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Mansions For All.

Updated on March 2, 2010


Mansions for all.  

I've walked through the homesteads
of three U.S. presidents
where the years took their tolls
each are now former residents.

Amidst trappings so fine
massive rooms filled with splendour,
I was grateful for the minutes,
guides allowed me to spend there.

I grew up in the projects,
one of 5 kids who struggled
with a dad seldom home,
due to three jobs he juggled.

But I cherished that place,
tiny home that it was,
makes me value what I now have,
so much more just because....

What we own, where we live,
what fate gave us to be in,
whether humble or grand,
wrecked or made a museum,

does not matter that much
in the context of time,
in the end when we move on.
we leave it all behind.

It's what we house in our soul,
it's our realest state of being,
it's the windows we open,
and the love that we're freeing.
never slamming the doors,
when we should be agreeing.

Such will grant us a mansion,
for our souls far above,
when we leave earthly shelters,
for homes worth dreaming of.



Ancient, wear, worn house of blues.

I have been in
several old school houses,
abandoned for a long time,
and I have breathed
the chalky dust
of thier yesterdays,
and felt the presence
of histories children,
laughing and leaping and learning,
only to vanish,
and become a monument to what was,
such as these old buildings
wear worn houses of blues

"The bell tolls not
for those who've passed,
they've all moved on
to an upper class,
a place in heaven far above,
where angels teach
the gifts of love.







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