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Mangel Wurzels And The Beasts Of England

Updated on January 26, 2012

Beasts of England Anthem

A Quad Of Mangel Wurzels

photo by Anathea on Flickr
photo by Anathea on Flickr

Mangel Wurzels, Mangelwurzels and Mangold Wurzels

Mangel wurzels are an interesting variety of root vegetables that many people might only be tangentially familiar with unless they are seasoned organic gardeners or have become acquainted with the mangel wurzel through the Beasts of England revolution song in George Orwell's Animal Farm. Now if you are a reader of the former variety (having never read Animal Farm) then I would highly recommend that you take a few moments out of a busy schedule to enjoy the masterpiece of allegory that Eric Arthur Blair (George Orwell) penned in 1945. It is a story that is sometimes humorous and sometimes warning, but the message is always relevant and certainly so in America during these times of threatened liberty. With a page count of just over a 100 pages there really is no reason to not be familiar with it. It was one of those books that you were always supposed to read for a class and despite taking many core English courses during high school and in pursuit of an undergraduate degree, and considering myself fairly well read in literary fiction, I somehow missed this one. In fact, it was not until just the other day when I found a dusty old copy, while looking for a different volume, that I decided to give it a second look.

The horses, cows, birds and other animals of Manor Farm, turned Animal Farm, dream and sing about something so simple as beats and mangel wurzels to feed on and freedom from humans. This is highly relevant during this year's Republican Presidential Primary and ultimately in the upcoming November general election of the United States of America. Ron Paul is the only candidate offering freedom and liberty to all instead of more of the status-quo and an ever increasing prison state. The Texas congressman was amazed that so many people could get behind a cause that did not offer to gift them with some new entitlement or to bail their business out from bankruptcy. No all that he could and is offering is freedom and individual liberty for all. Regarding the police state, if you believe that such things are not happening in America then you need only look at the NDAA act passed by congress and signed by President Hussein Obama. An act that makes it legal to detain any American citizen (and anyone else) indefinitely and without trial in such camps like Guantanamo Bay. Further, look at the big government that slowly stretches its tentacles in order to gain more and more control over the population. Certainly, it would be hard to just wake up one day and say, "Ok we are shipping you all to prison camps," for then people would revolt to the death (or I'd hope). But if the government slowly erodes away rights and liberty in the name of security through things like the Patriot act and SOPA and sets precedents such as assassinating US citizens without trial then might they get away with it? That is why the 2012 election is so crucial and why it is important that everyone is opened to Ron Paul and the message of liberty. Precisely the things that Orwell warned about in his great allegory and the other masterpiece book 1984 are creeping closer and closer to reality. There might still be time to reverse course.

I am sorry if you did not receive the information on mangel wurzels that you came looking for, but I believe that the information you just read is far more important. Think of mangel wurzels as a symbol of liberty. Plant it like a seed into everyone you know and everyone you meet and, hopefully the seeds will mature in time. Plant mangel wurzels (the actual vegetable) too. For you may need them for sustenance if things take a turn for the worse as may well happen. Good luck. If you are reading this post-2012, I only hope that we were not too late.


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