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Margaret Pargeter Vintage Harlequins

Updated on April 20, 2011


Margaret Pargeter was an English author. She wrote stories from childhood, but didn't send any to book publishers until after she had married and had a couple of kids. She wrote books for Harlequin from 1975 to late 1980s, in both Harlequin Romance and Harlequin Presents series.

I am slowly reading all the Harlequins and as I do I will add more book details in bold. Below are more lenses dedicated to vintage authors.


Vintage romance reviews Reviews of older Harlequins

Vintage Searchable list of all vintage Harlequins



When Sara decided to get away from it all and take a job in the Scottish Hebrides, she looked forward to a complete change from the city life to which she was accustomed.Her new employer, the disconcerting Hugh Fraser, was certainly very different from any man she had ever met before.

Hugh inherited some property on the island and needs a temporary employee to help with the paperwork and entertain his young stepsister. Her parents have died and she wanted to get away from England from a while. At first ,she doesn't mention her grief. But when Hugh finds out he doesn't express sympathy. He tells her the best way to handle her grief is to have an affair. Hugh is a jerk and doesn't seem to like Sara at all. I have read some romances where the hero doesn't start out very nice but turns out to be a good guy. This isn't one of those, Hugh remains a jerk throughout the book.



Ride A Black Horse! The advertisement for a Girl Friday seemed just the job Jane was looking for-with a chance to work in the wild border country of Northumberland and train for a riding school of her own. Without hesitation, she started off to apply for a position at High Litton; but the owner, Karl Grierson, was not quite what Jane had been looking for!.

Jane's father is wealthy and owns a factory, where he insists his daughter work. He is also pushing her to marry someone he chose. But Jane doesn't like office work or the selected man. So she goes to work for Karl, but she doesn't not tell him she comes from a wealthy family. He had problems before with a rich Girl Friday who really didn't want to work and soon left. Jane will be getting a small inheritance soon and she wants to find out if a riding school will suit her. She does not tell her family where she is working.



“Take this letter to him in Scotland.” Although Susan was bewildered by her mother’s last request—to deliver a letter to an unknown man in Scotland—she felt obligated to fulfill it. But when she arrived at Glenroden, she almost wished she had never left London. She found, still alive, the father she had always believe was dead. She also encountered his formidable partner, Meric Findlay—a sarcastic Scot who disturbed her more than she ever thought possible!



After a serious family quarrel, Amanda felt the need to get away quickly. But her flight led to great difficulties when she found herself snowbound in the middle of Dartmoor with a disconcerting stranger named Jason Meade. Out of the frying pan and ...? (Sister's husband had tried to seduce her and was caught by her sister who blamed Amanda).



When an old friend asked Jan to go to Barbados to see what his nephew, Earl Elton, was up to, she could hardly refuse. But Earl neatly turned the tables on her. He became deeply suspicious of her activities! What with that, and falling in love with him, Jan had more than enough on her hands!



For years Celia had longed to meet someone special, one particular man she could love to distraction. But Guy Ryland? Guy Ryland-the man who had bought out her father, who had forced her to leave home, whom she had hated for so long. She wondered what he'd meant when he said, "it won't make any difference. It will be all the same in the end." It was as if he'd mapped out a campaign, his victory over her a foregone conclusion!

A couple of years before, Guy Ryland had bought the Kingsley department store, which had belonged to Celia's family. She moved to London but her brother and sister stayed in Manchester and worked in the store. Just before Guy bought the store he came to the family house late one night . This was the first time Celia meet him and confronted him, she slapped him and he promised retaliation. But she ran away to London and became a model. Now she is back and her brother has accepted a family invitation to spend Christmas at Guy's house. She is stuck because he is her brother's boss.



"Have you any proof of your identity?" The question astounded Eve Reston. She hadn't wanted to come to the Camargue in the first place. Now Raoul DuBare's hostile reception was the last straw. Eve was determined to see her late cousin's baby and report back to her aunt and uncle. She prepared herself for a long siege. She was totally unprepared, however, for Raoul's proposal. What did he mean asking her to marry him when the elegant Amelie Troyat was so obviously entrenched in his life!

