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Mangas Where A Character Is In Contact With Aliens

Updated on September 27, 2014



Why Not Marry An Alien

Hayashiya Shizuru wrote ONEGAI TEACHER!

Kei Kusangi's hobby is looking at the stars.

Mizuho is his new teacher after some older teacher decided to quit mid-semester.

For some reason, he does not have good heath which leads him to have a relaxing hobby like, looking at the stars. Kei Kusangi believes that he saw an alien coming out of the lake but is not sure if he really saw it.

Kei Kusangi finds out that his neighbor is the the new teacher who lives in the same building as him. She states that she is concerned about him. He starts to think she looks like the alien he saw that night. At first, he thinks that she is going to eat him. So, he tries to run away. Then, he has a seizure and collapses.

He tells her that he will not tell anyone that she is an alien. She wants him to prove it. Then, she tries to suduce him but he runs away.

She somehow transports him to a space ship as he tries to excape. He does escape and tries to get to his uncle's place.They trasport to his place but his uncle finds them in an uncomfortable postion.

Later, they are trapped in a closet together and the principal lets them out. Mizuho is blamed for being alone with a student. So, his uncle tells the principal out that the two kids are marreid.

They learn that he was in a coma for three years which makes him 18 years old.

Will their marriage last?

70 Oku no Hari


She Hears An Alien Voice

Tadano, Nobuaki wrote 70 Oku no Hari.

Hikaru Takabe is always walking around with her headphones on every day. One night, a space rock hits her, electricing her. She dies but is brought back to life with the help of some alien. She is now fused with the alien that she can only hear.

Something called maelstrom is going to destroy the universe if she does not help out the alien voice. When her arm gets cut off she is able to place it back in place.

There is another guy that has the power of masimua. He uses it to kill people. The masema will kill everyone on the planet if she can not stop it.

THe voice calls itself horizon. It wants to find the person before it finds them. So, she is to talk to everyone in her school the next day.

She tries to talk to more peoople but it is not easy for her. All the while the guy is killing people.

Will she save the Earth?

All You Need Is Kill


Edge of Tomorrow by Warner Bros. Pictures

Today Is Today And Tomorrow Is Today

Sakurazaka Hiroshi, Takeuchi Ryousuke wrote All You Need Is Kill. There is also a movie version of this one with Tom Cruise called Edge of Tomorrow. The ending might be different in the manga. It is unclear if the enemy is an alien or are Earth passed killer robots.

It is unclear if what the Mimics from outerspace come from but they are attacking Earth. Countless people are killed by this things. They might be aliens. Or, maybe they are robots that are programed to kill humans.

Over the years, these Mimics have had only one person that can kill them. Her name is Rita. She alone can defeat them in order to live to battle them.

There is a problem with the battle, though. Everytime she loses the day starts again. Until, one day when another recuit finds the same thing happening to him.

He does not know why he keeps repeating every two days. All he knows was that the battle will never end for him. That is true until he finds out that Rita is looping, too.

Only together can they defeat the enemy.

Edge of Tomorrow

No real spoilers:

The manga has a younger man in it opposed to the film where Tom Cruise takes the lead role. There has been many things changed in the story to make it a blockbuster film.

Hopefully the movie will make it clear on the identify of the enemy. Are they aliens or robots?



Just Another Transfer Student

Peach-Pit wrote DearS. I can not put up a trailer of the anime because it is too suggestive.

Takeya can never wake up on time so the neighbor girl decides to wake him up. This happens all the time.

Meanwhile, for the past year aliens have invaded Japan. This aliens are called DearS. The DearS are very beautiful and they look like dolls.

There is also a DearS fan site. Takeya is still skeptical about the aliens wanting to come in peace.

His teacher also has a problem with keeping her clothes on. She likes to get all the attention on to herself. She tells her class that of the 150 DearS on Earth, one of them is going to be in their class. She wants the class not the embarrass the poor girl or boy.

On his way home, he finds someone that is wrapped up in a blanket. He thinks that she might be hurt. She looks at his bandage on his face. Then, she touches it but her blanket sort of comes off and reveals that she has no clothing underneath.

