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Manga for lovers of the paranormal

Updated on June 11, 2011

I am a crazy fan of manga, which is Japan's form of comic books. I own hundreds of volumes and I read all genera. This is a list I put together of my favorite paranormal type manga. My favorite type of story would be one that is super funny and full of ghosts! Every one of these series made me laugh and has beautiful art. I would give all of these series four out of five stars or more.

if you would like to see more reviews let me know what you want to see!


If you read my manga lists you'll probably notice that I love Clamp manga. And I really do! xxxholic is almost my favorite series in the world (don't freak out, the xxx has nothing do do with naked ladies! As far as I know they put it on to look pretty.) In case you don't know the authors of this series have formed an all woman manga writing group called Clamp. Their art is beautiful and they have been working forever so they have tons of different series. Anyway, xxxholic is one of their best pieces. It is a story about an angry boy called Watanuki who sees spirits. He meets a beautiful and mysterious lady called Yuko who owns a shop that grants wishes. They strike a bargain that Yuko will remove his ability to see spirits and in return she works him to the bone as her shop slave.

I love this manga for two reasons. First, it is hilarious! There is always some sort of pun going on or someone doing something funny in the background. There are funny spirits but the real stars of the show are Watanuki and his "friend" Domeki. I don't want to reveal too much but they are always doing some sort of slapstick manzai routine. Second, I never know what is going to happen next with clamp manga. I know it sounds hard to believe but it's true. I can almost always tell what's going to happen next in manga, which isn't to say that I don't enjoy it, but it can be annoying sometimes. With this series I can never figure out who is human, who is lying, and who will die.

Another cool thing is that this has a parallel series called Tsubasa that interacts with xxxholic. It's a really cool idea that they pulled off well but it does mean that to get the most out of this series you need to read Tsubasa, which is completely translated at this point.

This manga is a pretty clean read with just a few suggestive jokes. I would say that anyone 8 years and up can read this series. The series as of this review is on volume 15 but it will be over soon. at the back of each book is a nicely done explanation of Japanese words and different translations.


This manga is uniqe. It is a really interesting plot line, with tons of the humor that I love, but what makes it cool is the huge amounts of ghost hunting knowledge stuffed into the story. I am the kind of girl that would love to go on a ghost hunt so the amount of detailed knowledge put in this story about what equipment real ghost hunters use and the terminology of the trade really drew me in. It's also a great love story about a girl who, through clumsiness, must work for a beautiful, narcissistic boy nicknamed "Naru" as manual labor for his ghost hunting agency. Along the way they pick up a fake Miko, a psychic medium, a Catholic priest, and a Buddhist monk. They go on to have adventures with ghosts and become comrades with their mutual insubordination against Naru and his evil rule.

The story is somewhat episodic but does have a central storyline that progresses as the team solves different cases. These cases can range from hilarious to terrifying! I love to read ghost stories and some of these chapters really left me afraid of the dark for a while. There are 11 volumes out so far with the publication being really slow but continuing.

I love the main character Mai because she is somewhat dumb but just came across as really real to me. I loved the play between each character as they trash talk Naru and eachother but still remain friends.

There are a few short stories and little comics that always made me laugh. Because of the blood and scary stuff I would suggest readers be 12 years and up.


This is a sarcastic comedy about a guy called Kantaro who's a horrible human being. He wants to be friends with all demons and goblins but mostly he wants to be the master of the legendary demon-eating tengu (goblin). He gets his with and many crazy and dangerous adventures result. A weird cult wants to steal Kan's tengu and he isn't about to let anyone out think him.

I liked this manga because the characters were sassy, intelligent, and sexy enough without getting embarrassing. The art is different from most manga that I've read. It's is more stylized like old Japanese watercolor paintings at times.

The story is suspenseful and introduces a lot of Japanese monsters and folklore. It cracks me up because the characters are always bickering and plotting against each other. I would say that readers can be 13 and up for this series. There really isn't much sexy stuff except a few jokes and cute guys standing in the rain.