Eve is invited to come to France and see the child of her cousin, by an old school friend, Celeste. Celeste, who is Raoul's sister, is absolutely no help to Eve. She is physically thrown out of the house by Raoul and is forced to get a job just to be able to afford to stay in the area. Eventually she does end up in the chateau, but she doesn't want to marry Raoul ,even for the child's sake. But Eve is scared that Amelie will be very cruel to the child, Michel, so she agrees to the marriage.

Celeste, who is supposedly her friend, doesn't care about Eve or Michel; she just wants to go to Paris. Amelie leaves Eve in a swamp to die. Raoul is arrogant, rude, and a complete jerk. He sort of apologizes for throwing her out of the house, but really he thinks it is pretty funny. He is constantly manhandling her, Eve will never be free of bruises.



Maxwell was smart, she must be smarter! Admittedly, Alexa arrived at the Scottish Highlands croft without much previous information. But she had heard about Fergus. Fergus had helped her cousin Angus, who had left her his home. But the proud, vital man she met there bore no resemblance to the elderly transient she had imagined. Unfortunately, she fell in love with him before she discovered who he really was--Maxwell, owner of nearby Glenaird, who wanted her land. He'd stop at nothing to get it!



"Grant, how well did I know you?" Liza waited anxiously for his answer. She couldn't remember Grant Latham--or anything else. She had been told that she'd had an accident; that there had been a fire; and that she had worked for Grant Latham-- nothing else. Grant had said he felt indirectly responsible for her present condition. But Liza felt sure that he meant her amnesia-- not the wicked beating of her heart whenever he was near!

Liza works as a clerk in Grant's department store. She puts out a small fire and hits her head, causing her amnesia. She had only meet Grant once when he was in the clothing department with his stepmom, who started the fire with a thrown away cigarette. Grant brings her to his home to recover, the doctor says that there is something in her past she wants to forget. It turns out to be the death of her father after they quarreled.



If she'd only known how it would end....Unhappily, Maxine agreed to her stepfather's plan. Only her sense of debt to him had persuaded her.With a fatalistic sense of disaster, she set out to charm Nick Reming out of his interest in the land her stepfather wanted.Her first meeting with this devastating man made her painfully aware of her limited experience. Maxine's instinct was to run; then, foolishly, she fell in love with him. What would happen when he discovered her real identity?

Maxine has just returned to England from Switzerland where she was regaining the ability to walk again after an accident. Her stepfather says he really needs her help to charm Nick into not buying the land he needs in Spain. She meets him at a weekend party and doesn't like him. She ends up going to Spain and impulsively marrying Nick then running away.



She could no longer hold back the truth. Maxine felt lost, utterly bewildered as, beginning to realize the depths of her emotions, she failed to see any escape from the consequences of her own folly. She must tell him.

The strange magnetism between herself and Nick would be no barricade against his anger. When one loved a man how was it possible to confess to crimes he might never forgive?

"Keep him guessing," her stepfather had said, "until I have this contract nicely tied up." And for her mother's sake, Maxine had done just that. But in doing so, had she lost her own chance for happiness?



It was written in the desert stars...You can't keep me here as your prisoner!" Rosalind's voice was husky with alarm. Sidi Armel ben Yussef had saved her from death at the hands of an unscrupulous band of desert barbarians. What would he expect in return? "In my own way I shall extract all the gratitude I desire. Be very sure of that!" The soft, savage emphasis in Armel's peculiarly threatening words told Rosalind that she had to leave--and quickly. But would he let her go?

Rosalind was invited by her brother to go with him to Morocco. When she gets there she finds out he is going with 2 friends into the desert looking for old German gold, the only reason she was invited along was for her money. Their truck breaks down and they are kidnapped by a desert tribe. Armel comes into camp and he rescues Rosalind when she reveals to him that she is female. He takes her and keeps her with him ,her brother later gets away and doesn't even look for her. Rosalind ends up at his uncle's house and she starts to work for his aunt as a secretary.



