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Man's Conversation with the Sun

Updated on March 21, 2013


“Rise O Sun,

My eyes blink

blinded by your rays,

And I run timid

afraid you might burn.

You look at me

wherever I go,

my hiding you can always find.

You speak of death yet you give life,

The whole heavenly bodies

are slaves to your hands,

You command

and everything bows.

No matter how much rain pours

you emerge from your throne,

Wearing your crown,

declaring you are indeed King of the Sky,

Bursting with splendor,

Splashing with color.

Nocturnal time

does not threaten you,

tomorrow comes and you assert,

sometimes subtly,

sometimes cruelly,

apathetic though it may seem,

it is your calling.

I watch in awe,

If I can touch you,

Would you spare me from rain?

I whisper to you

And you glare at me,

there is no room for fear.

If I stand afraid,

Still you give me time

To find my shade,

To breathe a little, then,

To resume again."


“Life cannot wait,

as I arise everyday,

notwithstanding darkness or storm.

I go on because it is my task,

to rise and then to settle,

not a day passes incomplete;

I cannot whimper or hold,

As I put life to the tiniest leaves,

The biggest planets I carry too.

I cannot wait.

I am compassionate to whom my life is given,

And cruel too to those I declare death.

I go on because with life comes death,

And with death comes life.

I have done this everyday,

Every single second is mastery

Nothing can encompass,

For how long it had been.

Even logic has failed to note,

the greatest mysteries of my existence.

The first time the Creator’s hands touched me,

I have not stopped,

I have not faltered.

I have reached the tiniest speck of dust,

Even the rock that is nothing,

And yet I give them shine

And have nurtured them.

I give light to the moon and the stars,

So darkness you will not fear.

I gave color to everything,

So you will be amazed,

And your eyes will open to show your soul.

I looked at you and saw your heart,

Heard its beating and the sound of its pulse,

Now I comprehend,

I was created because you were created,

I exist only because you exist.”

Everything exists for a purpose...



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    • Coffeeatdawn profile image

      MB 4 years ago from Philippines

      It's summer here and the sun is fierce...the inspiration for the poem. Thanks Eddy!

    • Eiddwen profile image

      Eiddwen 4 years ago from Wales

      Whata wonderful poem;voted up and looking forward to many more.