of murders that will kill her one day. They have tools on them that are cursed and force them to kill.

The boy has a tool too that will kill but it cuts her hair instead.

The manga is not very clear on what is actually going on in the beginning. It is clear that the boy has to save the girl with long hair using only a pair of scissors.

The anime is full of action and blood. He is using a pair of scissors to fight after all.

Kyō, Koi o Hajimemasu


Kyou Koi Wo Hajimemasu | Someone like you by Daavarr

My Sister Is So Pretty

Minami Kanan wrote Kyou, Koi o Hajimemasu. The girl eventually wants to become a hairstylist

The Prologue story is the start of the manga. However, it can be placed as a separate story.

She wants to get into an elite school and find love there, that way she will be able to find a nice guy.

Someone throws an empty can on the ground and she does not watch where she is going so she falls. A guy asks her if she alright and yells at the guy who threw the can.

The first chapter can be read first, if you like.

The guys are not attracted to her style of dress but Tsubaki Hibino does not care because she is studying harder to get into a better school. That does not work out for her. Tsubaki Hibino didn't get into the school she wanted to get into but she got into another school, of which, she is not the top student. She lost to a guy that she thinks does not care about his studying.

Tsubaki Hibino likes to put her hair up in braids. She does her sister's hair every day which makes her feel better.

The other girls seem to be making fun of her because is dressing like someone from the War Period.

She finds out that there is a guy with the same name as her. This shocks her but does not cause her to act until she notices his long hair. She can't understand that he has long hair.

He wants her to lend him a pencil or pen on the first day of class. She gives him a regular pencil and he makes fun of her. He pulls on her pig tales and proceeds to make fun of her having the same name as him. He thinks she is cute but trying to make everyone laugh with her hair from the Showa Period.

Tsubaki Hibino gets angry with him and cuts his hair with her scissors. Even though, he was being mean to her she tells him she is sorry. He does not want to forgive her this makes her feel bad.

Outside, he wants her to take responsibility so he asks her for money but she does not have that amount. He says, if she is not going to pay then she can pay with her body. So, she thinks that he means that she should cut his hair properly.

He does not like his hair being touch but she keeps cutting his hair. She is so confident that she does not notice that he is angry. When she finishes she says that his hair really suits him.

She tries to go then he tells her that that was not what he meant, as he kisses her. He tells her that he is going to take away all her firsts.

Tsubaki Hibinodoes not understand why he kissed her.

What will become of her?

Future Hairstylist

Seo Eriko wrote Hana Sakasu The, Tsubomi no Kimi. He loves working on hair.

This is a one shot.

Chihiro loves working on hair. He even tells others how to do there hair.

When he sees the top student with bad hair he confronts her. She does not want to fix her hair. So, he take her away for fourty minutes to fix her hair.

Everone loves her hair and they want him to fix their hair. He wants to cut hair and when he sees a person with bad hair his arm itches.

Rude Guy

Kaori wrote Kirei no Tamago. This guy is a very rude hairstylist

Maki Asami is a first year as a cosmetology student. She worries that she is not pretty enough. Then, some guy falls on her. Another guy wants the guy to apologies. A fight brakes out.

When she tries to shampoo but she sprays that guy instead of his partner. He tells her that her hair is in her eyes then he cuts her hair.

She always wanted to have hair like her sister but that never happened. Nii apologizes to her after class and even though he is scary because of his speech she decides to go with him to fix her hair.

She finds out that because of his surly attitude he does not have many friends that he takes to the salon. However, he does have one guy that hangs around.

She is still new to the cosmetology world but she teams up with him and his friend to win a contest.

Will they win? Or, will she make a joke out of them all?


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