"You're in no fit shape to travel." Rosalind's fingers curled. She had more sense than to translate Armel's words into sympathy. Whatever his reason for wanting to keep her there, it was certainly not that.

"There's always your aunt," Rosalind said on a note of desperation, "She's a woman. She would listen."

"No doubt she would, being notoriously kindhearted. But rest assured, whatever her personal opinion, she would not go against me," Armel shook his head dryly, as if both her threats and herself were without substance.

"No, Rosalind. You will rest for a while as I seek to uncover any further deception. Then, when I have you straightened out, we will decide sensibly what is to become of you."

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There was no hope. The rumor was true! Desperation flooded over Lucinda. Bruce Lamont's confirmed intention to convert his castle into a hotel spelled financial ruin for her. For three years she'd worked hard to establish her own little Scottish Highlands hotel -- now this arrogant man was walking off with her help and her guests! He made her redheaded blood boil! It would have been easier if she could hate him, but how could she deny the effect he had on her? His kisses made her senses whirl!



It was the perfect solution for them Or so it had seemed to Petra. Left penniless, with a young brother to look after, she decided to look up a distant cousin in Canada and make their home with him. She had never met Neil Cameron, but she was sure that the lonely old bachelor would be delighted to have some members of the family come to stay with him. So it was something of a shock when she discovered that Neil was far from elderly and not at all delighted!

Petra's father died in fire and he turns out to be bankrupt. Petra is young with no training, she and her brother end up in a basement flat with her taking any job she can get. She wins a contest and uses the money to get to Canada. Her father had researched the family and found that in 1799 a relative gave his younger brother 500 pounds to go to Canada (from England) and there is no evidence it was repaid. Her father traced the brother's descendant's to a ranch in Alberta.

Petra is pretty desperate, men at her jobs had been pressuring her for sex and she is desperate for her brother, who is not strong, she will lie and even sacrifice her virginity for his sake. But it doesn't come to that. They are driving near the ranch and almost hit a cow. The car goes into a ditch and they are taken to the homestead. Neil lets them stay for awhile but eventually she has to come clean. She makes a crude attempt to blackmail him about the old debt but it doesn't work. Neil eventually hires her to be his housekeeper.



"I didn't encourage Oliver," she protested. There seemed to be no way of convincing Neil of her innocence. "I don't even like being kissed," Petra added breathlessly, trembling with fear.

"No girl should make such silly statements, Petronella," Neil said mockingly. "What man could resist such a challenge?"

Perhaps because he moved so deliberately, Petra stood as if hypnotized, silently waiting. His hands slowly drew her close and he lowered his head. He took her lips slowly, lingeringly, with a punishing sweetness, as if savoring to the full all she had to offer.

Petra had been half a child until this moment, but now Neil had changed all that. It could only be a matter of time before her full awakening. Something smoldering in the back of Neil's eyes promised it........



Could she cope with her new way of life? Tanya's life on the beautiful South Pacific island had been idyllic until her father had died. Then, her neighbor, Luke Harrison, had high-handedly taken charge of her. Luke saw alI women as cast from the same mold--that of his ex-wife. Tanya resented this attitude almost as much as she resented being treated like a child. For Luke Harrison made her feel very much like a woman--a feeling that both frightened and thrilled her!



Sara had been horrified when she learned that her new boss was to be Mark Fenwick. Now she listened to him anxiously. “I thought every trace of the old Sara was gone,” he said enigmatically. “until I say the nervous flutter of your lashes. I recognize this more easily than the depressingly hostile façade you’ve presented since I came.” Sara had made a fool of herself over Mark 3 years before; she’d been hurt enough to last a lifetime. Mark must never know she still loved him!



"Pretend to be his fiancée, I couldn't!" Sandra was shocked at the suggestion. And yet penniless and out of work with no one to turn to, she finally ,reluctantly agreed to her cousin's crazy scheme. She and Stein had never been demonstrative, Alexandra explained , and now that he was blind from the accident, he would never know the difference. But Stein discovered the fraud instantly when he kissed Sandra. Even worse, he insisted that she carry on with the charade!