X/1999 and LEGAL DRUG

I was a little hesitant to recommend these series because they have both been canceled. I decided that at 18 volumes someone might want to give x/1999 it a try to legal drug has a chance of coming back.

X/1999 is an amazing end of the world story, which ended u having so much destruction that sensors in Japan had it pulled because they thought it was insensitive to people who died in a famous earthquake in Japan. Clamp refused to sacrifice their artistic domain and so the story remains unfinished.

What really drew me in about this story was the intracity of the story and how the writers managed to keep dozens of characters well tied into the story. There is a whole lot of buildings being blown up, fires, dead people, and whatnot. But what else would you expect from a story about the end of the world?

Legal Drug is a sexy ans strange story about two guys with supernatural powers and a whole lot of sexiness brought on by their strange part time jobs. The story really takes off in volume three but unfortunately that is the last volume published because the magazine that ran the story went under. even so, I love this series because of the art and the constant play on gay jokes. It would be super great if they really were gay.

I would suggest readers be 16 and up or maybe even 18 for both of these series as they both contain sexual themes and nudity.


Tokyo Babylon is actually a precursor to x/1999. One o my favorite characters in that series is Subaru. Tokyo Babylon is about Subaru's youth and his first love. Strangely enough his first love turns out to be waaaayyy older then him and also happens to be an assassin. Tokyo Babylon follows Subaru, the hot young psychic, as his man tries to woo him and he just tries to get some work done.

Tokyo Babylon is a really dark story about the sad and lonely side of living in a big city like Tokyo. Adding to this are all of the lonely spirits and the fact that Subaru's lover may be trying to kill him!

I liked how this story tries to stretch some boundaries set by society about who can fall in love without just being a porno novel. It takes a somewhat deep look at whether love should be set by people around us or by our own hearts.

I would suggest readers be 16 and up because of pedophile and gay jokes.


Demon Diary is one of the few Korean manga that I can stand to read. In fact, I love it! I think the art is nice, if a but pointy. This is a silly story about a boy who just found out he is a demon lord. Unfortunately for his minions he is a total dork. The story follows him as he tries to be evil and rule his realm. He ends up bumbling his way along, embarrassing his minions and tarnishing his name as a demon lord. But it's hard to feel anything but affection for this cute little demon.

In each volume he meets new minions and other demon lords who doubt his powers. As he learns his strength he finds a real enemy, who just might be closer to him then he thinks!

This story has a unique world with gods and demons and a strange amount of bureaucracy. it almost reads like a story for a RPG. I really liked the contrast between the main character and everyone else when he's just being silly.   

I would say readers can be any age for this series but i would recommend is for readers 10 and up to ensure comprehension of the story.


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    • profile image

      mai 5 years ago

      theres this anime called angel diary

    • Nick Malizia profile image

      Nick Malizia 6 years ago from USA

      This is a great comprehensive list. I like paranormal manga too. If you have time, please look at my Nightmare Inspector review, it's a neat concept. Plus, I refer to this useful page. (next to "notes") ;-P There are so many great hubbers for anime/manga who don't get enough views, so I hope this helps. Good luck and happy hubbing.

    • ambersagen profile image

      ambersagen 6 years ago from Provo, Utah

      I'm so glad you liked it ;D I think Clamp has been creating manga since the 80's so they have lots of stuff out. Their most recent stuff has better art but their earlier art is very stylized so i like it. They are my favorites so I hope you like them!

    • visionandfocus profile image

      visionandfocus 6 years ago from North York, Canada

      Wow, this is an amazing hub. I used to love reading manga in my teens, but haven't for a long time now. I haven't even heard of Clamp, but I'm really glad to read all your recommendations. I'm also very pleased that you included appropriate reader's age, so I won't go recommending something to my nephews/nieces and then get into trouble with my brother/

      Very well done, and I will definitely check out Clamp at least, and maybe even some of the others you mentioned. Thanks for sharing!