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Mao Sui recommended Himself

Updated on April 29, 2020

Qin's army attacked Handan, the capital city of Kingdom Zhao. Although Zhao tried their best to resist, but at the Battle of Changping Zhao suffered a fiasco, the kingdom was not strong enough. King Zhao Xiaocheng wanted the Prince of Pingyuan to find a way to appeal to Chu. Prince of Pingyuan was Zhao's prime Minister, and King Zhao's uncle. He was determined to personally go to Kingdom Chu to negotiate with King Chu about the anti-Qin alliance.

Pingyuan Jun intends to take 20 civil and military talents with him to the Chu Kingdom. He has 3,000 followers (门人 menren,literally doorman, a retainer, adherent or disciple), but it is not easy to find talents who are both civil and military. Picking up and down, only nineteen people were selected, and the rest were unsure.

While he was in a hurry, one follower sitting at the end stood up and recommended himself, "Would you please count me in?"

Prince Pingyuan was a little surprised and said, "What's your name? How long have you been staying at my court?"

The follower said, "My name is Mao Sui, and it has been three years since I arrived here."

Prince Pingyuan shook his head and said, "A talented person lives in the world like an awl in a pocket, and its sharp tip quickly emerges. But you have been here for three years, I have never heard of you. What are your talents? "

Mao Sui said: "This is because I didn't allow you to see this awl until today. If you put it in the bag earlier, it would have been poked out long ago, nevertheless would it be enough if the awl only shows a sharp point?"

The Nineteen chosen followers thought Mao Sui was talking big, and they all laughed at him with contempt. However, Prince Pingyuan appreciated Mao Sui's guts and eloquence, and decided to let Mao Sui join his team which is now made up of twenty people. He biid farewell to King Zhao and went to the Chu Kingdom that day.

Prince Pingyuan and King Chu kaolie negotiated Qin at the court about forming an alliance to resist the invasion of Kingdom Qin. Mao Sui and other nineteen followers were waiting under the steps. The meeting started from the morning until noon talk, there was no sigh of making any progress. In order to persuade King Chu, Prince Pingyuan said that his lips parched and skin were dry, but King Chu said nothing to agree to send troops to fight with the Qin.

The followers under the stairs waited impatiently, but no one knew what to do. Someone remembered the bold words that Mao Sui said in the court of Prince Pingyuan, and quietly said to him: "Mr. Mao, we count on you!"

Mao Sui did not panic, he took the sword, went up the stairs, and shouted loudly, "Either vertical alliance or horizontal alliance, it can be decided in three words. How could you keep talking from the morning to the present without making up your mind? " What Mao Sui meant was that by either creating the Vertical Alliance of the states against the state of Qin or supporting the Horizontal Alliances with the State of Qin, the issue was very easily resolved.

King Chu was very upset and asked Prince Pingyuan: "Who is this person?"

Pingyuan Jun said: "It's my attendant, Mao Sui."

When King Chu heard it, he was even more angry. He scolded Mao Sui and said, "I am discussing the major national issues with your master. Is it your turn to talk? Don't you hurry and get out of my sight!"

Mao Sui held the sword and took a step forward, saying, "You can't bully people like that. My master is here, what is it that you are yelling and swearing at?"

King Chu looked at him, and was taken aback by the sword and his fierce voice, he then changed his countenance and said to him, "Then what do you think, please tell me."

Mao Sui said: "The Chu State has more than 5,000 square miles of land and one million soldiers. It turned out to be a great power. But little was expected that when the Qin State emerged, the Chu State was defeated in the battles one after another. Even your previous King died in Qin State. This is the greatest shame of Chu. Qin’s General Bai Qi is nothing but a giant kid. With tens of thousands of people, he took away the capital of Chu --Ying, and the king had no choice but to move the capital. This shame, even our Kingdom of Zhao, is also embarrassed for you. I’ve never expected that the king of Chu wouldn’t want revenge. To be honest, today our master and the king came to discuss and fight against the Qin, mainly for the Chu Kingdom, not just for us the kingdom of Zhao. "

Mao Sui's words really resembled a pair of awls, stabbing at the King’s heart. He could not help but blush, and said one after another: "Yes, yes."

Mao Sui firmly nailed the sentence: "Is it all right to form the Vertical Alliance then?"

King Chu said: "It's decided."

Mao Sui turned his head and called King Chu's attendants to bring the blood of chickens, dogs, and horses immediately. Holding a copper plate, he knelt in front of King Chu and said, "The king is the leader of all states of the Vertical Alliance. Please shed the blood first. (Blood Ceremony is to apply the blood of livestock to the mouth to show sincerity. It was when the ancient covenant was signed.). "

After the king of Chu drank blood from the copper plate, Prince Pingyuan and Mao Sui also did the same. After Chu and Zhao formed an alliance, King Chu Kaolie sent Prince ChunShen and Huang Xie as generals and led 80,000 troops to Zhao.


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