Sanda's grandmother had died leaving her broke, she and Alexandra have the same name . Stein wants Alexandra to visit for a few weeks to see if she can adjust to his blindness but she wants to marry someone else. He needs someone to help him so he talks Sandra into marrying him.



The trip was foolish right from the start. Tara Curtiss, traveling to Greece, sincerely regretted that she'd promised her journalist brother Jonathan to help him get a story on pop star Greg Golden. Greg was rumored to be the houseguest of Damon Voulgaris, a fascinating but forbidding Greek millionaire. When they met, Damon found the beautiful but innocent Tara intriguing, while she fell headlong in love with the ardent Greek--the most dangerous man she'd ever encountered!

Tara goes to Greece on a family visit. Her other brother wants her to check on Damon's island and she does get there. But he quickly figures out she is a journalist and keeps her prisoner on his island. It turns out that Greg is Damon's brother.


Sloan thought she was a cheap seductress! Stacy Weldon had been through a bad experience that had shaken her faith in men. What she didn't need right now was to contend with the antagonistic Sloan Maddison. She had agreed to help his mother refurnish their home, however, and she would stick to her word. But she must find some way to change Sloan's opinion of her; and his despicable treatment. How could she love a man like that?



It was all like a horrible dream! Julie had received a proposal--but it wasn't the one she'd been hoping for. Brad's intentions were clear. "I want you so much, Julie. Come and live with me in London, be my mistress." Julie felt torn apart. To accept his offer meant giving up all her principles, losing her pride. But if she refused she would lose the man she loved, and much more...

Julie is a typist in Brad’s firm. Joe, her stepfather, turns out to be an embezzler. He also works for Brad’s firm. In the past her mother had loved Brad’s father, but his parents broke them up because she wasn’t good enough for him, they thought. Now Brad asks Julie to be his mistress and she refuses. But then Brad finds out about the embezzlement. He tells Julie if she becomes his mistress, he will put the money back..



"What are you going to do about Joe?" Brad stared hard at her before he replied. "That," he said evenly, "is entirely up to you, Julie. Your stepfather has stolen five thousand pounds."

"Five thousand!" Julie croaked. "Then why did he go to you? You're the boss; why did he expect you to help him? Stop playing with me, Brad! when will you call the police?"

"I can prevent police involvement," he drawled slowly, " but only with the right encouragement. I want you to live with me."

"You asked me before, she gasped, meaning that he was wasting his time.

"I'm asking you again, for the last time." Cold challenge rang in his voice. "Agree and I'll put back every penny your stepfather stole. If not, then I'm afraid there's nothing I can do."



The battered sign changed her life "Housekeeper wanted," Thea read, amused. Who would want such a job in the middle of the Scottish wilds? Yet, surprisingly, Thea soon found herself running the household at Drumlarig and nursing its surly owner, Logan Murray. When in the delirium of illness, Logan mistook her for his dead wife and kissed her passionately, Thea thought she would flee. But it wasn't the end of her dealings with Logan -- in fact, it was only the beginning....

Thea is a wealthy girl who is disillusioned with people. Since she came into money she is attracting parasites who try to swindle her. To get away from that, she goes to Scotland to visit Drumlarig. She was born there to her widowed mother and lived there for the first 5 years of her life. She sees a bed and breakfast sign at Drumlarig just above the housekeeper ad. It is raining so she knocks on the door. A small boy, Jamie, answers the door and tells her that his father is ill. Jamie is scared so Thea stays to see if she can help his father. Once he regains consciousness ( had malarial attack) she lies and tells him she is 30 (she is really 20). Eventually he allows Thea to stay on as housekeeper, but he thinks she is poor. Thea doesn't tell him about the money she inherited.

Ingrid, the widow of Logan's older brother, doesn't want Thea there, she is after Logan. When Logan's brother died, his widow immediately sold the farm and all the furnishings. Logan rushed back from overseas and used almost all his money to buy the farm back. So money is tight and he isn't paying the housekeeper much.



"Logan, she breathed. "Would you kiss me?"

