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Manga that's cute and sassy

Updated on June 11, 2011

My favorite kind of manga would have lots of comedy, a little romance or more, and some action. I love all these series because they contain all of these characteristics. I picked these as my cute manga because they are manga that I read over and over again.


Otomen is one of the more original ideas I've seen in a while. While most shojo (girl manga) has a guy who is feminine but a secondary character. Otomen is a manga that follows a protagonist who is a Very feminine guy with many feminine friends. It's all about the girly men in this manga. Asuka is outwardly a very manly man, but inside he has the heart of a princess. He must hide is feminine side from his mother who was scared for life when her husband left her to get a sex change. Now she tries to make Asuka be the most macho man on the planet.

The art in this manga is very beautiful, clean, and pulls off all the flowers and sparkles well without getting to overloaded. At this time there are 10 volumes out and more are on the way.

I loved the comedy of all the girly guys and macho girls in this manga. The plots are usually really ridiculous but have a main storyline to follow. This is mostly a comedy with a little bit of romance on the side.

I think readers of any age could read this manga. As of this point the series is ongoing.



Cardcaptor Sakura is a classic example of a very cute manga. Cardcaptor Sakura is about a little girl who suddenly gets magical powers by obtaining magical cards. The story is about as cutesy as it can be with Sakura being a very cute girl with a very cute and rich friend plus a very cute rival.

The story is set in modern day Japan, where Sakura accidentally opens a magic book that contains a set of cards that house magical spirits. By opening the book she frees them onto the world to cause trouble. She is given a wand that can recapture the cards and a guide in the form of Kero, a magical beast in the form of a stuffed animal. So she goes about trying to recapture the cards before her rival gets them, all while working with a friend who loves her to the point of obsession and trying to keep her magic secrete from an overprotective brother.

Readers of any age can enjoy this manga. There are actually two parts to this series with Cardcaptor Sakura being the first part. Both series are completed.


Maid Sama! is a story built around a girl named Misaki, her duty as student council president, and her part time job as a waitress at a maid cosplay cafe. As a man hating demon president her worst nightmare is that someone from school will find out that she works as a maid. And her worst fears are indeed realized when the smartest boy in school stumbles upon her secrete!

I loved Maid Sama! because it really pokes fun at the nerdy side of manga, namely, that those who read manga basically have their own culture of role playing as different characters. I also like how crazy Usui ,aka "the smartest guy in school", acts around Misaki.

There is some fan service in this series so I would recommend readers be 13 and up. This series is ongoing.


Fruits Basket is an emotional story about a girl and a family possessed by the vengeful spirits of the zodiac. This manga is the number-one selling girls manga in the US. It deeply explores the dark and sad side of human emotions and family relations. The story follows Tohru, an orphan who needs a home, as she meets each member of the beautiful and rich Sohma family. Some members of this family are possessed by the animals of the the Chinese zodiac. Those who are possessed by a spirit cannot hug humans of the other sex without changing into the form of the animal that possesses them. This leads to dangerous problems in crowds and heartbreaking problems with love and family.

I would say that in general anybody could read this, however there are one or two scenes that are sexy so I would say to be safe readers should be thirteen or older. This series is super ling and fully complete.


Kamichama Karin is just a silly, overly cute weirdo story about children who have the power of gods. I liked this series because of the silliness of the plot and characters. The main girl is a doofus and her guy is a woman hater. The idea of this story is that these kids get the power of the gods by wearing these rings that give them god powers. They then proceed to fight over these rings with a rival group of child gods. It's all really silly because it's elementary school kids against some older kids and they all yell and fight.

The art is beautiful most of the time but the author really knows when to whip out the ugly art when she wants to change the mood to funny.

I would say readers should be thirteen and up because of some weird sexy stuff where nothing really happens. This series has a second part as well and both of them are complete.


Angel Diary is a Korean manga that follows a tomboy angel princess who ran away from Heaven to escape an arranged marriage with the king of Hell. This series is done by the creators of Demon Diary, and it's really nice looking for a Korean manga. This series is funny because of the almost stereo typical interactions between the residents of Heaven and Hell.

The Princess of Heaven runs away to earth where she pretends to be a boy and enroles in a normal high school. The King of Hell is actually on earth, in the same high school! Also on campus are the top four angel warriors of Heaven who are secretly hiding the princes while also on orders to find her.

the really crazy catch in this plot is that the King of Hell knows who the Princess is and keeps hitting on her, even though she is supposed to be a boy! So there are lots of funny gay things going on just for the heck of it.

I would say readers be thirteen for this manga because of the content of the gay jokes. This series is complete.


Angelic layer is a cool story about the future of dolls. In Angelic Layer there is an awesome new toy called an angel. It's basically a battle doll. New to the city, Misaki is a girl who just really wants an angel. A weird guy who might be a creep helps her get what she wants. This story is so funny and cute with all of its jokes and action that it's really a classic.

The story continues to revolve around big battle events and championships as Misaki learns how to fight with her angel. The angels are a big part of this manga, almost like characters themselves even though they are just dolls. This really makes this series a good children's read.

Readers of any age can enjoy this story. The series is complete.


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