He thinks that she is a pervert and is fallowing him. She stops fallowing him but she is in the middle the intersecetion. He saves her from being hit by a car. Then, she somehow reveals herself to be a DearS.

She tells him that, "Starting from now until forever I am your ..." Then, she kisses him.

Gate Keepers


Gate Keepers - opening - anime By amkenia

Clones Are Here

Hiroshi Yamaguchi wrote Gate Keepers.

In the year, 1969 the Earth is expecting to be invaded. So, they have developed a top-secret squad of defenders called The Alien Extermination Globla Intercept System or A.E.G.I.S..

This fighters are teenagers because they have manifested their powers in early adulthood only.

Shun Ukiya is appoached by a man with a flying hat. The man tryes to kill him with his machine gun. Then, a masked fighter tries to fight the man with the gun. Once, he finds out that the fighter is a girl he becomes offended that the man would fight a girl. Somehow, he uses a magical gate to throw the man back.

Since, he used his power the AEGIS wants him.Each Gate Keeper can only open one gate. He can open the Gate of Violent Wind. Ms. Ruriko Isusawa can open The Gate of Life.

He is told that he is on the elite team and they want him as captain. There are three other girls on his team.The invaders all look like clones of each other.

They have a human working for them, too. He can also open a gate. Although, he talk tough he does not stay and fight for long. After, they pick up a new member of the team the human comes back to capture him.

Honey Bunny


He Has A Split Personality

Ikuemi Ryo wrote Honey Bunny!

One alien has come to Earth. The alien joins with the body of a teenage boy. The boy is liked by many girls in his class.

On of the girls likes him but he treats tarrible. Just, when the girl wants him dead the alien takes over his body telling the girl that he likes her.

When he changes back to his normal self, he does not remember ever liking her.

Will they come to love each other?

He Is The White Rabbit

Oto Hisamu wrote Joousama no Shirousagi.

Nishina Yukito is bored in his classes when he notices something on the roof of the school. He runs to figure it out. Only to find a girl deciding from a UFO and two attendants waiting for her.

The alien girl thinks that that he is the white rabbit sence he alone can see the aliens. That is when she kisses him on the cheek.

Her first wish comes true. A gaint rabbit appears.

She tells the boy that he is going to be her servent. Her name is Lacey. She is the princes of the planet Kura-ura. She needs to fulfill ten Earthlings wishes.

She wants to us his body to fufill wishes. However, he does not want that.

This was the first time that anyone has ever told her no.

So, her and her servents fallow him around.

He use to live with his father and mother and all his sisters. When he moved out he lives with his friend and some other people.

How will he handle is job as the white rabbit?

Do Not Lie About Aliens Invading

Takuji wrote Meteor-san Strike desu!

Kobayashi Hiro lied to everyone saying that he was taken away by aliens and in ten years the Earth will be distroyed. His mom has passed away and his dad is still alive.

Since everyone wanted to believe in aliens they believed his lie. And, because the mountain that he leaves near looks like a UFO people want to believe that that is one place that a UFO will visit. There are many people that come to visit the town.

His lies became a mulitude of lies. One day people found out his lie. Then, kids strted to make fun of him, calling him, "UFO Boy."

There is a new transfer student at his school called Yamada Meteor. She claims to be an alien. They make fun of him but she thinks that the rumors are true and that he is really chosen to be a hero of Earth. He runs away to the roof to get away from the students making fun of him.

She shows traps him in a seethrew ball and takes him to space.

Dr. Rurru


She Is New On The Job

Maeda Risou wrote Dr. Rurru. This manga is played mostly for comedy relief.

The one shot ---

She is a doctor that has to save planets or they will die. She is on a mission to find her partner.

Yagura Tsumiki fights and he started bleeding. His teacher warns him against it and tells him to go to the doctor. However, he does not want to go. So, he runs away.

She treis to help him but he is ot too helpful.She tells him he is to be her nurse and the earth has contracted a disease. He has to take a gaint serange and inject the point of the infection.

In the series ---

He has a decease called the Devil flu. It has no cure. Only his doctor from another planet can help him by perviding him with medication.

Will he ever be cured?


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