When his mouth took her own, Thea was floating mindlessly in empty space, torn strangely by fierce flashes of blinding lights. Helplessly, she shuddered against him.

But it was Logan who called a halt. Her mind was dazed, but that didn't prevent his indignation from coming through. For a moment his hand tightened and his eyes glittered.

"Were you trying so hard to please me?" he asked curtly. "Believe me, it's a housekeeper I want, not a mistress."

Between clenched teeth Thea cried tersely, "That's the last thing I'd ever be!"

"Very commendable," he sneered. "unless your ambitions go beyond that? You wouldn't be the first woman who's tried and failed....."


"Do you realize what you're turning down?" Chase Marshall's question was arrogant. He obviously thought that just because he was rich and handsome no girl in her right mind could refuse to marry him. But Alex had struggled against a matchmaking mother for the right to lead her own life. And that didn't include marriage especially to someone who boasted that he always got his own way. It was time someone said no to Chase Marshall--and meant it!

Alex lives with Ruby, sister of Chase. Alex moved from Sydney to Melbourne to get away from her mom. Chase comes to apartment to see Ruby and is upset that Alex is the new roommate. The old roommate was his spy, reporting on his sister's activities. Ruby has a sort of fiancé back in the Outback and he is starting to be suspicious about Ruby's activities. By coincidence, Ruby is dating a man named Alex. So now, Chase says Alex, the girl, must go with Ruby on vacation to the family station in the Outback. So it will look like there wasn't a boyfriend but just a new roommate and friend Rudy was going around with.Alex knows she is not really welcome at the station because she overhears Chase telling Ruby that he finds Alex boring.

So when Chase later proposes she absolutely refuses. But Chase won't let her leave the station and eventually he brings her mom to the station. Alex thinks this is to pressure her to agree to the marriage. (this was a big mistake of Chase, he brought her mom so that Alex would see she wasn't such an ogre) Later Chase and Alex are alone in a plane that crashes. Alex thinks he did it on purpose.



The plane burst into flames as they ran. Just seconds after a crash landing, Chase and Alex escaped from the wreckage and dangerous gasoline fumes.

Alex longed to put her head on Chase's shoulder and weep. She asked shakily, "Will...will we have to stay her all night?"

Chase hesitates, then said, "I'm afraid so, little one."

She blurted out in her sudden panic, "You did this on purpose, didn't you? To force me to marry you."

"Shut up Alex," Chase ordered. "You're in shock. You don't know what you're saying."

"There's nothing wrong with me--except that I was almost killed!" she cried.

His eyes blazed wit ha cold anger as he mocked, "Do you really think I would risk both our lives, and destroy a plane, just to marry a stupid little fool like you?"



He would never love someone like her! They met accidentally--total strangers, but sparks of awareness and antagonism flew between them. It was later, under very different circumstances, that Gay discovered him to be Luke Ashley, the self-made millionaire. And if their first encounter seemed strangely promising, their second promised nothing! Gay couldn't chastise herself enough for falling in love with him. For there was no way the wide gap between them could ever be bridged.

Gay is from a wealthy family and she meets Luke when she accepts a lift from the train station to her cousin's house. Luke immediately kisses her and she gets scared and runs away. Gay has come to help her cousin by pretending to be her maid, the cousin wants to impress her husband's boss, Luke. He pretends not to know her but then gets her alone and accuses her of being his employee's mistress. They meet again and he tells her that he is from a poor background and means to marry well. When he finds out about her family, he proposes.



"Please let me go," she whispered. At that moment Gay seemed to have no weapons to fight him with.

Luke shook his head. "Not yet," he said thickly.

Their eyes fused until hers fell helplessly. Then they were close, blending together, Luke's mouth against her own in a kiss like none other. Wordlessly they clung together, his hands holding her prisoner.

Gay felt hypnotized, her head spinning as a reckless feeling of pleasure swamped her ability to think.

Then suddenly, with a cruel abruptness Luke pulled away. But Gay was so dazed that she didn't feel the full weight of his rejection until he spoke.

Drawing firmly back he said curtly, "It won't work ,Gay. The sooner I get back to London and out of your life the better."

