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Man's fatal life expectency

Updated on May 26, 2014

Man's fatal life expectency

Why make a man suffer in a world where he is looked on as a husband, father, protector, and even a hero, When he suffers, he is looked on as a failure, not even a number , but a zero,

Even as hard of life he lives, he is expected to face it, whether life challenges him or he endures pain , he must embrace it,

With all his accomplishments, what is it for? To be shamed when he makes a mistake. and pressured until sore,

Accomplishments are not for him to enjoy, suffering is his prize,

Time has and always presented its vanishing act to a magic less magician with sorrowful ties,

The pain endured, knows no boundaries, so as life is given so easily, and taken whether dead or alive,

who knows when life will make sense to him.....Or will the only sense made will be that life expects man to just die, whether dead or alive.



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