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If only she could recover her memory! When Jane awoke in the hospital after the plane crash, she had no recollection of her previous life. That included her marriage to Colin Denyer, who had died in the crash. But his forceful brother, Paul, obviously knew enough about her to dislike her as soon as they met. Jane couldn't understand either his contempt or her powerful attraction to him. What did he know that made him hate her so intensely?



"I would just like to make it quite clear," Simon smiled grimly, "that I am not running a charity. I expect to be fully rewarded for what I do, and don't you forget it, my dear Liza." His words rang in Liza's ears. This man was devious. Her eyes sparkled with angry resentment but she couldn't afford to indulge in hurt pride. For the time being, Simon must be allowed to think what he would.



The future held no bright prospects. Melissa's wealthy cousin Helen tried to pressure her into a loveless marriage, so Melissa fled back to her Cornish home. There she found that the small market garden business leased by her mother and stepfather had declined during her six absent years. Now it was nearly bankrupt! Worse still, their landlord, the handsome, aggressive Ryan Trevelyan, was demanding the three years' back rent--unless Melissa agreed to his despicable plan. She found herself trapped between concern for her mother, and Ryan--a man who had set himself to run her life!



She was victim of a man seeking revenge. Kurt d'Estier, a powerful sheikh, controlled the Martin family fortune. So when Colin Martin ran off with Kurt's fiancée, disaster threatened. Kurt needed pacifying, and Maxine, the family's secretary, was sent to Morocco to do it. Unfortunately, Kurt immediately jumped to the conclusion that Maxine was Colin's promiscuous sister. Despite her protests, Maxine soon found herself on a desert trek, prisoner of the ruthless sheikh. "None of you can escape reprisal," he warned, his eyes raking over her arrogantly. "And yours, cherie, will be most pleasantly fitting...."



Their separation had solved nothing. Vicki's husband, Wade, had thrown her out four years earlier and told her never to return. But now he'd turned up again--and he wanted her and their little son, Graham, back on his Australian cattle station. Wade had married her only to spite his grandfather, so Vicki was suspicious of his present motives. And Wade himself was as remote and unforgiving as ever. Vicki hadn't the strength or resources to fight him, nor the courage to endure a loveless marriage a second time. She was trapped ....

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From the moment Selena literally bumped into brilliant film director Max Heger, she was drawn into a dangerous courtship-one she desperately tried to escape. She wanted no part of Max's glittering, artificial world-no matter how much she wanted the man himself. Undaunted, Max ruthlessly set out to prove he was a force to be reckoned with. But he hadn't counted on Selena's withering response. The resulting explosion of events left Selena filled with a thirst for revenge…and a heart that ached to love.

Set in England, she bumps into him and he kisses her and she runs away( she breaks his wrist when she pushes him away). Later she meets him at a party of her aunt's. Her aunt is an actress who really wants a part in his film. He won't give her the part unless Selena takes a small role too, she doesn't want to. She eventually runs away ( after her aunt kicks her out for her behavior) to a small house she inherited in the country and Max shows up. He was mugged and has amnesia, it was coincidence that he came to her door. She pretends she doesn't know who he is and says she will take care of him. She makes his life a misery until he suddenly gets his memory back and he is very angry.



When did love turn to vengeful hate? Young Gina hero-worshipped Quentin Hurst, but to him she was just a child, a dirty tomboy who helped in his stables with the horses. His frequent snide remarks had been cruel, but she'd always forgiven him. Except for the cruelest cut of all--his smiling indulgence of the elegant Blanche Edgar. But Gina was older now, with beauty and status of her own. The wounded heart she bore was a woman's heart, and now, in turn, with a woman's wiles she wanted to hurt Quentin.

Gina cares for her alcoholic father while working as a stable girl. Quentin's father has died and Quintin wants Gina and her father to leave. They have no place to go, but he doesn't really care. He is quite cruel to Gina, saying she is plain and dirty. The poor girl lives in a shack without running water or electricity and a father who drinks up most of their money. She is also pretty thin because she usually doesn't have enough to eat. Her father dies, but Gina has nowhere to go. Lucky, for her, her grandfather finds her and he takes her away on a trip around the world. They get back and Quentin seems obsessed with Gina, but he doesn't really like her.



"You're beautiful--grown-up at last..." Quintin drew her to her feet and continued. "Why not forget the past and concentrate on me?"

Gasping at his audacity, Gina felt her heartbeats quicken. "Why the sudden change of heart?" she asked coolly. "You never noticed me before."

"You never used to look like you do now," He said huskily. "But I remember the few times I had you in my arms I didn't want to let you go. You must have known that."

"I remember you always pushed me away." Her eyes widened as she relived the hurt.

"I didn't want to frighten you. But you felt something, I'm certain."

"If I did," Gina lied. "I can't recall it."

"You need reminding?" Before she could escape, his mouth came down firmly over hers.


You could run, but you couldn't hide...Linsey had fled four years earlier, after she'd caught her husband in the arms of another woman. So their son Sean had been born without Jarvis Parradine's knowing anything about him.And when Jarvis unexpectedly strode into her life again, Linsey knew he must stay ignorant of his son if she wanted to keep Sean with her.There was another secret she had to keep, too--the fact that she loved Jarvis now more than ever.



Zoe had known Reece Macadam since she was a child. He had provided comfort and encouragement and taught her about the sea and sailing-but damned if he was going to run her life now! She considered his taste in women terrible-and it came as a shock to discover that her feelings for him stemmed from love. If Reece ever found out about that he'd be vastly amused, because Zoe was sure he would always regard her as the little brat in constant need of rescuing.

.Reece owns boatyard in Scotland and Zoe works in his office. She stowed away on his boat and are stranded on an island together overnight. Her grandfather finds out and insists they marry. Reece doesn't try to get out of it, he immediately goes to Edinburgh to tell his parents.



What made her so aware of this man? Even when they had been strangers Alana had known there was something tangible between her and Guy. It frightened and fascinated her, and while she was grateful for his help in paving her way in a new city, she dared not let down her defenses. As a nightclub singer Alana was used to snobbish put-downs. But Guy seemed sincere. Did he really respect and like her? Then she discovered Guy's deceiving ways, and she told herself her decision had been the right one. Unfortunately her heart disagreed. Her family is having some financial problems .



"I'll marry you instead," he told her. Rick Conway would go to any lengths to get his revenge on Emma's beautiful but faithless cousin. And though Emma was thunderstruck and offended at his cold proposal, she soon overcame her scruples. It would be a temporary arrangement, Rick claimed, and it would be a way of escaping her life of impoverished drudgery. All Emma had to do was sustain her dislike of him. And that was when her problems began!



Sari had only herself to blame. She'd known what kind of man Brent Holding was. Hadn't he warned her that lasting relationships did not interest him? "I dislike ties of any kind," the handsome sophisticate had told her when they first met. But still Sari fell in love with him. She tried to exclude him from her life, but failed. Unknowingly, she presented a challenge to Brent, and she found her already weakened defenses could not withstand the onslaught of his persuasive seduction.



"Falling in love happens to us all." Kim had forgotten her mother's words until she met handsome rancher Garrick Lang. No one before him had ever left her breathless, imagining pleasures yet to be discovered. It seemed fate had prompted Kim's uncle to send her an airline ticket and an invitation to spend six months in Australia. For if he hadn't done so, she might never have met the man she now loved so completely. Innocent herself, how could Kim suspect there was a darker purpose to her relative's gift--and her lover's passion?

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Suddenly she was aware of herself as a woman. Nik Demetrious hadn't turned out to be the domineering ill-tempered man Vicky had expected to work for when she was appointed the Greek shipping tycoon's personal assistant. Just why she'd been singled out for promotion puzzled and confused her. And though she opened like a flower to the warmth of his mouth on hers, she was even more bewildered when her new boss proposed. For Vicky suspected that while the web Nik wove around her might have a certain silken charm, it might also prove strong as steel!



For 2 years Eden had pined away for Vern Lomax, knowing full well she could never regain his love. From the first time they’d met Eden had responded to him with such deliberate passion it surprised them both. But circumstances had conspired against them, building walls around Vern’s heart too powerful to tear down .finally they’d parted in anger and mistrust. Then Vern returned to Jamacia, demanding that Eden become his wife. And even if his reasons for doing so had nothing to do with loving her, Eden knew she couldn’t refuse!



His love had turned to blistering hate! Helen was sure her father's new partner, Stein Maddison, was nothing but a fortune hunter, out for what he could get from the old man. Stein had even pursued Helen, and she could see why--if he married her, he'd inherit the whole business someday. She finally ran away, so great was her disgust. But a combination of homesickness and something else she couldn't quite explain drove her back a year later--to find the situation quite changed. And Stein seemed determined to punish her for her past behavior.

Helen just returned from a year in France. She had run away because of Steen. Her father always wanted a son and made sure she knew it. His company merged with Stein and her father said Stein didn't want her working at the factory. Stein also spent a lot of time at their house and he kept asking her out. So she leaves and becomes a nanny in France.

But now she has returned to England, only to find that her father has died. It also turns out that she is penniless. It wasn't a merger, her father sold everything ,even their family home and Helen has nothing. Stein hates her because he thinks she has been living with a man in Paris. While out to dinner one night they meet his stepmother and he announces that Helen is his fiancee.



Julia's was a passionate nature. A devastating warmth surged between Julia and her self-appointed guardian, Guy Guerard, the first time they met. Inexperienced in love, Julia let Guy take her to his estate in France, where she was paraded in virginal white before some of the country's most eligible bachelors. Other men wanted her, but there was something about Guy, something so rare and inexplicable that Julia was at a loss to explain her sudden peculiar hunger to become a part of his world and his heart....



Her defenses were hopelessly inadequate Not since the morning of her nineteenth birthday, when Tony had failed to turn up for their wedding, had Neale felt so disturbed by a man. Her boss, luxury-hotel developer Lawton Baillie, was even more intimidating on board his yacht in the Caribbean than he'd been in his London boardroom. Although he obviously delighted in the chase, Neale knew instinctively he would be satisfied with nothing less than total surrender. But if she ever gave in to him, she'd never be able to live without him, and for Neale, that would mean either ecstasy or devastation ...

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Victim of love--or captive of fate? On her lunch hour, Macy Cordon, a textile designer in Manchester, encountered a stranger She was drawn to him immediately by a force she couldn't resist. In his arms she found respite from the shame of having sold out her employer, albeit for motives that were above reproach. And she tempted the gods in seeing him again, never dreaming that Brice Sinclair was not just a stranger passing through her life. Before she had a chance to put things right, Brice learned of Macy's deception and withdrew his faith in her--which left only his desire.



Sherry agreed with her abrasive Outback neighbor, Scott Brady, that marriage between her brother and his sister would be unwise because of their extreme financial differences. But she resented Scott's arrogant assumption that Sherry and her brother were heartlessly scheming in order to get their hands on the Brady fortune. Scott completely ignored the possibility of love existing despite the barriers between them. "If your brother ruins my sister's life ," he threatened Sherry. "I'll do my best to ruin yours!"



He was obsessively wary of love and marriage Slade Western was arrogant and overbearing, bent on having his own way. Passion seemed to be the only emotion he understood--that and possessiveness. Lee had always wanted a home and a man willing to share a lifetime commitment, but Slade had always misunderstood her. Finally her dissatisfaction with being little more than a mistress to Slade created an impasse between them, and she left him.... Now, five years later, Slade might still not love her, but he desired her more than ever--enough, at least, to ruin her engagement to someone else!



Could she deceive a man like him? Paula had to get close to Luke Armstrong and persuade him to sell his Caribbean island. That way the prospective buyers would write off her mortgage. And Luke would be well paid. But Paula neglected some of the details. She planned to escape before things went too far. And even if Luke were to catch her and try to force himself on her, she decided he'd be turned off-the way her fiancé had been-by her inability to respond. She didn't expect Luke to be more than she could handle. She hadn't planned on falling in love.

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